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hello, loves. this is a mix of chill // ambient music for earth witches // earth signs. let your mind escape into nature, and to remember just why it is so beautiful. 🌱✨🌍

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REPOST - “ TRIBE FOREVER “ - Thanks for all the shares! I finally got a chance to redo this image and bring the photo to life. This is now available at for purchase!  Only a exclusive few are available. 

The bottom is the old image of the design. 

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The pianist.

his fingers
play over the keys
making sounds
for the soul

and I fall
so much
in love,

with the story
he just made up
with the piano
as his canvas

I can feel it
resonates within
my soul aches
for the music
he creates,

so easy
like breathing
second nature

worth everything
and more,
sounds I’ll never
be able to



Custom track artwork for The Cat Empire - Rising With The Sun (2016)

I literally haven’t listened to anything but this album since it came out so I figured I should upload these!