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Polarize from another room
Twenty One Pilots
Polarize from another room

… Polarize from another room. Except Actually you and I both wandered upstairs from the hotel lobby where the party is being held because we both got sick of the sycophants and mimosas. We went up different ways, though. On the top floor I find a ukulele in a lost & found that really seems out of place in this hotel. There’s a revolving door to a large terrace. I sit down outside. It’s cold, but there’s no wind. You’ve found our way up there, too. Now we sit on opposite sides of the revolving door. Quite close, really. I start playing and you push the door in circles. This is what it sounds like

Smite Subtle design choices I like:

-Neith’s tatoos light up.
- Height differences.
- Chronos looks like he’s made of clock parts.
- Nox’s dress is represented as the night sky with stars.
- Chang'es head dress
- The Morrigan has thick thighs and soft belly pudge, with small boobs.
- The irradescence on Khepri’s wings
- The purple eye makeup on Awilix.
- Izanami’s head remaining stationary while the rest of her body twirls under it.
- The little butterfly that flies out of Terra’s hands.
- Cu Chulainn starts giving off steam in his body when he’s ready to go berserk.
- The ground freezes wherever Skadi steps.
- Each character has a personality.
- The scars on Loki’s face from snake venom.
- The fact that they can construct a solid character and kit from vague mythology figures who hardly have any info.
- The detail of the maps. When was the last time you looked at the floating islands in the Joust map, or the sky in the Assault map?
- Use of color and textures.
- The abilities have unique sound effects that you can identify and alert you even if you can’t see them.
- Some gods can fly and those few moments in the air above everyone is something else.
- The little wind chimes you hear when flying around as Jing Wei.
- The heart beat pounding in your ear when you’re Thanatos and you can execute someone.
- The Lobby music
- The snow in the Assault map Actually crunches under your feet.
- The Galaxy skins
- Character outfits aren’t just thrown together. You can see where each piece is being held down, muscles under the fabric,
And everything has been rigged well to “flow”. Not jerk awkwardly.
- The scales on Nu Wa’s shoulders, sides and thighs.
- Freya’s armor reflects light like a rainbow. She’s a walking Aurora.
- Kumbahkarna and Ganesha’s henna patterns.
- The swirly print on Apollo’s tunic thing.
- That little Swan dive Sobek does during his ult.
- The way Raijin is tapping his foot a lot.
- Amaterasu sheathing her sword.
Susano scratching himself, looks at his nails, goes “WTF?” and quickly looks back to see what the heck was on his skin.
- Hel’s “naughty” finger wave.
- Medusa’s yandere laugh
- Bellona stretching her neck and shoulders.
- Hearing your bones crunch when Fenrir grabs you.
- Ah Puch’s creepy mouth *chitter*

I could go on.

It’s completely okay to like something but still have critisims or ideas for improvement. And what you may enjoy might be different from what other people enjoy. Liking the designs and aesthetics in games that other people hate doesn’t make you less intelligent or give you an “inferior” eye for detail. Finding things to enjoy is a good thing. Enjoy what you enjoy and don’t let others make you feel bad for it.

It's Not
Aimee Mann
It's Not

so baby kiss me like a drug like a respirator

Finding beloved favorite old songs on recently unearthed mix CDs: another perfect Sunday activity.

The Phantom Empire, Mascot Pictures 1935 - A lobby card for the first of a twelve part Mascot Pictures serial featuring Gene Autry in his first role as ‘the singing cowboy.’ The film is a strange combination of western, musical, and science fiction. Autry discovers the ancient civilization of MU under his ranch - the plot revolves around the conflict between ruthless speculators from the surface who want to exploit the huge reserve of radium below and the Muranians who have their own agenda.

