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Ravageurs fly. | Foo Fighters - Learning to fly


Piece of music for the day!

Piano Concerto no. 1 (op. 45; 1969) by Einojuhani Rautavaara

Pianist: Laura Mikkola
Orchestra: Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Conductor: Hannu Lintu

17/4/17: Steve Reich- Electric Counterpoint

I was driving back from my grandparents today (well, in the passenger seat), and I listened to this through stereo headphones. With fields rolling by in the sunset, the best way I can describe this music is like a warm hug, and it left me feeling somewhat comatose (but in a good way!)

Definitely recommend! Listen with headphones if possible. There’s two versions of this piece, one for guitar ensemble and one for solo guitar and tape, this one is the latter and has an insanely good guitarist. The movements also melt into each other rather nicely.