music is a spirit. it heals


Catching up from my twitter here is a BNHA sona/oc I made. Their name is Mariko Madoka also known as Empuppy! Their quirk is Empathic Absorption. They can absorb negative emotions from everyone in the nearby vicinity and then use that energy to launch psychic type blasts. 

Mariko is generally a very relaxed and even shy student. They admire their classmates and want success for everyone. They understand stress and tough times come with being a hero but they will do anything to ease those heavy emotions.

Also some interactions with @silvermender and  @gh0stdoe because I love their OCs >:’C

More details below.

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Weekend Horsoscope || Nov. 18~19 , 2017 🌙

Aries: Maturity and growth. You finally come to a place where the fire in you is lit but also calm. Bracing able to enjoy the warmth of your own creation and being. Yet, why is there still a sense of emptiness lingering here? It’s a good time to revise your past and being able to see how far you have come. You can finally look at situations with better understanding and unclouded judgement. Love is looking good and calm.

Taurus: transformation is here. A will to stop seeing red. To stop charging without a final destination, know your limits so you don’t get hurt again. A motivation within is driving you. to work towards spiritually and protecting your truth. No longer is being controlled an option, nor is losing temper whenever we feel it. A time of acceptance is here, when we heal, we can heal others as well. Do not give more than you receive.

Gemini: There is still tension. But you are fearless this time instead of emotionless. You express your desires, fears and hopes..Far better than yesterday. You know how far you can go, and how far you cannot. Finally , you are able to see things in a new perspective that involves your mind, body and spirit.

Cancer: A great time for the spa or music session. People may want to get on your nerves and it’s not doing you any good by entertaining them if you can’t feel good about it. A time of healing and practicing patience. Healing not only comes from the divin but also beauty, art and music. Whatever you possibly need or want is all within your reach. Rest and trust.

Leo: When we let go we also receive. Pain may linger but, There is unconditional love from someone who knows exactly what you are going through. Rest easy because celebration of some kind is on the horizon.

Virgo: At the mercy of the universe. Truth will come when we accept it with unconditional love. No judgment and a open heart + mind brings in gifts from the universe that we may not expect. Be logical and understanding is the theme this weekend. Time to open the third eye. Yoga and meditation always helps, whatever that will calm your nerves. Namaste dear Virgo, the divine is also with you.

Libra: looking back. It’s okay to walk down memory lane. It’s very healthy as it was part of our life. It becomes unhealthy when we are living it or unwilling to let it pass by us when it has ran its course. You could be looking a old place you use to live at while driving to a store and suddenly you find yourself staring at it for longer than what is appropriate. A time to build a bridge, in order to manifest the future you desire. Whatever you need, you can ask. People are here to help, maintaining balance does not have to be your job alone all the time, Dear Libra. Ask yourself what you must do in order to overcome.

Scorpio: a secret ? There is something that you have that someone else may need, but you choose to keep it to yourself. Remember that we only give what we have plenty of, and whatever we shall give we also receive. Don’t be afraid to let others in your discoveries.

Sagittarius: completion, full circle. You see things with A brighter perspective now, which is always a good thing and you are being applauded . Now is a good time to look back without any pain or overwhelm emotions to complete your transition. Be fierce! Your inner voice is surely to be heard and acknowledge. Remembering that positivity is contagious. Bless.

Capricorn: putting aside feelings in order to take action or learn. Passion in none the less still there. Remember whatever you might have lost, opens a new door to something else. And when we are upset about one thing it blinds us to see the things we still have. Growth comes from within us when we go through difficult times. It’s a good time to go out with friends or just watch Netflix with a tub of ice cream.

Aquarius: believe in yourself and your intuition. There is so much we can take on alone. Life is like a unending boxes of presents waiting to be opened but that doesn’t mean we have the time to open each and every one. The greatest gift of all is our inner voice. So follow it. You will not be dissatisfied.

Pisces: rest easy. You’ve done all you could and it’s time to pat yourself in the back and relax. Planning is ahead of you and no doubt you will have things ready for your next move. Right now, enjoy the weekend and be proud of yourself. Spread positivity and light and it shall present to you as well.

