music of the devil god cult

The Beginnings of Brotherhood: Part 2

“Alright boys, that’s a wrap.”

Sammy clapped his hands to call an end to the dance segment, both Bendy and Bliss sighing tiredly upon the stage. The two brothers had been practicing a favorite of Bendy’s, a raging 20′s dance called the Charleston. The needle of the record player was lifted and the music ceased, a signal for the two toons were free to go.

After living in the studio for over a year, the living toons had been shaped and molded to be “appropriate creations” under the brutal control of Joey and his followers. Joey Drew Studios still made cartoons but now they were a small cult playing God with the Devils magic. Manipulation, punishment, torture, whatever it took to tame the demon souls Joey threw down relentlessly on the brothers. Limited on their knowledge of the outside world, the only lives they knew were the ones they had forced upon them.

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