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The Cast of Hamilton for Time 

Hamilton is a story about America. And the most beautiful thing about it is because it’s told by such a diverse cast with such diverse styles of music, we have the opportunity to reclaim history that some of us don’t necessarily think is our own.

idea: the dangerous woman music video except instead of just ariana, women of all different races, body size and ability are also in the video, lip syncing and posing and looking cute in all black outfits and the overall message of the video is all women are beautiful and dangerous


On this day in music history: March 24, 1986 - “Please”, the debut album by the Pet Shop Boys is released. Produced by Stephen Hague, it is recorded at Advision Studios in London, UK from Mid 1984 - Late 1985. After their split with dance music producer Bobby “Bobby O” Orlando, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe sign a recording contract with EMI Records subsidiary Parlophone Records in 1984. The duo also collaborate with dance music musician Ron Dean Miller (Nuance & Vikki Love, Raw Silk), as well as Art Of Noise keyboardist/programmer J.J. Jeczalik, Roxy Music saxophonist Andy Mackay, former Bee Gees keyboardist Blue Weaver and vocalist Helena Springs. The British synth-pop duo title their album as such so that fans could simply ask for “the Pet Shop Boys album, “Please”. It is a huge worldwide success, spinning off four singles including “West End Girls” (#1 UK and US), “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money)” (#10 US Pop, #11 UK), and “Love Comes Quickly” (#19 UK, #54 US Pop). The albums’ stark, minimalist cover graphics are designed by graphic artist Mark Farrow at Circle 3 (with an extra small cover photo of the duo taken by Smash Hits Magazine photographer Eric Watson, a friend of Tennant’s from his days as a writer and editor for the UK music magazine. Watson also directs several music videos for PSB.), who designs many distinctive album and single sleeve covers for The Pet Shop Boys over the years. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2001 as a double CD deluxe edition titled “Please/Further Listening - 1984 - 1986”. The first disc features the original eleven track album, with the second disc including thirteen bonus tracks consisting of extended 12" mixes, single edits and B-sides. “Please” peaks at number three on the UK album chart, number seven on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Guys let’s support this musical as much as we can, let them know we want a soundtrack, let’s leave comments on the videos they upload. Just remember we have to be respectful and not demand things, this musical is an amazing opportunity to the fandom to grow, to make people know there is business in the PJO fandom, because who knows? If the musical does well maybe a tv show or movies loyal can been a possibility.

Reasons why everyone needs a Thomas Sanders in their life


-NEVER swears
-is adorable af
-has a great sense of humor
-has a voice like an angel
-will watch any Disney movie/musical with you AND sing along to every. single. song. (And you will love it)
-will treat you like a princess/prince
-loves animals
-has great friends
-will love your dog no matter what
-will totally spend the day with you just laying on the grass and watching the birds go by while listening to music
-will take every opportunity to sing you a song
-is just an amazing human being


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March 27, 2012: Google honors the famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The #Doodle shows a typical Mies-Building. Some glass windows are colored like Google chars. The Doodle is inspired by a concrete Mies-building: The “Crown Hall” at the Illinois Institute of Technology (1956).

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was born in Aachen, Germany. He created an influential twentieth century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. He called his buildings “skin and bones” architecture. His mature buildings made use of modern materials such as industrial steel and plate glass to define interior spaces. Mies died 1969 (aged 83) in Chicago.

Music: “Opportunity Walks” by Kevin MacLeod

The Schuyler Sisters as the Hecate Sisters

Angelica, the smart, sharp-tongued and wise Crone

Eliza, the loving and loyal Mother

and Peggy, the young and innocent Maiden


So I need a lot of people to help me make this. I need animators, storyboarders, writers, Photoshop artists and a web designer with decent skills. And someone who is really good at video editing. I want to make an animated music video of Let Go by Deadmau5. The story so far is that Joel (Deadmau5) has a fight with his girlfriend Kelly and goes for a drive in the pouring rain. He stops at a Tim Hortons and leaves his car in the parking lot. Instead of going inside he walks away in the rain, leaving his phone in the car. He walks on and on in the dark and the rain and eventually hides himself under a tree, struggling to light himself a cigarette, because his smokes got damp from the rain. This is when the hell breaks loose. As some people know, Joel’s evilmau5 head went missing during transportation, so I decided, that someone would have stolen it, and that person attacks Joel now, wearing his evilmau5 head. There is a big squabble and the rain starts to become a storm. Joel struggles with the attacker, who pulls a knife on him, stabs Joel in the stomach and knocks him out against the trunk of the tree. Then runs off into the rain. A slow zooming shot on Joel shows him lying in the grass, drenched and bleeding, then a short close up on his face, then the scene changes to Kelly, frantically looking for him, the police finding his car and his phone, and Kelly running off ahead of the police on the path Joel had taken, not caring about all the rain. As she walked, the cops followed and the rain slowed, then stopped. Wide angle shot of Joel’s unconscious body still lying in the grass, the knife still sticking out of him. Close up of Kelly putting her hands over her mouth. Panning shot of her running over to him and then kneeling down next to him, holding his face in her hands and crying. Change to shot of Joel being loaded into an ambulance, heart monitor, then Joel wakes up in the hospital, end with him and Kelly smiling at each other and holding hands.

