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Admin’s Note: Part of One Day In Pakistan’s aim, aside from showcasing Pakistan’s natural beauty, history and modern-day settings is sharing insights into the cultural aspects of the country. It is with this aim that we share our first post devoted to the arts of the land, specifically the inaugural Music Mela Conference, held in 2014. 

Pakistan’s first ever Music Mela Conference (May 2-4, 2014) at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), Islamabad was organised by the US Embassy in collaboration with the Pakistan-US Alumni Network (PUAN), and Zeejah Fazli (President) & Areib Azhar (Creative Director) of Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education (FACE).

Fifteen folk, fusion, rock, indie and qawwali bands from across Pakistan performed live. The event also included Master classes, presentations, workshops, lectures, and panel discussions with music industry luminaries. Moreover, the conference included sessions with directors of successful music projects, panel discussions, with leading exponents of the music industry, stalls for the introduction and outreach of folk musicians and upcoming bands. The programme was hosted by Khwaja Ezza and Mobina Pirzada.

Photographer: Muhammad Usman
Instagram: @totallytrashed 
Tumblr: iamtotallytrashed 
Gear: Canon 60D, Flash: Speedlite Flash 430EX II with sigma 10-20mm, tamron 17-50, Canon 50mm, Canon 85mm, Canon 55-250
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom & Snapseed

“Islamabadi through and through, I’m an ex-blogger, self-employed photographer and fixer with a major in Psychology. My photography career started as a hobby in 2012 from the roads of Islamabad and since then I’ve been out and about capturing the beauty of my city. I’ve worked with clients like USAID, UNICEF, UNESCO, BBC, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation etc., and some of my work has been published in major newspapers and online media.”

Artists / photos featured, top to bottom:
1. Zeb Bangash, from Zeb & Haniya, singing their hit song “Bibi Sanam”.
2. Sadiq Sameer playing the Rubab.
3. Zeeshan Mansoor, lead guitarist from the underground band, Malang Party.
4. Sahibzada Abbas Ali Khan, while performing “Man Kunto Maula” from his new album, Tamaam Alam Mast.
5. Classical dance performance by Amna Mawaz and Ferriyal Amal Aslam.
6. Faraz Anwar joining the stage with Khurram and Rahail from metal band, Qayaas
7. Dr. Masuma Anwar, singing “Yaar Ko Ham Ne Jabaja Dekha”.
8. Akhtar Chanal Zahri performed traditional Baloch songs.
9. Folk dance performance on “Daana Pe Daana” by Akhtar Chanal Zahri.
10. Areib Azhar who presented the Sufi Kalam of Baba Bulleh Shah. 

Some of Usman’s pictures from this event were also featured on BBC Urdu:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:


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