music is a universal language


A talk with American Sign Language interpreter Tracey Halmagean

Music is universal. This is why Coachella works with the Americans With Disabilities Act to make the festival accessible for everyone. To wit: the American Sign Language interpreters who flank the Main and Outdoor stages during select acts, translating the emotion of the music and lyrics into manual gestures.

In honor of the artistry and unexpected beauty of this craft, we spoke with a true expert, interpreter Tracy Halmagean.

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I can’t fully understand what they’re saying, but I LOVE this song! ^.^

Keep Calm and Stay Classy

First and foremost I’d like to say I’m so proud of SNSD.  They’ve worked really hard and SONEs and all kpop fans alike deserve this award.  With that being said, please don’t stoop to the level of those making rude, classless, racists remarks. WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT.  I know it’s hard to turn the other cheek, but it’s got to be done.  Let’s show that this fandom embraces ppl of all races, ages, nationalities etc….Afterall, it’s the music that brought us here.  Let’s let the music be to one thing that keeps up strong together.  


Music is great because it can change your mood in a matter of seconds. It’s overwhelming, nostalgic, it gives you all these emotions that tear through your body (I’m listening to the Cinematic Orchestra as I write this) and music is truly beautiful. It’s practically another language, that can be spoken universally.

You watch a film without music and the dramatic build up will feel less tense. But with music and it creates this fantastic intense feel that surges through your body, gives you shivers and makes you tingle. The power of music - especially instrumental, classical, soundtrack, romantic music -is truly immense…. and that’s what a lot of people do not realise



Uniquely, Django Reinhardt fits several simultaneous archetypes. He is the streetwise kid turned celebrity. He is the miraculous surivor of an accident who went on to overcome his handicap. He is the illiterate who used musical notes as a universal language. He is the whimsical musician who defied every setback. Django was already a legend in his own lifetime, and this film tells of the life and times of a genius to whom death came too early. Yet another, final archetype. But above all it allows us to discover the dazzling talent of one of the greatest jazz guitarists of the twentieth century. Recorded in Paris and Île-de-France, 2010.

Music is a Universal Language - [Lucy and Kaleb]

Lucy was looking for some new music for her collection she knew very few people bought cds but her computer was crappy and she and didnlt want to download too much music onto it. She had never been to this record shop so she wasnlt sure what to expect.  She was glad it wasn’t crowded she walked up to the counter “Umm hello. is there anything you would recommend?”


Shake the Dust movie trailer. Breakdancing strikes a resonant chord in the slums, favelas and ghettos of the world. While each culture adopts and adapts hip-hop music, blending it with their own traditions, the breakdancing moves act as a universal language. Moving smoothly between breakdance crews in the poorest urban neighborhoods of Colombia, Yemen, Uganda, and Cambodia, Sjöberg weaves together the stories of rappers, DJs, and b-boys across three continents, revealing how breakdancing today acts as a positive force for social change.


Nothing tells an emotive story like music and lyrics. Music has a way of connecting us all in a universal language through you can send a message, create emotion, inspiration, energy and tell a story. Constantly moved and inspired by music, this week we have put together a selection of emotive music choices for your wedding day, allowing you to feel the love through the tone, rhythm, beats and lyrics created by talented artists we admire.

Artists we recommend: Bon Iver, Angus and Julia Stone, The Lumineers, Cinematic Orchestra etc, John Legend, David Grey, Eddie Vedder, Ray LaMontagne, Paul Simon, The xx, Frank Ocean, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and Niel Diamond.

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