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Creative-field Studyblrs!

“Hi, everyone! This will become an official list that I’ll link on my blog and on the @studioblrcollective blog! (feel free to reblog/message me and mention where you think you fit in and your concentration and I’ll add you!). I’m sorry if I didn’t categorize you correctly, I just tried to make my judgment based on what was on your blog page.

I really believe that the creative side of the studyblr community needs some love, so that’s why I’m doing this little feature/list! No likes or reblogs necessary, but it would be nice to help spread some love around!







I would love to be able to add so much more to this list so if you’re a creative field studyblr that fits in these categories (or would like to add a category) feel free to let me know and I’ll update it! <3

Hey studyblrs! My name is Mia, and I’m so excited to introduce this new studyblr! I made this to try and focus more on my studying, and get good grades for the rest of high school!

Some facts about me:
🥛🍪I just recently turned 16!
🥛🍪 I’m a lesbian!
🥛🍪I’m going into my Junior year (eek!) of high school
🥛🍪If you can’t tell by my URL, or my emojis (or anything about me!) I LOVE SWEETS, but I’m allergic to gluten, lactose, and am on a ketogenic diet (the irony kills me)
🥛🍪I live in San Diego, California!

🥛🍪….pencil cases. I love stationery more than I love myself, especially cute ones!
🥛🍪Music! I’m in Band, and want to major in Music Performance for Flute at SDSU
🥛🍪snakes. I would love a Burmese Python, but currently I’m hoping for a Rosy Boa instead
🥛🍪Succulents! I love them to death, and I have twelve at the moment! I hope for more, however! 🌱

Classes I’m taking this year:
Advanced Band
AP English Literature
Algebra 3-4
US History
AP Art History
French 3-4

What I will be posting:

🥛🍪My school notes!

🥛🍪Weekly/Monthly spreads

🥛🍪Aesthetic pictures?

Studyblrs that inspired me!




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Combeferre as a music major who plays like 10 different instruments, but he’s a pianist at heart. He has a showcase coming up for his major, but all of the practice rooms at his uni are full. So he ends up playing the open piano at the hang out spot on campus, among all of the pool tables and the ice cream bar.

A few people actively listen to him while others mind their own business. However, this one curly haired beauty comes up to the piano and hums along with him, commenting on the pieces and Ferre’s expression of them in between Combeferre’s takes.

He stays there for hours until Combeferre eventually calls it a day. Just as Ferre is trying to thank him for listening and bid him goodbye, he sticks out his hand with a crooked smile. “I’m Courfeyrac,” he introduces, “would you like to grab some coffee with me?”

And YES Combeferre would love to get coffee with him. So they head to Starbucks and order overpriced lattes, laughing and talking until an ungodly hour in the morning.