music is stronger than love ;)

Every time an artist hits the stage, they bring some of their deepest, most personal stories to life. And in those moments, the crowd, in all of its wonder, is screaming hand-in-hand alongside each other, feeling as much pain and as much love as a heart could. There’s a trust you create with the fans alongside you. Rarely are there moments more ethereal than those. Where you’re at one with hundreds to thousands of people, all from different backgrounds and walks of life. Never should that trust be wavered or taken advantage of. My heart is broken for anyone immediately related to the victims, and for the entire music community. Love is stronger than hate.

And I thank you cause you made me a better person than I was
But I hate you cause you drained me

And after all that’s said and done
I’m still angry, yeah, I maybe
I may never trust someone.


E ti ringrazio perchè mi hai reso una persona migliore di quella che ero
Ma ti odio perchè mi
hai prosciugato

E dopo tutto quello che è stato detto e fatto
Sono ancora arrabbiato,si,forse
Non potró mai più fidarmi di qualcuno.

—  Eminem (Stronger Than I Was)
Steven Universe Songs for the Signs

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Aries: Comet
Taurus: Let Me Drive My Van (into Your Heart)
Gemini: Something Entirely New
Cancer: Dear Old Dad
Leo: Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)
Virgo: Do It for Her
Libra: Peace and Love (On Planet Earth)
Scorpio: What Can I Do
Sagittarius: On The Run
Capricorn: Wailing Stone
Aquarius: Stronger Than You
Pisces: Destiny

Stronger Than You
Stronger Than You

Almost done!

This cover was made using only my voice. No instruments, no other people. Just lil’ me and the astounding genius of Rebecca Sugar.

Very, very messy (ESPECIALLY in the second half, like holy heck), but virtually complete at this point!

You’ll notice I’ve added the Ruby and Sapphire solo portions. Made them up really fast, so if anyone has feedback I’d love to hear it!