The Midheaven - A Staircase to the Highest Star

The Midheaven or tenth house cusp is the highest point in the sky and in the natal chart. A trusty astrologer I once confided in referred to the Midheaven sign as ‘where you want to be’. The Midheaven refers to one’s desires career wise, the approach to one’s profession, dreams, and the public image. In many ways it is like a hologram of the face we want to become, and can become, like a swirling energy we emit to the world. Because the tenth house is an angular house, it pertains to a major focus of the chart. The MC is like a blueprint of the future we dream of, and have the capability of achieving if only we reign in on our Capricorn (ruler of the tenth house) spirit. We are elevated through the Midheaven and develop our single consciousness whilst retaining our understanding of the oneness we all share. It’s the kind of impact we want to have on the world, but through an authentic self expression. .

Midheaven in Aries: The image here is bright, sparkling, and stimulating. The individual may appear more reckless and perilous than he truly is. He dreams of pioneering into new territory and rarely tolerates professions that are repetitive or mundane. He dreams of one day becoming more adventurous, self assured, and confident. The public loves him for his childlike spirit and enthusiasm.
The associated careers could be childcare, engineering, sports, politics. He is at his most radiant when in the midst of their work or passions. He may streak through many new jobs and professional pathways.

Midheaven in Taurus: A gentle, moving, and secure public image. The individual has a soothing and earthy effect on others and feels one with nature when working his dream career. The Midheaven in Taurus could relate to creative industries, beauty therapy, finance, accounting, agriculture, wildlife, landscaping, midwifery,  and retail. He will likely be drawn to careers that promise him security financially and job wise. Also those that pay a worthy income - he wants to be at comfort and ease. The public are receptive of his peaceful nature. He may also be very private

Midheaven in Gemini: There will be a spiraling ,erratic energy seeming to radiate from the Gemini Midheaven person. He will likely have good public speaking skills and excel at broadcasting to a large audience. He seems to know what people are thinking. Many careers and educational courses will fascinate him, especially teaching, journalism, writing, media, blogging, although he really is a jack of all trades. He will have trouble pinning down his true hopes and dreams. A profession that provides him the opportunity for communication is imperative, and he may remain a permanent student. He is an inquisitive, and clever spirit at work, and he knows how to mold himself into any archetype the role requires. He will enjoy jobs that provide him the chance to learn.

Midheaven in Cancer: There is a warm, comforting soul music that seems to shine from the Cancer Midheaven. A great need to protect, guard, and look after others associates with this placement, and being a parent could be the dream. The careers that could resonate here include childcare, midwifery, nursing, teaching, cooking, business, finance, psychology, real estate, and photography. The public feel very warmed and cradled by the individual, and he may find people naturally open up to him and share their deepest fears and worries. He has a psychic gauge on what the public wants and needs on very emotional and subconscious levels. The individual may try to comfort others through humor. There is a great need to provide for others.

Midheaven in Leo: The Leo Midheaven person seems to have a radiant, revitalizing, and seductive mist to others. Whether he likes it or not, he may find himself in the spotlight or in the middle of situations just for being himself. Careers that can be associated here include politics, justice, childcare and child protection, creative industries, theatre, management, music, writing, teaching, aged care, disability care, social work, and nursing. He will likely be very cheerful in his job and know how to make people happy. Something urges him to preserve his youthful appearance in some way. He has a lot of ambition when it comes to the imprint he leaves on the world.

Midheaven in Virgo: Something about the Virgo Midheaven person is his ability to make others feel they can depend on him. There seems to be a very soothing connection with others, like a comforting and wise motherly understanding. This placement suggests the individual will be involved in a subordinate position and one of service. Careers that could resonate here include technology and IT support, nursing, pharmacy, technical skills, machinery, communications, teaching, nature work, accounting, and physiotherapy. There will be a great need to provide for others and show he is worthy of his role. He will appreciate job stability and a chaos free work environment.

