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It was a big night for LGBTQ awareness at this year’s ARIA Awards

Troye Sivan dedicated his first ARIA win for Song Of The Year to “every LGBTQ kid in Australia”. 

Sivan, renowned for his efforts to represent LGBTQ relationships in his music videos, used the stage to instil hope in the country’s LGBTQ youth.

Sia, who took home Best Female Artist of the Year, nominated Australian Marriage Equality Campaign Ambassador Angie Greene to accept the award on her behalf. 

“This award is for every single non-hetero and gender diverse person who can currently not marry the person that they love in this country,” Greene said.

Greene also urged Australia to take a step in the right direction, “You have the opportunity now to not just do a great thing but to do the right thing”.

After Greene accepted the award, the campaign’s founder, Joshua Sasse and fiancé Kylie Minogue took to the stage, also wearing Say I Do Down Under shirts.

“This is more than just a movement, this is people’s lives and we want to say to every single member of the LGBT community: ‘You are not alone. You have a voice’,” the British actor told the crowd.


On the collaboration process for Ultraviolence:
“Meeting [producer/Black Keys frontman] Dan Auerbach changed everything. He really brought fun back into my life. We had a natural chemistry between us that was kind of palpable and he was spontaneous. We’d go into the studio with the band and do one cut of Ultraviolence—raw and live with all seven players in the same room with an old bedroom microphone—and leave it as it was. It was thrilling.”

On her current fashion transformation:
“There has been an evolution. It came with the music. I love the idea of being able to get up on stage in my favourite denim shorts and my favourite linen shirt and wear a pair of gold bands and diamonds. It is so freeing. When I first got on stage—four years ago—I felt like what I had to do was put a dress on and be presentable in some way.”

On how her relationship with rocker Barrie-James O’Neill fueled Ultraviolence‘s lyrics: 
“I’m a dark character and he very is an even darker character than I am. Trying to get some consistency and some normality within the dynamic of that relationship has been impossible. Songs like “Shades of Cool” came out all that.”

On what gives her confidence:
“Lately, I’ve sought comfort in one-on-one interactions with people backstage after the shows—spending hours with fans afterwards and drawing energy from that well. People liking what I’m doing on stage is a big ‘fuck you’ to whoever doubted me in the first place.”

Against Me! Vocalist Laura Jane Grace Is Working On A Book

The iconic lead singer announced yesterday afternoon that she finished writing her autobiography. Grace, formerly Tom Gabel, came out as transgender a few years ago. Since then, Grace has been featured on various publications and become a role model for various fans. Check out her tweet announcing the book below: 

Brand New’s Jesse Lacey: ”The next time we play, we'll have a new record for you. But this won't last much longer. We can't do this forever.”

Last night in Nashville, Tennessee Brand New’s Jesse Lacey broke down in a speech regarding the future of Brand New. While he confirmed a new record, he also made clear that the band is indeed coming to an end. You can watch a video of the speech along with a transcription via r/BrandNew here by clicking “read more” below.

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Tony Perry will miss some of Warped due to injury. Pierce The Veil will still play. Read what Vic Fuentes had to say below:

Hey everyone, it’s Vic.  I’m sad to say that I have some bad news for you.  Our guitar player @tony_turtle Perry was recently hospitalized for an incident while riding his mountain bike last weekend.  He sustained 3 broken ribs, a torn shoulder, collapsed lung and a broken sternum, for which he needed immediate surgery to repair.  Fortunately, his surgery went very well, and he is expected to make a full recovery.  He was released from the hospital yesterday, but due to doctors orders, he will not be joining us for the beginning of Warped Tour until he is healthy enough to play.  We will still be carrying on with the tour as planned, and we hope to see @tony_turtle back on stage with us very soon.  Your fan support is greatly appreciated, so be sure to send Tony some love while he’s healing up!  Thanks and we’ll see you all on Warped!

On the official Lady Gaga website, a fan noticed a webpage on her site-map with the extension “perfectillusion2,” an added number two from the updated URL we’re used to seeing. On this now redirected page, it displayed the same multicoloured panels announcing the new single, the only difference being the number nine appearing after “September.” Also, if a user placed their mouse over any one of the coloured lines, it would play a different nine-second snippet of ‘Born This Way,’ a possible placeholder snippet for when the single is released.

The developers’ slip-up could have unofficially announced the release date as September 9th! What do you think?


FrnkIero and the Cellabration Rock Out At Sold-Out San Francisco Gig

Frank Iero (former My Chemical Romance) and his band played an electrifying set at the 250-capacity venue Bottom of the Hill. At the end of the 14-song set, Iero joined fans in the pit to sing the final parts of “Joyriding.” A full gallery on our Flickr is coming soon!