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TV Shows of 2016

↳ 18/50. Galavant

Galavant’s second season was stronger, funnier, more heartbreaking and sillier than its first and the cancellation of the series is a real loss, there really wasn’t any other show quite like Galavant. What I loved about season two was the unlikely pairings such as Gareth and Queen Madalena and also King Richard’s journey from weak willed baddie in season one, to genuine hero and good guy. Timothy Omundson was outstanding as Richard and in a show of great actors and characters he still managed to stand out

I will miss you Galavant, where else I am going to get my musical comedy medieval fantasy fix from?

Okay okay okay...

TheFourthSoul (Alex) submitted:

So I decided that I would start making lyrics for a Charataker version of Stronger Than You. I haven’t written much yet, but here’s what I have so far:

Go ahead and try to run, I see you’re able

But inside your determination is unstable

I know that you’ll try to stop me from killing you

But you know that you soon must face the truth

And you’re not gonna live, we’ll be here together

Running through the Underground forever

And though you will just reset each time I beat you

But I’ll always be right back there to meet you

I am ma-ade o-o-o-o-of






This is where you stop

This is where your life ends

You can try calling for help

But down here you have no friends

See? What did I tell you?

No one will come to your aid

And now you have failed

When you thought had it made

I’ll send you the rest when I’m done!

Summary of Comeback
  • Scoups: still a dad
  • Jeonghan: adorable but lost fans because of a damn haircut
  • Jisoo: jesus take the wheel
  • Hoshi: choreo game getting stronger
  • Wonwoo: singing more
  • Woozi: stepping up his music game
  • Dk: learning how him and seungkwan's voices together can make the whole fandom die
  • Mingyu: somehow getting hotter
  • Minghao: HIS ERA
  • Seungkwan: high notes higher than yall can scream
  • Vernon: 12 year old smurf
  • Dino: slowly converting to hiphop unit
After two months
of only seeing you in my dreams,
we will meet again
and I am afraid
that the rhythm of my heart
will be stronger than ever,
desperately trying
to match yours.
—  // what if you could hear it?
“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

It’s the conclusion of a long day at the Autistics Present conference. The end-of-day keynote address was delivered by Morénike Umoye and is now wrapping up with a video. With warmth and an inspiring unguardedness, Morénike invites the attendees to sing along with her.

Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst fill the projection screen. Beloved cartoon characters turned metaphor for the varying traits, challenges, gifts, and disabilities of the Autistic community. Nervous energy and delight bubbles in equal measure within me when the first familiar chords of Stronger Than You play. A song I know and a song I love.

I sing along. A few others do, too. Most trail off by the end. I hardly notice anything else. I sing, bouncing on the seat of my walker slightly, my hands moving in my lap and in the air in front of me with the music. Morénike dances on stage, punching and jumping in time with Garnet’s choreography on screen.

I am delighted to be here, surrounded by so many people like me. I feel safe, even flapping and bouncing. I feel full of warmth and laughter and Rebecca Sugar’s music.

It was a special feeling. I don’t know if I had ever felt it before.

The song ends and the conference is concluded. The attendees begin the file out and down around Marvin and me. We are talking together and admiring the unconventional and beautifully autistic closing keynote. A woman is watching us as she walks down the steps. I happen to look up at her face just as she passes by, opens her mouth, and summons two decades of trauma with nine words.

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

I was in the air. I was the sunshine. I sang and moved my body in ways that felt sparkling and real.

Now I’m in cold water, as deep below as above. This is self-doubt. This is self-hate. It will drag you down.

It’s delivered with the tone that one addresses a strange but friendly dog, or a small child banging on a pot when you wish it would stop. The uplift at the end feels less a query and more like condescension.

It’s delivered as she walks by, dress pants swishing softly, heels making dull contact with the carpeted stairs. It’s delivered as she looks down at me as she passes, that tight-lipped smile that doesn’t warm the eyes.

We had not met. I did not know her. She thought that she knew what I was made of. She was wrong.

It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

Means: “I was watching you. No aspect of your existence goes unnoticed. I determine the validity and message of your being.”

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

Means: “You enjoyed that the wrong way. We, the Normal, don’t enjoy things like that. You sang. You moved your body. You are Other.”

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?

