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This is the second part to A touch. Negan decides to visit Y/N while she is doing laundry only for it to lead to a very angry make out session.

Reader X Negan

Warnings: F-word. A lot haha Probably to much haha 

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I walked one of the many halls of the Sanctuary throwing my hair up into a messy bun. I stopped when the sound of music filled my ears something I haven’t heard in a really long time. Peaking around the door frame I had to roll my eyes at what I saw.

It was Negan sitting on a couch drink in hand surrounded by his wives. I couldn’t help but let out a scoff. That was clearly a bad idea when Negan turned his head, a smirk quickly painted on his face when his eyes met mine.

“Well look what we have here.” He says standing up grinning widely.

“If it isn’t my song bird.” He says walking closer to me making me stand up straighter.

Being here for a few days I have learned that Negan doesn’t get off on beating women.

“No mouthy remark?” He asks lifting an eyebrow.

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Here’s my favorite musician Jack White but as a Crow. Based on the music video for “Would You Fight For My Love?”. If you haven’t heard of him you’re seriously missing out on some amazing tunes. Also, check out my art accounts on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter @JaxDavArts!!!

Every time he says babe or baby
Every time he says babe or baby

”You haven’t heard my cover of Baby Baby Baby” - Hozier (here at 8:10)

Every time Hozier says “babe” or “baby” in his music, because I have no life.

3 times in Jackie and Wilson

1 time in To Be Alone

4 times in From Eden

5 times in Sedated

8 times in Work Song

13 times in It Will Come Back


Merry Christmas! I’m sorry I haven’t posted music in a bit, my life got a little crazy with exams and such. This week I arranged Dear Theodosia from the musical Hamilton for a violin quartet. You can listen to the original song here, and the recording of this version here. Enjoy! 

**I am not Lin-Manuel Miranda, and I did not write this song. However, I did make this sheet music, so please give credit if you’re going to use it for anything**

Random Favourite Lights Songs Playlist + Placements

So I randomly made a playlist of all of my favourite Lights songs, in no particular order (except for Child, that’s my favourite) and I am going to list every song and give it a placement that I think of when I listen to it. If you already know Lights, then judge my music taste and if you haven’t, then I implore you to go listen to her, she’s been my favourite artist for 7 years and she’s super talented!

Playlist Here

1. Child // Moon In Gemini
2. River // Moon in Sagittarius
3. Up Up And Away // Venus In Aquarius
4. Slow Down // Venus In Scorpio

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What'd I Miss
Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom, Jr., Okieriete Onaodowan & Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
What'd I Miss

There’s a letter on my desk from the President
Haven’t even put my bags down yet
Sally, be a lamb, darlin’, won'tcha open it?
It says the President’s assembling a cabinet
And that I am to be the Secretary of State, great!

I think this is the most depressed I’ve ever been and I have no idea what triggered it? I don’t want to run. I don’t want to eat. I don’t want to listen to music. I haven’t answered any of my text messages or have talked to anyone in days. I almost forgot about my online classes and am trying to get caught up but meh. Almost forgot to pay a few bills too. I haven’t wanted to post anything on here either. I feel so out of it and like I’m not even a person which makes no sense. Fuck.