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result of my first time in a recording studio!!


- You should wrap this *shows the lasso* gently around his throat and explain Christine that she either chooses you or you send Raoul to his grave
- This sounds like the most nightmarish thing I’ve ever heard!
But I am 45.

*piano plays dramatically*


i’m Ciara and i’m taking part in two meetups at a time bc im too lazy to take part in them separately so yeah // follow for cats, wanting to die ™ and ukulele screamo rap (also i painted the back of my uke the other day, she’s so pretty)


hey guys, I’m Jordan and I’m here for both the body positive phandom meetup as well as the one for musical theatre lovers! in terms of body positivity- I’m working hard on loving myself and my body (I struggle a lot with my stomach and thighs.) and for musical theatre, I love Hamilton, Heathers, Spring Awakening, Fun Home, Rent, and In The Heights. come say hello!


So I heard that there’s a “war” brewing on here with some fans saying Erik x Christine shippers like abuse - or at least support it/close an eye when it comes to it - or violence?

As an E/C shipper, let me tell you: BIG NO. Actually, I’ll say this: doesn’t matter the version, I can’t ever watch the part when Bouquet gets killed and left dangling from the roof. It’s very upsetting for me as a person who has panic attacks on even thriller movies. I always have to skip it. Same goes for Piangi and, talking about the 2004 movie, the scene at the gipsy fair (the way Erik was treated and how he got free). I don’t support violence or abuse. Never have.

The reason I love Erik and Christine together and will do so forever, it’s because the way I see it she redeems him, makes him see the horrors he’s committed for what they are and grants him a way to start over through her love; Erik on his part understands her love for music and the freedom it gives her soul and shares this same need, so he gives her exactly this: passion and freedom. all with his music. That’s why I love them. I will not be labeled as someone who is in favor of violence or abusive relationships.

And by the way, I will never insult Raoul x Christine shippers either. Why should I? Why should anyone? We should never insult people’s ships. Raoul x Christine is awesome, Erik x Christine is awesome, Erik x Nadir (the persian/Daroga) is awesome. Everything is okay in my book.

I love Erik as a character and won’t stay here listing all the reasons why. I also recognize the things he has done are awful. I don’t condone them. But folk, let’s be reasonable: 1. we are talking about fiction. 2. look at the message of the whole thing. Love can redeem you, if you let it. Just enjoy the damn story and appreciate the feelings it gives you.

Lastly, if you need to go and “gang harrass” other bloggers and users you don’t, in my opinion, have a deep and emphatic understanding of people, let alone characters in a story. Ergo, you don’t have a right to accuse anyone.

That’s it.

on a side note: in the Anastasia movie I totally love Dimitri and Anja. In the musical version I totally support them, while also having a slight crush on the idea of Gleb and Anja together and I WON’T BE SORRY FOR IT.


hi it’s nicole your friendly neighborhood bi ! i currently look like a mess but im super excited for the holidays aA ☃️