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Haven/Fowl Manor Theme
Haven/Fowl Manor Theme

Wow, looks like people really liked the first Artemis Fowl music I made. SO, i spent the whole day today making another song (And because @nacreous-quasar​‘s tags convinced me to :D). This one reminds me of haven/fowl manor, as you can see. The digital-sounding parts are more Haven, the rest is mostly Fowl Manor. 

In case you’re wondering, yes, the singing in the background is me.

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would you give some musical recommendations?

Tbh if you haven’t watched Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper idk if u can even call yourself a true musical fan

Cue music

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Finally returned back to my little digital art world. i haven’t done any digital art in a whole year so I am very rusty! I hope you find these boyf riends pleasing to the eye! Michael gave Jer-bear his headphones so he could listen to Marley’s gnarly grooves, and it just progressed….

Taylor buddy! Just wanted to give you a lil update on my life because I’m proud of myself and I think you would be too :)

basically these past two years I’ve eliminated people in my life that make an unhealthy impact on my well-being. It’s been tough but I’m finally able to realize my worth and ask for it.

After being bullied for four years and my grades suffering because of it, I transferred schools in the middle of junior year last year. Once I made that step, I’ve had a clear head and straight A’s ever since.

I was accepted into college and already starting my prerequisites for a competitive nursing program this next year-something my heart has always been set on. And this next quarter in High school, I will be taking a college level, intro to healthcare course.

One of my new years resolutions was to put myself out there more, and post at least one video of me singing. I got over that fear. The response I got from others was amazing, my heart was so full. 

Lastly, I finally got over a boy who broke my heart into millions of pieces. I took months and months to realize that I deserved better and it wasn’t stupid of me to become vulnerable with him even though her hurt me deeply. Your music was my safe haven during those long and draining months. Thank you for that. 

My life is becoming what I wanted it to be. I’m grasping onto those fleeting moments of happiness, and making sure I realize the beauty of them when they’re present. I know you love to hear about our lives to keep a sense of normality in yours, so I hope this is something you enjoy reading. Hopefully you’re as proud of me as I am of myself. I love you, sunshine @taylorswift

-Jess :)

#Choicescreates 12 : “Not all who wander are lost”

I honestly have no further or elaborated explanation about how I came up with this, usually the prompt triggers something in my mind and I work around it but this time these characters just forced themselves onto me! My imagination wandered a while and I just let myself draw freely, no storyline, no thinking I just played with my feelings and music, I haven’t finished playing the first book so that made it easier not knowing about what really is going on, I like to see them as wanderers all around the kingdoms with differents quests to accomplish, fighting for their kingdom and their strenghth, also theses characters design is awesome ! Especially Kenna! My heart omg, such a beautiful woman 💘

I also listened to wanderlust by Blackbear and the music did the rest for me ! 😊

@hollyashton this is my entry this week ! Took me a while to get done but it’s ready !

I always wondered why I never drew more of them and mid-armor shading and chill I realised why – it takes too damn long just to get their armor’s shine… 😭

These characters belong to @playchoices and the artwork is mine ! 😊

That’s all 💓

Boy it’s 6am what am I doing?

Also Leon I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart


New Music Video! its of a song many people haven’t heard (tried my best to remix and master it from the E3 audio)

Kitchen News [Haylor One-Shot]

Harry’s P.O.V

I’ve been really busy lately at the studio writing new music for my third album and I haven’t been spending much time at home with Taylor recently. We’ve been settling into married life here in London as she’s decided to take time off writing and travelling just to settle down while my career is only just beginning as a solo artist. Taylor and I have been together on and off for the last ten years but we’ve only recently decided to give it our best shot and try to make a go of a relationship.

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Meeting Allen Ivanov at a party. Bullet points pls

Okay so I wrote it as ’at a club’ and blurb was easier because I was really getting into it haha I hope that is okay! Little funfact, this club does really exist, I’ve been there and I actually listened to club music while writing lol

It is your friend’s birthday and you all are going out. The destination is the new fancy club in your town. You know it will be an awesome night and once you arrive there it really is. You are dancing, drinking and just having fun. You have never seen a club this big, so far you have at least counted 3 bars and two floors with a huge number of dancefloors and different music and you still haven’t been everywhere.

“Get me my birthday shot!”

Your friend yells at you while you are on the dancefloor and you are already on your way to the bar, fighting through the masses, a little too drunk to walk straight.

As you arrive at the bar, it takes incredibly long until you can make your order but eventually one of the barkeepers comes to you and gives you a smile and a nod, gesturing you to make your order.

You are amazed, the stereotype that barkeepers are handsome becoming true because this one fucking is! He wears only black and his sleeves are rolled up and he just has angelic like features and it is suddenly hard for you to make your order. 

“Everything okay girl?”

He asks with another smile and you shake your head.

“Everything’s great.”

You slur and tell yourself to not embarass yourself or get flirty now cause you tend to do that when you’re drunk. You yell your friends favourite shot at him and watch as he flips bottles and fills the tiny cups, placing them in front of you.

“How about I get you a water instead of this?”

He asks when he realizes that this is defnitely not your first shot during the night and quickly grabs your arm over the counter to hold you steady as you wobble.

“Heck, you have beautiful arms.”

You blurt out and he laughs.

“You really shouldn’t drink anymore.”

He says and you smile at him, his grip not leaving your arm yet. God, his eyes and his cheek bones, this guy makes your palms sweaty.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

You counter, saying it without expecting an answer as you count your money to pay and are surprised when you get one.

“You shouldn’t so I don’t have to worry the whole night about what might happen to you. That would be really awful since I have quite a few hours ahead of me.”

He replies with a smirk and you blush. Are you misreading something or is he kind of into you?


You say with a husky voice as you try not to look into his eyes, those beautiful eyes. You place the money in front of him.

“What’s your name?”

He asks and you notice that his grip still hasn’t left your arm. Okay this was fun but you really can’t stay with him the whole time. You lean forwards, his hand letting go of your arm and whisper into his ear.


Before you slowly retreat with a smile on your lips from the bar with both shots in your hand.

“Don’t go (Y/N).”

He says warning but still smiles, he seems to like to have a challenge.

“Find me.”

You yell and wink at him, letting the masses swallow you. You giggle as you return to your friend and take the shot with her. This barkeeper will be on your mind for quite some time.

But what you don’t know is that exactly that barkeeper has left the bar by the time you had reached your friend and went into the staff’s room to talk to one of his colleagues.

“Cover me for an hour Barry, okay?”

“Yeah sure, where you going Allen?”

“I have to find someone.”

Ay this is probably shit