Means: “This is not a conversation. I will allow for no disagreement or rebuttal. That question mark is just a garnish on a plate of spoiled words. I do not ask- I tell and keep walking.”

It has been three days. I’m still in the water. It swirls and sucks around my legs, but my hands are free and I can feel the sun on my shoulders. There was so much good that day. I mustn’t let it be lost. I reach out to type the good experiences but this pain comes out instead.

I won’t let the good be forgotten- I will come back to it. But neither can I deny the way that non-autistic people can hurt us, even in the safest of spaces. Even from within a neurodivergent majority. Even with nine words.

I can’t deny the reality that, for so many autistic people, to simply exist among non-autistics is to relive our traumas and our abuse every day.

The power imbalance. The propensity towards judgment. The presumption of incompetence. That insidious ableism. These things don’t vanish in the face of any conference, no matter how delightfully Autistic and accommodating it was.

But what the conference really meant- or, what it meant most importantly to me- is that we aren’t alone. I am not alone.

I can face these old traumas surrounded by people who understand the pain. I can explore the ableism I’ve internalized with people who are in the water, too. We create autistic spaces, autistic culture. And when ableism throws me in the deep end, I can follow the light of our community back to shore.

Because we are a community, and we’re stronger than you.


Underrated boy band CROSS GENE is back stronger than ever in “Black or White” MV!

Are you loving this possibly one of the best songs of the year?

And I thank you cause you made me a better person than I was
But I hate you cause you drained me

And after all that’s said and done
I’m still angry, yeah, I maybe
I may never trust someone.


E ti ringrazio perchè mi hai reso una persona migliore di quella che ero
Ma ti odio perchè mi
hai prosciugato

E dopo tutto quello che è stato detto e fatto
Sono ancora arrabbiato,si,forse
Non potró mai più fidarmi di qualcuno.

—  Eminem (Stronger Than I Was)
Homeworld Never Invented Music

While rewatching It Could Have Been Great I noticed something really strange about Peridot. When Steven is teaching her about music she’s completely baffled. It’s not like she doesn’t like or understand music, she doesn’t even seem to know what music is! Peridot may be a young gem, but she’s not that young. Do homeworld gems not have a concept of music?

Ruby and Sapphire sung to each other after defecting in The Answer, but Garnet implied in Love Letters that the time period we were shown was a lot longer than it looked. Since gems don’t age and consider millennia to be on the short side, this could have taken place over centuries. long enough to meet early humans

Looking back, the only Homeworld gem who ever even mentioned the idea of music was Jasper in Jail Break, when she slammed her fist against Sapphire’s cell and ordered her to stop singing. Granted, Jasper is always angry, but she’s already won at that point, doesn’t that seem like a real over-reaction?

It got me thinking, what if homeworld never invented music?

It may seem weird but plenty of ancient civilizations both real and fictional never invented basic thing. The Egyptians didn’t have wheels, the Greeks didn’t have the number 0, and even Homeworld doesn’t seem to have a concept of names.

In that case, many Gems might have first learned of music from humans! Gems like Rose might have seen music as a symbol of humanity’s beauty! It’s no wonder why Rose fell for a rock star, or why all the crystal gems are constantly singing! Hell, It even explains why Jasper was so mad at Sapphire for singing; music is the battle cry of the crystal gems and a symbol of everything they stand for!


#BIGBAN9. My pride.

9 years and stronger than ever. This is what the team is made of. 

“Despite how popular an artist is, they tend to last only a few days at the top of charts after releasing songs. But it’s different for BIGBANG. The band has been doing this for whopping 16 days. When it comes to music, the band name does not matter anymore—the song itself relies on the word-of-mouth. BIGBANG broke their own records and is now genuinely recognized for their musical talents.”

I have never once doubted that they’d disband or lose a member over a conflict. They love each other and music too much, and it shows through their achievements. All I can say as a proud VIP is, just how far will this group go?


musical theatre meme → [1/5] animated musicals → frozen
Beautiful. Powerful. Dangerous. Cold. Ice has a magic, can’t be controlled.
Stronger than one, stronger than ten, stronger than a hundred men! Born of cold and winter air and mountain rain combining. This icy force both foul and fair has a frozen heart worth mining. Strike for love and strike for fear. There’s beauty and there’s danger here, split the ice apart!
Beware the frozen heart.