music is the enemy

dm: ok do u wanna buy a dagger or something? you’re a bard but some sort of weapon might still be–

bard: how bout i just summon a really big musical instrument and hit my enemies with it

dm: what? no–

bard: have you ever seen a bassoon? it’s basically just an expensive greatclub. and it’s an instrument, right, so i can pull it out of NOWHERE for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

dm: yes, but–

bard: no buts. my basic attack is bassoon clobber now. what sort of damage can i get from that.

dm: …let’s say 1d10 and you’re never allowed to be creative again

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-In This Moment
-Green Day
-Butcher Babies
-Linkin Park
-Arch Enemy
-The Pretty Reckless

How Alexander Hamilton Really Went Down
  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> <p></b> <b><b></b> Ensemble:</b> HIS ENEMIES DESTROYED HIS REP, AMERICA-<p><b>Ham:</b> Excuse you, I destroyed my "rep" all by myself, thank you very much. Burr's weak ass wouldn't have been able to do that if he tried<p><p/></p><p><p><p>

taylor’s the most supportive artist ever, instead of taking every other musician as her competition or enemies she’s making playlists of their music or sending flowers to the ones who are #1 at the charts, everyday i get more convinced about having the BEST ROLE MODEL EVER @taylorswift

hsulace: #fbf to Gary stress eating his feelings just like the rest of us 🐌🍎.
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@kazliin as always, this is for you <3 Thank you for giving us this awesome masterpiece <3

I have no words to describe what I feel for UMFB&MHA and OBS&BH <3 I can’t believe there are only 2 chapters left!! :( I’m freaking out here.

I hope everyone likes it!!

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