Midheaven in Libra: There seems to be a very peaceful and serene mist diffusing from the Libra Midheaven person. People feel instantly at ease and in the company of an old friend upon meeting him. The individual has a very receptive gauge on social undercurrents and a disarming, welcoming, and gentle expression to others. People that have never met him may feel that they already know him. Careers that could associate here include law, psychology, criminal psychology, police work, politics, design, social work, relationship counselling and divorce law, mediation. He will require a high level of tranquility at work and need to restore chaos to calm when conflict ensues. His more temperamental, justice seeking, and debating side may emerge when in the workplace. He needs a good work/life balance.

Midheaven in Scorpio: You can forgive people for feeling a little intimidated, a little seduced, and a little perplexed when contemplating a Scorpio Midheaven. He has a psychic awareness on how to soothe the public and likes to keep very private in his affairs. The individual leaves a very thick, resonant energy on his surroundings and seems to remain long after his body vanishes. Careers that could relate to this placement include pharmacy, medicine, psychology, science, nursing, research, law and justice, criminology, biology and marine biology, midwifery, radiography, and politics. He may appear more self assured and guarded than he really is. He just moves people - and doesn’t know how or why. In many ways, he is unforgettable.

Midheaven in Sagittarius: Something like a big bubble of delight pops from the Sagittarius Midheaven person. The individual seems to have an authentic, congenial, and carefree image that is natural and genuine. He easily relates to others and enjoys the opportunities he has to learn. Careers that could be associated here include psychology, medicine, animals and wildlife, flying, teaching, academics, research, sports, motoring, pharmacy, philosophy, writing, air and land travel, and jobs overseas. He may feel he can truly achieve his dream when he relocates and enjoy jobs that are on the move and offer constant change. He likes to become a master of his field. The individual wants to know what the public are thinking. People are very warmed by his humorous, honest, and happy distant spirit. Success is a succession of successes.

Midheaven in Capricorn: You feel like you instantly want to impress the Capricorn Midheaven person. Something about them spells a very proud, ambitious, mature, and wise language. There is a mystery about them and the secrets to success that radiate from their fingertips. The individual has very pronounced dreams and desires. Careers that can associate here include teaching, medicine, law and justice, politics, architecture, town planning, business, police work, management, wildlife preservation. He will likely have a great need to provide for others and a very paternal impact over others. He wants to protect and ensure and knows how to consolidate his talents. Many people have the urgency to naturally rely on him because he makes them feel that everything will be okay. He is the CEO of the cosmos.

Midheaven in Aquarius: Nothing zaps and lights up others like Aquarius Midheaven person. From afar he is jolting, energetic, intelligent, mentally lively, and quirky. Others may view him as more radical, detached, and outlandish than he really is. He will likely desire jobs that provide him a certain amount of stability with a large variety of opportunities and objectives. Careers we could associate with Aquarius Midheaven include science, music, exploration, conservation, animal work, politics, technology, blogging, psychiatry, gaming, social work, and anything that involves the mind. He has a tremendous humanitarian streak and you seem to feel a very maternal and compassionate embrace stirring out of them. There is a need to be protective, make others feel safe, and guide them wisely. He has an acute aptitude for gauging the thoughts of the public, like radio telepathy. 

Midheaven in Pisces: There is an enigmatic, mystic, and puzzling aura filtering from the Pisces Midheaven person. The individual seems timeless, untouchable, and as if he has walked straight from another world. The career path here undergoes many confusing changes and may be hard to pin down. It likely represents an ideal and involves the opportunity to help others. Professions that could resonate here include spiritual work, drug and alcohol nursing and counselling, rehabilitation work, prison work, creative industries, art, theatre, music, writing, and opportunities surrounding the ocean. The public may perceive him to be quite profound, enchanting, and somewhat of a guru. His hands and spirit are encased with healing honey.



