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Warning: Spoilers, potential seizure trigger, violence

Title: Lessons I’ve Learned

Editor: Moonpie AMV

Song: Counting Stars

Artist: One Republic

Anime: The Boy and The Beast (film)

Category: Drama

Awards: Nan Desu Kan 2016 - Best Local Entry
Nan Desu Kan 2016 - Finalist
It Won't Turn Off! Ep.083: (Jon)Tron Uprising
Hosts Britton Rozzelle and Collin Graves tackle the wacky world of pop culture this week. FYI, there is a LANGUAGE WARNING for this episode. Don't listen with you children (I mean unless you want to,

@britt-man​ and @christianstepmoms go IN this week regarding everything going on in the wacky world of gaming and pop culture. 

0:00:00 - 0:28:00 - Intro/Music The Weeknd, Daft Punk, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Bruno Mars 
0:28:00 - 1:32:00 - Games Fire Emblem Heroes, Paladins, Overwatch, Nioh, JonTron, Mass Effect Andromeda, Zelda
1:32:00 - end - TV/Movies OK KO/Cartoon Network, Power Rangers, Iron Fist

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every white kid when they pass a cop

[Oh Rhyse! Rhyse! It’s the cops! Oh god! Turn the music down! Oh fuck! What if they have a drug dog? Oh we’re fucked! Stay cool!] 


this song is so precious omg!!