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*wheezes* look a WIP
apparently i’m bringing this back from the dead because my friends are enablers and they’re awful (amazing)
it takes me about 2 hours to make 20 seconds of progress (10 seconds of progress, if I care a little more about fluidity)

  • Galahad: I overheard Sir Lancelot chastising you about unknightly pursuits.
  • Mordred: The key to eavesdropping is not admitting you were listening.
  • Galahad: That only matters if you care about sneaking. Is this going to affect our games with Bradley and Sir Kay?
  • Mordred: Not likely, but I will be practicing a bit more discretion. Can't have Lancelot calling me out in front of the whole court.
  • Galahad: Why do you care what he thinks
  • Mordred: I don't particularly. But he is rather successful, and as a bastard at the back of the line for his father's property, I need to learn what I can. I have to make my own name.
  • Galahad: That's ridiculous.
  • Mordred: Not all of us are guided by destiny.
  • Galahad: It's not destiny.
  • Mordred: Duty, then.