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What’s messed up is that Black men really wouldn’t care if Beyonce got snubbed. But if Kendrick Lamar got snubbed, Black men would be expressing disappointment and anger on social media.

Both Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar are extremely talented artists that were snubbed and weren’t given the credit they deserve. Instead, it’s given to White artists because they’re White artists in a pre-dominant Black music category (e.i. Macklemore as a rapper, Adele as a Soul singer, Sam Smith as a R&B singer).

However, the difference between Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce is gender. Beyonce is a Black woman. This is where both racism and misogyny intersect and places Beyonce at the utmost disadvantage in the music industry. No matter how much she outsells, outperforms, outdone her & anybody, she will never be given the credit she deserves, because nobody wants to see Black women dominate an industry.