It’s Always Been You

Yoooo, I wrote another fic! I’ve been hampered down lately by college and crap, so I haven’t been able to write as much because I’m constantly hella tired. But I saw the sappy prompts list I just reblogged, and I got an idea that I actually managed to see through to the end! Whaddaya know…
Anyway, it’s UsUk as always (UsUkUs, really… there’s rarely a seme/uke dynamic in my fics - I don’t tend to like it), and around 3,728 words, give or take a couple.
Also, please keep in mind that I have never been to one of these kind of parties. And I know that plenty of popular people don’t get wasted at every party. To be honest, I’m just using Mean Girls as my referencing point, and other accounts of parties I’ve found on the internet. And Mean Girls was fine to use in terms of age, because can you believe that Regina George was sixteen?! THAT’S MY AGE.
…Pfft, I’m a loser. Like I didn’t already know that.

Alfred Foster Jones was popular.

All throughout his life he’d been one of the popular kids. Friendly, optimistic, good-looking, smart, sporty, rich, American – he was the literal formula for universal popularity. When he’d started college he’d managed to form a plethora of friends on just the first day. A week later, everybody knew of Alfred F. Jones. Even if you weren’t in a single one of his classes, you still knew who he was. Boys wanted to be him, girls wanted to be with him – from day one he’d been the very definition of popular.

That’s why Arthur Kirkland simply couldn’t fathom why he’d never dated a soul.

Arthur and Alfred had met when they were seven, on the first day of junior school. Arthur had been reserved and introverted, but Alfred had managed to worm his way through his shyness, and they’d quickly become friends. All throughout primary and secondary school they’d remained best friends, and now that they were in college they were still that close.

However, although they were best friends, they still had their popularity differences. It was almost laughable – Alfred the Popularity King was best friends with Arthur the Social Reject. Alfred was the one who people wanted at their parties, who people wanted to be friends with; Arthur just got the token invite because everyone knew that excluding him would lead to Alfred refusing to associate with you.

As a result of Alfred’s popularity, he’d been asked out multiple times. Sometimes he’d get asked out thrice in a single day. Plenty of the time it was by people who just couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

But in spite of all these offerings, Alfred had never dated anyone. He’d never accepted a dating proposal, never kissed anybody (even in games of Spin the Bottle he point-blank refused), never done anything romantic or sexual in the slightest. It baffled Arthur, quite honestly. Even Arthur had had his first kiss (just in a game of Spin the Bottle he’d been token-invited to; it was slimy and awful – the feeling was only exacerbated by the fact that Alfred was right there watching him make out with someone. That wouldn’t be a problem if Arthur wasn’t head-over-heels in love with him.), yet Alfred had yet to be kissed. For the longest time he’d thought that popularity went hand-in-hand with an active sexual life, but Alfred was living proof of the contrary.

He’d asked Alfred about it, a few times. It wasn’t that he had a problem with Alfred being single (hell, his chest hurt every single time someone asked Alfred out, and there was always that sick feeling of what if he says yes), he was just curious as to why Alfred always rejected them. The answers he’d received had been rather wishy-washy; things like ‘I don’t know them well enough’, or ‘They’re not the type of person I want’. He’d never elaborate, because he always changed the subject to something much more mundane and trivial. And Arthur never pushed him.

“I’ll be seeing you there, Al!”

The pretty brunette sent Alfred a wave and a flirty smile before walking off to go find her friends. She’d left an invite to her Halloween party in his hands, and a token-invite in Arthur’s. He couldn’t help but scoff at it. Already, people know how to get Alfred at their functions.

“You gonna go?” Alfred asked, popping a piece of gum in his mouth and offering one to Arthur across the table, who took one and shrugged.

“I don’t go to these things without you. Besides, it’s you they want, not me.”

I want you there,” Alfred insisted, blue eyes wide in that sincere way that made Arthur fall deeper in love. “Hell, if I’m going to a party I want a friend. Who else would I talk to about physics and shit?”

“Somehow,” Arthur said with a laugh, “I don’t think you go to parties to discuss physics.”

“So are you going?” That was the thing about Alfred. He’d never go unless Arthur said he was going. And Arthur knew that Alfred did truly like these parties and enjoyed revelling in his position as Popularity King, so it was that Arthur agreed to attend.

“Cool!” Alfred said, then he started bouncing up and down excitedly. “Oh oh oh, what should I dress up as? What about Superman? Or Captain America? No wait wait wait – we should totally go as Batman and Robin! Dude, this idea is priceless! You be Robin, and I’ll be Batman!”

