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Beauty and the Beast Cast

So maybe I’m avoiding housework, but I just ran down the IMDB cast list for Beauty and the Beast, picking out familiar names…

Jimmy Johnston … Tom
Sandy Strallen … Cobbler
Norma Atallah … Washer Woman
Jak Allen-Anderson … Apothecary’s Patient
Nicola Keen … Female Villager / Celebration Woman
Cassie Clare … Debutante
Lily Frazer … Debutante
Hannah Kenna-Thomas … Debutante

Chris Andrew Mellon … Nasty Headmaster
Dale Branston … Baker
Dawn Buckland … Female Villager
Ben Clare … Male Villager
Blythe Jandoo … Debutante


Clive Rowe … Cuisinier
Harriet Jones … Queen
Cordelia Farnworth … Debutante
Haydn Gwynne … Clothilde

musicals ft. summaries

Phantom of The Opera: gross goth guy lives beneath sewer and writes an opera

Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812: seriously who the fuck writes an electropop opera about a 1200 page russian novel

Hamilton: seriously who the fuck writes a hip hop musical about alexander fucking hamilton

Zombie Prom: you know, taking your dead ex-boyfriend to prom may have seemed like a good idea in theory but im not sure anymore

In The Heights: somehow humorous and depressing all at the same time, also gay

Lizzie the Musical: okay im not kidding this time who the fuck writes a musical about lizzie fucking borden

Heathers the Musical: dating creepy guys in trench coats is probably a bad idea

Carrie the Musical: if you make fun of someone for getting their period, you’re in for a big surprise buddy

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: who the actual fuck comes up with the idea to write a musical about the seventh president of the usa

Wicked: green gay meets pink gay and it’s pretty gay

Ghost Quartet: who the fuck comes up with this shit though

Les Misérables: emotional pain feat. gay revolutionaries

Spring Awakening: not explaining puberty to sexually frustrated teenagers is probably a bad idea

Waitress: deep shit blueberry pie and overly lovable characters

21 Chump Street: drugs are not the way to a woman’s heart, apparently

Sweeney Todd: okay no seriously who the everliving fuck comes up with this shit

Love Never Dies: i don’t have any funny joke for this lnd just sucks

CATS: i mean i guess writing a musical about cats may have seemed like a good idea in theory

Starlight Express: what the fuck alw

I think the way I am onstage is probably who I really am. Everything else is a persona. If you’re doing well you’re tapping into things that you’re unable to express in normal life - deeper feelings, more intense emotions and things that are not acceptable in society, maybe. When you’re being frisked in an airport you want to say, “Fuck off, don’t touch me, you cunt.” You can’t do that in real life because you’d probably get locked away, but you can say that in a song. It’s an unedited version of who you are. For me there’s something pure about that.
—  Matt Bellamy, when asked if he has a stage persona, 2006

When bae ignores you to flirt with somebody else.

Whoops I may have went overboard with this one?? 

The sketch looked good and I got carried away.

Also a note to the anon that wanted Madison with a different expression I’ll be doing that separately. 

~ Mod - Madison going to bed

_The Beatles; United Kingdom/Reino Unido; London/Londres; Wembley; Empire Pool; New Musical Express Annual Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert; May 1st 1966/1º de maio de 1966.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.