music is all around us

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Music, Our Greatest Magic
  • Music, Our Greatest Magic
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During my mini-hiatus over the weekend, I was mainly stationed at a park as I observed the nature and love around us. Closing my eyes, I wondered how I could recreate all of that through music alone.

*inspired by a Tumblr fan I met at a park a few days ago. Thanks for giving this song its title, and I hope you didn’t mind the awkward interaction we had*

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Beatles instruments

Rickenbacker 325 Capri ‘58 Jetglo
(John had the original natural Mapleglo finish painted black in 1962)

“John was looking around, he had his old Hofner Club 40, and we went into this music shop. We were all there together – we used to hunt around in packs, discovering what was available. Just mooching in general, as musicians do. John saw this Rickenbacker, and what actually knocked him out was the short scale of the fingerboard. Whereas before he had to stretch, John found that he could do the same riffs and everything without hardly moving his fingers. He just fell in love with it. He liked the sound. The Rickenbacker was his guitar!”
- Pete Best

Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day and
choose the sign of your day
The day’s divinity
First thing you see.
A vast radiant beach
in a cool jeweled moon
Couples naked race down by it’s quiet side
And we laugh like soft, mad children
Smug in the woolly cotton brains of infancy
The music and voices are all around us.
Choose, they croon, the Ancient Ones
The time has come again
Choose now, they croon,
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake
Enter again the sweet forest
Enter the hot dream
Come with us
Everything is broken up and dances.

anyway my phone broke and so did my sd and I lost everything

A vast radiant beach in a cool jeweled moon
Couples naked race down by it’s quiet side
And we laugh like soft, mad children
Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy
The music and voices are all around us.
—  Jim Morrison, The Doors (Ghost Ship)
Theater Kid AUs
  • We’re actors and it’s hot backstage so we both have our costumes half off, and it’s dark and we’re both sweaty
  • I’m the prop manager and that sword is not your prop put it back down or I will beat you with it and while you’re hot you can’t flirt your way out of this
  • We were all dancing around to music and the two of us sort of danced with each other, and I think I’ve got a crush.
  • Your parents never come to the plays but mine do and we’re friends so my parents kinda adopted you and cheer for you but I don’t see you as a sibling because I have a crush on you.
  • You said the name of the Scottish Play so I chased you out of the theater until you spun around three times and spat over your shoulder.
  • We have rehearsal after school but the two of us are always fifteen minutes late because we run to Quick Trip do you just want to car pool?
  • We did the Time Warp (Again) and I liked how you pelvic thrusted.
  • I am the freshman that just back talked the upperclassman who is something of a diva and tends to be the star of the show and no I don’t care, you won’t talk to me that way and you start to like me because I’m the only one that doesn’t put up with your theatrics.
  • I have a whole bunch of English homework and I don’t understand Shakespeare you’re a drama kid does this make sense to you? It does? Wait what do you mean that’s a sex joke?
  • It’s the opening night of my first play and I might be sick, but you’re sitting here talking to me, thank you, you’re the only reason I haven’t panicked yet.
  • Someone help me with my wood! NO NOT LIKE THAT I’M MOVING IT TO THE WOOD LOFT!
  • We have to kiss and stage kissing looks weird so we agree to just kiss normally, and wow that kind of feels right.
  • In between scenes we do homework together

anonymous asked:

How come the slytherin playlist only has 17 songs while the other ones have 20?

Obviously because Justin is a slacker. Nah, Justin is one of the most meticulous people I know (damn Slytherin), therefore he is much pickier with his music selection than the rest of us.

All the playlist are right around 1:10. So you’re still getting quality music :)

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

18 year old talent Alessia Cara may very likely end up with this year’s most meteoric rise in the new music scene. She wowed us all around when she released her debut soul and R&B pop song Here just a couple months ago, and now she’s even captured Princess Taylor Swift’s attention with one of the best Bad Blood covers to have surfaced so far. Her stunning vocals on Here lend themselves fittingly to an official remix by New York’s rising producer Lucian. The ever busy producer’s massive future bass edit gives Here a dramatic intensity full of booming bass and blaring synths. Grandeur is an understatement when faced with the magnificence of this rhapsodic remix. Life itself seems more monumental, soundtracked by Lucian and Alessia’s phenomenal voice. 

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