Lilacs for enchanted Geechee honey and mustard weed for lunch.  Bluegrass music is sweetly playing in the background to soothe my weary spirit.  I think  today is a good day to manifest magick and gratitude for my Gullah roots.  I’m also wishing all of you beauties a joyous and peace filled day!

i. dionysus
you were chained down by red wine, every footstep laden with regret, heavy with the weight of the past. every night she spent bringing you another beer, another beer, another beer. but still you brought the glass, the can, the bottle, to your lips. it made you chaotic and dangerous but she held fast to the notion that you were still you. she was wrong, wasn’t she? god of myth, you ruined her. she trusted you.

ii. epimetheus
she believed in you when no one else would. she put you on a pedestal, equated you to a god. but you were only a titan, and the excuses that spilled from you were nothing more than wishful thinking. every promise to be better, to do better. be a better father, a better man. she believed in you because she wanted you to believe in her. you didn’t.

iii. achelois
they call you the one who washes away pain. when you took her hand, she was at peace. you saw her for who she was, and you never left. she was amidst a war with cronus, fighting against time to gain back what she had lost when her brother died. when she was sentenced to bear the burden of the world alone, you stood beside her, refusing to go. in the night, when her shoulders shake and her legs threaten to give out, when she convinces herself she will never breathe the same way again, you sit beside her. she takes a breath, and the next day she stands a little straighter. she never gave up, but only because you stayed.

iv. algea; lype, ania, achus
you three who bring pain to this world, this girl was born to trust you. she trusted in your grief, and your sorrow. she let herself be consumed in your anguish and in doing so she lost herself. she lost herself. i lost myself.

v. nyx
goddess of night, you stood at the very beginning of creation, her creation. she longed for the protection of your children, death, sleep, and darkness. you covered her in a blanket spun from galaxies and assured her that day would always return. i believed you. never once did you lie.

vi. apollo
oh god of music, of poetry and arts, god of knowledge. she knew you would come, and so you did. you let your majesty fall away, and in its place left a boy with a healing touch, a boy who didn’t need the sun to warm her heart. even when you couldn’t be together, she knew you would always be her home. you took the world upon your own shoulders, just so she could be happy for a day. god of music, every melody she hears is yours. god of poetry, every word is yours. oh god of knowledge, you have taught her more than she could ever hope to know. dearest apollo, you are the light of atlas’ life.

vii. aletheia
spirit of truth, spirit of sincerity, you inspire hope and life in the lives of those hurt by deceit. they say you alone live with the gods. no mortal could ever beguile you with untruths, because you understand more than they. you have hurt and healed, and hurt again. aletheia, keep her good faith from stumbling over falsehood. aletheia, keep her true. she needs you.

viii. aura
you are the dawn that wakes us all, the early morning air that clears our heads. you are the breeze that which carries away our suffering and leaves us to feel anew. you are the dawn that wakes her, that coaxes her from her slumber and entices her to let the sun melt the cold of the night from her bones. there are days where she will not open her eyes for fear of the day, but you are always there to take her hand and lead her forward.

- describing the people in my life as gods, titans, and spirits

MBTI types and Music Quotes

ISFJ: Music express that which cannot be put into words and which cannot remain silent (~Victor Hugo)

ESFJ: Dear music, thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart and lifting my spirits (~ Lori Deschene)

ISTP: One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain (~Bob Marley)

ESTP: Music is a safe kind if high (~Jim Hendrix)

INFP: Music gives a soul to the univerce, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything (~Plato)

ESFP: To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredibile and inconceivable (~Aaron Copland)

ENFJ: Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life (~Jean Paul)

ISFP: Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them (~Louis Armstrong)

ISTJ: Music was my refuge, I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back into loneliness (~Maya Angelon)

ENTP: Music can change the world because it can change people (~Bono)

ENFP: Music can change lives. Whether you are having good or bad day, the power of music can change one’s mood (~Jess Bowen)

ESTJ: Where the words fail, music speaks (~Shakespeare)

ENTJ: Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life (~Berthold Auerbach)

INTJ: Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought (~E. Y. Harburg)

INFJ: Music for me is like breathing - I don’t get tired breathing, I don’t get tired of music (~Ray Charles)

INTP: Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy (~Beethoven)