“I am at least ninety-percent certain that you’re supposed to dress up sexily, if the movies are true in what they portray,” Arthur said. Although you look sexy any way you dress. Alfred drooped, until he seemed to think of another thing that brightened him up.

“But Batman is sexy! I mean, have you seen his abs? Defined, or what!”

“Batman is not sexy!”

Alfred scoffed. “Yeah, tell that to Selina Kyle.”

“Anyway,” Arthur made to steer the topic away from Batman’s abs, “we’ve got the rest of the month to think about it. Right now, we’ve got to focus on this Chemistry shit.”

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Imagine Singing with Jensen at a convention. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, Briana Buckmaster mentioned

Warning: Fluff, suggestive flirting (Is that a warning?), language 

Word Count: 2.6k (my bad, I got carried away)

A/N: For all purposes of this fic, Jensen is single, and we can assume Danneel is happy. K? K. Also, this is a bit of a fantasy of mine. Part of it is true. I DID get to sing during Karaoke at Dallascon. Most surreal experience EVER. If only the rest of this story had happened too. ;) Hot Damn. Jason Mann’s cover of Kiss is the version you want in your head OR playing when you get to that part of the song. I REALLY enjoyed this one. Hope you guys like it HALF as much as I do.

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SimCity 4 - OST

00:00 Rush Hour
05:27 By the Bay
11:33 The Humble Brothers - Terrain
17:11 Re-Development
22:21 The New Hood
27:39 Bohemian Street Jam
33:20 Shape Shifter
40:56 Kirk Casey - Night Owl
46:18 Without Form
52:50 Marc Russo - Street Sweeper
57:52 Robi Krauker - Transit Angst
1:02:36 Kent Jolly - Zone System
1:06:11 The Humble Brothers - Epicentre

a virtual magic kingdom - on May 21, 2008, VMK closed its gates for the last time. enjoy this playlist as a nostalgic trip through our virtual home one more time. 

opening music / town square / fantasyland courtyard music / ghost lobby / space shrinking machine / halloween town square / POTC game lobby / splash mountain music / castle forecourt / space mountain quest deck / frontierland hub music / blue bayou / central plaza / storybookland music / forbidden temple music


It almost seems like us Lobby rats get the short end of the stick when it comes to music.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bands out in the zones, Comic Sans Samurai, Cold Dead Hands, The Mad gear and the Missile Kid, and even the few singles the Fab Four have pushed out of their asses a couple times. Seriously, Black Dragon Fighting Society is a fucking anthem. 

And the bands themselves are pretty fucking awesome too. They put on a show with lights and fire and the speakers turned to eleven. The Dracs come and they can get out in a second, no hesitation, the first sign of those Better Living assholes and they’re out. They’ve gotten good, now we know when BLi is coming half an hour before hand.

But holy fuck, you haven’t lived until you see a show in The Lobby.

These bands know how to cut it close, and they live for it.

One band, a girl group called The Top Gun Chicks, make the loudest, angriest music you can imagine, and they make a point to be heard. They’re not my style, but I make my own point to go to one show a year. To be more specific, the one show they play on the roof of the cleanest, whitest, and safest Better Living apartment complex they can find.

They manage to play at least four songs before the Exterminators catch on, and then the Chicks make the biggest exit they can manage, last year they zip-lined off the roof on a rope made of their own merchandise and landed on the building next to us. The entire audience (including myself) was detained for seven hours, but they had no evidence to keep us there.

The desert might get raw with their music, but The Lobby bands have a fucking reason to go hard. Getting caught gets you famous, more bands form in your image, and escaping gets you just as famous, more bands show up just to glorify you, and the noise gets louder and louder. Better Living gets stuck in a never-ending loop and it’s fucking hilarious to watch.

Bands like Strawberry Body, Odd Man In, My Dad’s Ass, and even hip hop groups like Kung-Fu and The Fat Man, The Slim Johns, and Oddity. They started it all and most of them are still going, still pumping out records and selling out venues. Making kids like me get angry, and get schooled, and fight the fuck back.

Desert bands can hit it raw, sure. But Lobby bands? Holy Shit.