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The Power of Music for Harry and Uma

So, I have this headcanon that many people also talk about, which is the one that Harry knows how to play the piano. I mean, it seems pretty fitting to me that Captain Hook, a completely insane but also quite erudite pirate, would teach his kids how to read and play the piano in moments when he wasn’t drinking his sorrows off. 

He thought it was important for his kids, the only legacy who would keep his name alive after he’s been forgotten, to have a certain level of education and finesse if he wanted to be remembered as more than just a drunkard Captain who had his butt kicked by a mere kid.

 I figured that he must’ve also tried to teach Harry how to count and do basic math, but the boy was just too agitated to actually pay attention to anything his father said, so the Captain just let him be. After all, math wasn’t really a particularly necessary knowledge for those who lived on the Isle of the Lost.

Now, with that in mind, there’s also this other headcanon that talks about how Harry loves to hear Uma sing. The Sea Witch has the most beautiful voice he has ever heard, and when she sings for him, Harry feels like he’s listening to an angel. Uma only sings for him and no one else, because the act became something extremely intimate between the two over the course of the years.

Sometimes, they will sit at the Chip Shop after closing hours singing songs and playing together until they lose track of time. Uma loves to hear Harry play just as much as he loves to hear her sing, and even though she will never admit it to anyone, she finds the way he closes his eyes and swells with the music as he runs his fingers through the keys extremely attractive.

Those moments together are the closest thing they have of peace, because, when they allow themselves to be enthralled by the music, they manage to forget for a brief moment that they live in a cursed place, where beauty doesn’t exist and feelings and considered weaknesses. When they share those moments together, they feel at home. Because, for them, home is where each other is.

What song do you guys think would fit Harry and Uma’s relationship? I chose Zedd’s Clarity to illustrate this image because I think it fits them wonderfully well, even though it kinda talks about separation. I think it becomes pretty clear to us that they are each other’s clarity. And that’s what makes their relationship so beautiful, I think ❤

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This video explores how Disney uses languages in songs throughout several of its movies, including Moana, Frozen, Brother Bear, Lilo and Stitch, and Pocahontas.  

Some things I learned from watching?  

  • The difficulties of translating songs because of syllable differences between languages
  • Moana’s We Know The Way seamlessly transitions between Tokelauan and English without changing the melody - something new to Disney 
  • How songs sung by characters on screen vs. songs sung off screen in native languages can convey culture to an audience
  • Some songs in Brother Bear were sung in Iñupiat but by a Bulgarian choir 
  • Nani sings Aloha’Oe to Lilo, a song about farewells written by Queen Lili'uokalani, Hawaii’s last monarch 
  • A lot of Native American music is sung with vocables:  syllables that don’t have linguistic meaning but are significant as lyrics for music 

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