music is a universal language

Music: The Language of Spirit

“If we can feel that
It is not our voice,
Not our fingers,
But some reality deep inside our heart
Which is expressing itself,
Then we will know that it is
The soul’s music.” – Sri Chinmoy

Have you ever picked up a guitar or put in your favorite CD and let the music carry you away to a place of bliss and ecstasy?

Most people might not understand where this euphoric feeling comes from, but in my opinion, it comes from an innately spiritual place. I think music elevates our consciousness and introduces us to a spiritual reality that’s comprised of pure sound and color, and this is why it appeals to so many people.

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I can’t fully understand what they’re saying, but I LOVE this song! ^.^

Keep Calm and Stay Classy

First and foremost I’d like to say I’m so proud of SNSD.  They’ve worked really hard and SONEs and all kpop fans alike deserve this award.  With that being said, please don’t stoop to the level of those making rude, classless, racists remarks. WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT.  I know it’s hard to turn the other cheek, but it’s got to be done.  Let’s show that this fandom embraces ppl of all races, ages, nationalities etc….Afterall, it’s the music that brought us here.  Let’s let the music be to one thing that keeps up strong together.  


[ echoes in my mind ] - wanting is a universal language. whether it’s for love, release, or understanding, we all understand what it’s like to crave something. hunger and longing are easily felt within the beats of a song. so this is for the yearning soul.

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music; yoonmin

Yoongi loves Jimin. He loves him in a way he can’t understand or rationalize. All he knows is that whenever the brat wakes him up in the morning, his heart fills with an intangible happiness, and whenever the kid smiles, Yoongi can’t help but smile with him.  

When Namjoon first introduced them, Yoongi thought Jimin was just another happy-go-lucky, careless kid. It wasn’t until Yoongi saw Jimin practicing overnight in the dance studio did he admit that maybe, just maybe, could Jimin be someone who could understand his need for music.

(Namjoon understood too, but lately, he’d been getting distracted by a certain broad shouldered fellow.)

Yoongi needed music the way children clung to their mothers. He was happily entangled within the mess of notes that was the web of music. He loved the way music reached the nooks and crannies where words wouldn’t. Music was the universal language of emotion. He loved the way music contradicted itself, how it could belong to an individual, yet to the world at the same time, how it lets go, but holds fast. Most of all, he loved the way music overwhelmed him, forever expanding inside the bridges of his bones down to the fibers of his muscles. Music gave Yoongi a type of control amidst the fractious changes and inevitabilities that were the seasons.

Park Jimin understood that perfectly. Sometime words simply weren’t sufficient, and in those times, music and motion would take their place, forming bridges between countries, individuals, hearts. He lives for the way music lured him into their siren’s trap. He loved it, along with the way it jerked his limbs to motion, as if playing him like a puppetmaster. He loved music, and he could ride the notes until his muscles ached of fatigue.

Music brings worlds together, he thought, and that’s exactly what drew Jimin to Yoongi and the way he specializes in drowning in scarves and hip hop.

All Yoongi knows is that he’s hopelessly in love with Park Jimin, and he doesn’t even mind.

A/N: Hi!! School’s starting in a couple of days -sigh- and I feel like I should use these days to write some stuff. This drabble is kind of a new writing style for me, so tell me if you like it or not! Also, talk to me! Send in some prompts that I can draw inspiration from or just fangirl about BTS with me! Hope you’re having a great day!

I'm Not In Love (It's Just a Silly Phase I'm Going Through)

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by firelord_zutara

Tony Stark is most definitely not in love, nope definitely not. But Steve knows he is, knows how stubborn Tony can be, and takes measures into his own hands. Oh, and who knew Steve had a knack for music?

Words: 2008, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Let Music Take You There
Music is a translation of what we think, what we know, how we feel. We communication using complex strings of sounds which make up words and symbols. Music goes beyond our usual method of communica...

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