music of the angels


“Lost in the city of angels
Down in the comfort of strangers, I
Found myself in the fire burnt hills
In the land of a billion lights”

Thirty Seconds to Mars - City of Angels (Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams)

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 nothing. just ash

-star sign:


-last thing I googled:
the weeknd - angel

-fave music artist:
the weeknd? placebo? idk

-song stuck in my head: 
jungle by a boogie

-last movie I watched:

-what are you wearing right now:
 a grey shirt with pajama bottoms

-when did you create your blog:
 remade this month but originally came about 5 months ago

-what kind of stuff do I post:
 my aesthetic and my thoughts?

-do you have any other blogs:

-why did you choose your URL:
 my favourite face mask at the time was black sugar and charcoal so


-hogwarts house:

-Pokemon team:
 mystic? I’m going by Pokemon GO but I deleted the app a while ago

-fave colour: 
black blue red

-average hours of sleep:
 I’ll say 6-8 hours

-lucky number:
 idk but I like the number 4

-fave characters:
 glenn rhee

-how many blankets do you sleep with:

-dream job:

I tag:
@goblinbrains @goreflora @ichbingottt @bitterblood @gothfiles @chlorful @infectedbrat @8789



Phantom: # I am your Angel of Music. #
Raoul: # Whose is that voice? Who is that in there? #
Phantom (heavy sarcasm): # Maybe the Angel of Music? #