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Mood Song!

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Rules: Post your current mood song and let’s share some good music within our (sims) community!

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Rules: Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these 10 questions. Tag people at the end!

ARTIST: Poets Of The Fall
GENDER: Jealous Gods
YOUR BEST FRIEND: Miss Impossible
WHAT IS LIFE TO YOU: Illusion and Dream
YOUR FEAR: No End,No Beginning 

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bonnyjackrackham  asked:

Gimme your music opinions!! :) 3, 5, 13, 17, 23

3:A song that reminds you of summertime

Besides the obvious Summertime but DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, the biggest one for me is Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode. Probably a strange choice, but there was one summer while I was growing up when that song played at my neighborhood pool like a hundred times a day. 

5:A song that needs to be played LOUD

Ray of Light by Madonna

13:One of your favorite 80’s songs

Always Something There to Remind Me by Naked Eyes (why they never did this on Glee, I’ll never understand…and Tainted Love…like…why….)

17:A song that would sing a duet with on karaoke

I feel like there’s a word or two missing from this question? If I were singing a duet w/ YOU on karaoke, it would be Time After Time, followed by 5000 Candles in the Wind.

23:A song that you think everybody should listen to

Aftermath by Adam Lambert. I feel like I always mention it in music memes, but it’s just my fave song ever

Redo of this post because I’ve had more time to think about it and decided I want to try to unify all the tracks under one artist. 

Main: Code Blood
Silly: City Cats
Determination: Crystal Black or Risen
Battle: Castle Reaper
Sad: Letting go
Relaxed: Utopia
Happy: Breakaway
Hard Work Montage: Insanity Syndrome
Failure/Defeat: Faded Away or Hybrid Fantasy
Final Battle: Closer to the Void

music meme thingy

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Shuffle the music and post the first 10 songs’ name.

  1. Kent - VinterNoll2
  2. Biffy Clyro - The Captain
  3. SQÜRL - Streets of Detroit (OLLA OST)
  4. Queen - Radio GaGa
  5. Kings Of Leon - Fans
  6. Glasvegas - Ice Cream Van
  7. Die Ärzte - Herrliche Jahre
  8. Muse - Uprising
  9. Amy Lee - Sally’s Song
  10. EAV - Märchenprinz

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First Fifteen: Music Shuffle

I was tagged by  leftylain and I totally love music memes. Also, it was lefty and I’d jump through fire for her.

I have about 900 songs on my phone sooooo…..

1) Hermit the Frog by Marina and the Diamonds (I was the wrong damn girl in the wrong damn room.  I adore this song for years now!)

2) Breakthru by Queen (What is not gorgeous about Freddie Mercury? Exactly! Nothing.) 

3) Paper Planes by M.I.A

4) Brief Encounters by Franz Ferdinand (go listen to this one! the lyrics…just - there’s beauty in pain)

5) Smile Like You Mean it by The Killers

6) Sleep Alone by Bat For Lashes (beware of Doctor x Rose feels)

7) Lovesong by Adele

8) Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim

9) Polaroid by Imagine Dragons (their new album is out!!!!!)

10) Jerk It Out by Caesars (a one hit wonder I still like)

11) Walking Down the Hill by Travis (why aren’t they making new music?! I need them back)

12) Not Fair by Lily Allen (the song about nice boys who just fail in bed)

13) Under The Ice by Morcheeba

14) Call Me by Shinedown (this is THE song about the Doctor. Like wow)

15) Break the Night With Colour by Richard Ashcroft (goosebumps)

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Name of your Muse: Marlon’to Menai, “Marlon”
One picture you like best of your Muse’s FC:  Don’t really have a face claim, I think too much in 2d. Here’s my drawing of him again instead!

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

  • Craves physical attention like nobody’s business (hence his love for his hair and ears being touched.) He was raised by a rather prudish family along with two rather asexual siblings. Intimacy was rarely discussed or acknowledged – his parents loved one another but were rarely physical. As a result Marlon is poorly equipped to handle his feelings, both in the romantic and physical attraction department. 

  • He has a chipped tooth near his right canine from trying to bite some metal. Like an idiot. 

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

  • Sleeping – Marlon’to’s sleeping habits have never been healthy or regular, as he will often work long nights, lost in his projects. He enjoys catching naps wherever he can, and loves finding new, shady, comfortable places to rest. 
  • Tinkering – It looks like work, but he insists it’s not. He has a wide array of unfinished small projects littering his sleep and work space, and he keeps a small notebook that he’ll often fill with ideas and sketches in one of his leg compartments. He considers 90% of these projects useless or self-indulgent; therefore, for fun.
  • Drinking – The keeper can hold his liquor pretty well despite the smaller frame, but doesn’t often drink in excess. He won’t drink while he’s working (he’s had enough mishaps to know better by now,) but when reading or drafting, the engineer enjoys having a drink in hand to unwind or deaden pain. 

Two things your muse regrets:

  • Never going back to check on the Garlean that released him from his captivity. He feared he would rouse suspicion if seen with him, but after so long without contact, Marlon has completely lost track of him. The keeper wishes he had made at least some effort at contact. 
  • Letting his younger sister get involved with a Limsan syndicate. At the time he thought it’d be good protection for her, but he now feels like that was naive hopeful thinking. 

Two phobias your muse has:

  • He didn't always, but he now has a great fear of the deep water. His legs would water-log and become useless, and the keeper’s certain he would drown. 
  • Fear of his mind degrading; memory loss. 

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