So yes. I will be taking input on this storyline of course. This is just my rough idea. If anyone is interested please message this blog or reblog this saying you are interested.

Kina Diaries: Introverted

It’s been a weird last week or so for me. It’s been filled with opportunities to make and share music, opportunities to connect with people, all good things… but despite it all centering around things and people I love, it’s been a bit of a struggle.

First let me hammer this in: I am so grateful for these opportunities, so grateful to experience them, to grow from them, to have been offered them in the first place. This week has just been a good reminder of one important little fact: I am an introvert.

Knowing my fans, I imagine this is a statement that resonates with a good many of you. Introversion is an interesting thing. It’s commonly mistaken with simply being quiet or shy–often traits of introverts–but the most important thing is this: where do you get your energy? Do you recharge from your time alone, or do you get energy from being around people?

I’m coming up to the finish line this week. By the end of tonight I will have played at a gala, a holiday party, and a YouTube event, shot two videos, conducted an interview, presented an award at a gala, and been “social” more times than my little introvert brain can remember. All amazing things! But then why have I felt constantly on the edge of a minor breakdown? :/

More and more I’m realizing the importance of protecting and creating alone time for myself, especially when things get busy. For my happiness, for my stress level, and simply for my ability to continue giving my all to the things (and people) I love.

I am also finding the importance in being kinder to myself. Socializing can be extremely hard for me. It can also be incredibly exhausting. I have a lot of stress leading up to it and a lot of stress following it. I struggle to find my step, to remember who I am amidst all the people and stimuli around me. I often leave with a pit in my stomach, a sense of failure–that I wasn’t fully able to be myself, that I was too in my head, that I said or did something wrong.

The problem is I love people. I love connecting with them. I love sharing experiences with them. So if it was as easy as just not connecting and being okay with that, or simply building a life where I didn’t have to be “on” or around people ever, that’d be one thing, but I crave these connections. This is something I’ve been working on since as long as I can remember, and while I’ve made huge strides over the years, it’s something that I am constantly struggling with.

Introversion is often perceived in our society as the lesser of the two traits. The weak one. The quiet one. But history has shown that introverts have their important place as well–the Einsteins, Gandhis, artists, healers, philosophers. I have spent a lot of my life feeling less than, feeling that something was wrong with me because some things don’t come easy to me, but I am trying to change this. I’m trying to embrace all of myself. I know that without my introverted nature I would not have spent so much time alone, thinking, feeling, observing the world around me–all things that are 100% the reason I am pulled to create music. My introversion is in many ways my strength. And so I begin the process of forgiving myself for not always knowing how to be, for sometimes feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed, for hiding in bathrooms for a break at social gatherings, for choosing a night in over a night out when I feel my heart asking for some quiet. If those are the repercussions of being myself, maybe they’re not bad or wrong. Maybe they just are. Maybe I can be okay with that. Maybe not feeling that I’m broken will actually allow me to be more comfortable being myself.

Interestingly, there is one thing that involves other people that is purely energizing and life-giving for me, and that is playing music for you guys. Whether it’s playing shows on tour or sitting in front of a computer streaming it out from my home to yours, that fuels me. 

Thank you for being a safe space. Thank you for supporting and encouraging and inspiring me.



Klaine Advent Drabble - “Emotional Advice - $2″ (Rated PG)

Waiting for his Saturday connection with a lot on his head, Blaine gets some advice from a sage young man on the subway platform. (1749 words)

Written using the Advent Drabble prompts audience, early, guess, hello, kiss, laugh, music, opportunity, part, quirk, and sign. Assumes that Kurt and Blaine were best friends in high school, but never dated, Based on this post.

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“You look like a man with a lot on his mind.”

Blaine, waiting for his Midtown connection, looks left and right. It’s a Saturday morning. There’s not too many people on this particular platform, not even the usual gaggle of musicians playing for change, so the absence of a person to put the voice to confuses him.

“Hello?” Blaine calls out.

“Over here,” the voice says.

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Honestly I wish there where more fanfics like yours! Nowadays the historical fiction tag on ao3 is saturated by fics for the musical and even though i still that sort of stuff it honestly makes me a little uncomfortable, because of how the characters are normally described with the actor's appearances (which is weird for me cuz the actor's are their own people with their own relationships) Basically what I'm saying is that your writing is really amazing in my opinion and that u are appreciated

I (idealistically) wish the divide between the musical and the historical depictions hadn’t become so prominent.  I mean, the musical was a great opportunity for young people to learn about historical events and the conflicts that established the American government while distancing them from the anachronistic morality that the founders adhered to.  

But, trying to keep those two depictions together ran into several problems early on and I think they can all be summed up that: once you separate the founders from the pieces of their characters that are no longer acceptable to a modern audience (namely the racism), you either don’t have the same person or are lying about who that person was and we decided as a fandom that that wasn’t okay to be doing.  So we started gatekeeping and calling out and condemning (in largely positive ways), and now most people get a vague discomfort with the musical depictions in a strictly-historical setting (just as I’ve always been uncomfortable with modern aus).

I think it has to do with which version of the characters took prominence in our minds first and that differs for different people.