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Music Monday - My Brand New Way

Hellooooo Quotakus!!! Today’s feature is My Brand New Way by Koike Teppei!!

He is a singer & actor!! He have acted in a few manga series to live-action dramas such as Gokusen 2Dragon Zakura AND especially Lovely Complex a.k.a Love★Com as Otani Atsushi~~~!!! Watch the film as it is really sweet & cute!!

Do check him out! (b ~_^)b d(^_^ d)



I just needed to share this. it is my favorite thing from this season of American Horror Story



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I hate that guy but "as I knew he was on the lookout" I'm so excited for Louis and his music. But also *** **

I dont want a person that said some shitty things like he said when he thought it was cool to shit on boybands just because, around Louis, he’s not worth his presence and the promo he’ll get from him. Enough with leeches please. I want people like Steve, true real artists with serious projects, doing music together and get mutual promo in a genuine professional way and not just because he’s Louis Tomlinson™ and you know it’s going to be automatic-promo once your spotted with him or you talk about him. And yes, *** ** FIRST then we can talk about anything else

modern au where chirrut loves going to rock concerts because even though he can’t see, he loves how the music feels when it washes over him, and the way the bass rumbles deep in his chest.

of course he can’t hear anything when he gets out of a concert, so he has to rely completely on baze to help him get home safely (which of course means baze gets dragged to all sorts of ridiculous shows and he complains the whole time but secretly he enjoys it and chirrut knows it)

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What music do you listen to?

I guess the 2017 way to answer this question is to tell people to find my spotify?

Lately I’ve been back into lots of soul and old blues. Back and forth to indie folk at times. Depends on my mood I guess.

Bon Iver, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, James Brown, Chet Baker, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Sam Cooke, Volcano Choir, Fionn Regan, RY X, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliott Smith, Led Zeppelin, The Band, Alberta Cross, Houndsmouth, Father John Misty, Whitney, Big Thief, Dr. Dog, Angel Olsen, A.A. Bondy, Beach House, Lower Dens, Little Walter, Irma Thomas, Etta James, Fly Golden Eagle, Van Morrison, Cotton Jones Basket Ride, Violent Mae, Margaret Glaspy, Sharon Von Etten, Good Morning, The Walters, im exhausted of making this list :)

I’m lifted,
this couch is a jet-pack;
my eyes move
like energy through matter;
I like dents in my paradise;
my oblivion comes after a semi colon
preceded by a grand old time.

I see from the alley
that this all is like a garden in reverse;
a baby in a hearse,
a prayer in a curse–
a curse so evil you can feel it in your protons;

I hand hold crime,
it is my December sun, 
my shining
in the land of everlasting darkness;
my infinity has training wheels on it;
this music has found a way
to crawl into the unoccupied space
somewhere between this present second’s
beginning and end–

on music:
the warden defends, 
the barbarian reads;
the purple-skinned savage
has taken the Rosetta stone–
but instead of fastening it to a crude weapon
and using it to crash upon a villain’s head
we became philosophers;
that stone becomes ours
and also became something
we could one day use
to change everything to gold.

—  A Garden in Reverse

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any music recommendations? maybe more relaxing type music?

OF COURSE!  (*⁰▿⁰*) I hope these were what you were looking for!

If you need more, I’d be happy to dig out some :D

Sleepover Saturday

In all honesty

I really liked The Final Problem. It didn’t have the complicated, annoyingly frequent plot twists the rest of Season 4 had, and it was nice to see things wrap up (Greg’s little spotlight at the end, for example). Plus the violin scene was so beautiful for me and now I wanna write something where people communicate in music.
Also, the very ending. It could honestly go either way. Yes, Molly confessed to Sherlock, and yes, it did feel a bit cheap. If the scene had happened in seasons 1-3 I probably would have screamed like a little girl. It kinda felt like Molly was just hanging around this season for the confession scene. However, it was never explicitly stated that she and Sherlock ever go out after that. From what we see in the end sequence, Sherlock and John get more friendly interaction than Sherlock and Molly. I saw the ending as something you could interpret however you wanted. Maybe Molly and Sherlock get together. Maybe Molly and Sherlock get together, but then realize they don’t actually love each other all that much anymore. Maybe Sherlock explains the situation and tells her that he’s sorry but he loves John more and he’s more than happy to stay at Baker Street and let her go find someone normal. Maybe no romance happens at all and the three of them (plus Ms. Hudson) live their lives and take care of Rosie and are happy with no marriage drama.
As a writer, I felt the struggle to come up with new ideas hit hard in this season, and I was honestly worried the finale was going to be absolute trash. But the writers have actually done a very good thing here. By leaving us unsatisfied with the ending, they’ve inspired us to write our own. By leaving things open to interpretation, they’ve allowed us to theorize and make of it what we will. Maybe it wasn’t perfect. Maybe there were some things we didn’t like. But few things in life are ever perfect. That’s part of the theme of season 4. No matter how hard you try, no matter how good things seem, nothing can be perfect. So what do you do? You go out and you do what you can to make it better. You move past trajedy and sadness and become better for it. That’s what this season’s about.

Tl;dr The Final Problem was the best episode in Season 4

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hi!! can u link the meta or smthn thats abt irenes theme being about john? that episode was shit and it would be at least a little something to try and make me happy. thank you for your hope and for the fun ridiculousness that was the week leading up to this 😊💙

i honestly can’t i’m sorry i don’t recall the exact meta i just know the whole point was that sherlock was supposedly sad and everyone thought he was sad and he composed irene’s theme but it turned out he didn’t really care about irene he was writing music the same way he always does and he kept going on with it after he found out irene was alive and john was in love with him ? idk everything sherlock does is about john, just trust