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The Phantom Empire, Mascot Pictures 1935 - A lobby card for the first of a twelve part Mascot Pictures serial featuring Gene Autry in his first role as ‘the singing cowboy.’ The film is a strange combination of western, musical, and science fiction. Autry discovers the ancient civilization of MU under his ranch - the plot revolves around the conflict between ruthless speculators from the surface who want to exploit the huge reserve of radium below and the Muranians who have their own agenda.

“It was the first time I’d ever seen the Radio City Music Hall.  And it was like entering heaven.  I just never saw anything so beautiful in my life.” (Woody Allen’s narration in “Radio Days”)  To mark the last day of winter, I am posting a photo of the magnificent “Fountain of Youth” mural by Ezra Winter:)  (Photo taken on January 26, 2017)


 Tower of Terror Full Lobby Music Loop (Fixed Audio Version)

charly-dood  asked:

Only 7 months before releasing BEETLE_SUPREME!? Okay, I have to disagree with the description of the video. Everything sounds awesome! I specially love the beat that starts playing around 2:03

That elevator music sample is the Tenpenny Tower lobby music from Fallout 3, hahaha. Yeah that album is so damn old i just can’t help but think of all the things i could have done better when i go back and listen to it, yknow?

STFD is so good and clunky and awkward and good it’s a precious baby and i love it

really tho

everyone’s head moves around way too much. lillian’s eyebrows are goin full speed 100% 24/7 up and down up and down up and down

everybody’s sassy

rick is so bad he’s good, he’s great, tf is with that white turtleneck and the way his shoulders always look like they’re thrust forward uncomfortably. maybe it’s shoulder pads that have slipped forward? it’s a woman’s turtleneck from the 80s that he’s wearing for some reason? 

there’s lobby music when ur in the lobby, and this makes it feel realistic 

(there should totally be elevator music in some games, too, right? but there never is)

also rick is so smarmy and using all the french phrases and it’s so over the top you can’t take him seriously at all

(he’s like a brady x100 where brady is believable and tolerable and i think he’s actually kinda sweet, though stupid, whereas rick is like get the fuck outta here rick. not today, rick.)

there are a lot of characters, some of which aren’t that exciting but they end up doing important things!!

still confused as to why mattie jensen has the interior design taste of an 80 year old woman

i like how they were still fiddling around with how to make nancy drew games really work and you get oddball stuff like that eye appearing in the calendar for no goddamned reason at all except it’s cool

also, how could we ever forget, the photoshopped heads onto real bodies.jpg

Missed connections

I just heard Undertale music playing at my community college math and science hall lobby at 2:50ish, I heard it in the ground hall lobby from where I was in the second floor,by the time I came down to the lobby you left.

Please respond so I know I am not slowly going insane from this game and hearing the music everywhere I go. Please… I had to try to go slowly so you know, people didn’t think I was insane and actively trying to find the source of videogame music. Try to reply with the area you were in at the time, so I know it was really you. I know the song names by heart. Even from over 20 feet.