(Hope you like it)

the signs as metaphysical phenomena

ARIES- seeing auras, giving power boosts, being a healer through power, showing someone how to come into their power by coming into their own, kundalini power

TAURUS- being a healer through plants/crystals, reiki, being someone’s “rock”, seeing music, feelings through art

GEMINI- believing in the supernatural, believing in the otherworldly, being able to sense the outcome of certain situations, intuition

CANCER- sensing other’s vibes, feeling other’s feelings, true sympathy, telepathy

LEO- being a power booster, being the natural leader, having everyone revolve around you, being talked to by 3 different people at the same time, healing people with pieces of their hearts (there’s surely enough to go around)

VIRGO- healing through plants, crystals, predicting the future, being a seer, symbolism, synchronization

LIBRA- synchronization, telepathy, healing through energy work, finding balance in duality, bliss in understanding

SCORPIO- communication with the spirit realm, being used as a vessel for communication, seeing ghosts, kundalini power

SAGITTARIUS- the power of inspiration, ‘fire in his eyes’, power booster, precision, understanding one consciousness

CAPRICORN- seeing spirits, seeing shadowpeople, seeing demons and gods, communicating with them, coming into your own'god’ or 'demon’ power

AQUARIUS- seeing demons and angels, learning the most from spiritual experiences, seeing otherworldly beings, feeling vibes

PISCES- seeing auras, feeling vibes, true empathy, telepathy, healing through fluid dynamic motion or through the energy of water, communicating with spirit.

Curing the Common Cold: The Witches’ Way

 Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Nearing the end of summer, and starting up…the cold season. For everytime our craft has drawn us to go outside in cauld winter weather, there’s a time it draws us to an herbal remedy! For more posts like this, check out my Instagram @witches.corner 

This is meant for the common cold only. Do not use in place of medical attention if you suspect something more serious is at hand or if you are immunocompromised. 

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I know many who follow me are curious about death witchcraft, so I decided to share some of the craft I did today.

This is Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego. The entire cemetery spans 110 acres, and currently 80 acres are in use. If you look closely at the second picture, you’ll see that the cemetery continues beyond the train tracks.

My boyfriend and I went to this cemetery to pay out respects to those who reside there. I brought some coins to give as discreet offerings and a container for graveyard dirt. We were in an older section, so most of those buried there lived in the nineteenth century. I like visiting older graves because oftentimes they are less tended to.

After we parked, we found that a couple tombstones had fallen over. We tried to lift them back into position, but they were too heavy for us. One of the spirits of his tomb, Nathan, appreciated that we at least tried. The other one had fallen so that the name faced the ground, and that spirit had a buzzing, angry, and sad energy around it.

By the way, we told the staff about the fallen tombstones after we left, and they said they would fix them.

The cemetery contains both flat and upright gravestones. We both found one flat gravestone that was half-obscured in dirt. I won’t post a picture for the family’s privacy, but basically, we grabbed a towel from the trunk and cleaned it off. The grave belonged to an older man named William, who didn’t understand what I was doing as I gave him offerings, since he is a devout Christian. He asks that I not call him Will, as only his comrades call him that. He appreciated the help and let me take some of his graveyard dirt.

Here we have a tombstone that’s been completely effaced, which is not uncommon amongst these older graves. I ran out of coins to give to this soul, so I gave him one of my tiger’s eye crystals instead. He was so kind and thankful that, without me even asking, he let me take some of his graveyard dirt as well. The dirt around here was hard and compact, but I managed to scrape up some because he insisted.

These were the most notable things we did beyond hearing an ice cream truck right outside the cemetery with slowed music like something out of a horror movie. We picked up some litter, dusted off some graves, and told the caretakers about the overturned ones. And then we left, and got smoothies.

This is what being a death witch is. It’s gentle, it’s kind, and it’s healing as well as hard. It can be iron spikes, but it can be soft and homey, too.

                             CLAIRVOYANCE (Intuitive Sight)

                       MASTERPOST & HELPFUL INFO HERE <–

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things which are hidden to the naked eye and it is used in a variety of ways to obtain insight beyond the ordinary five senses. 

Clairvoyance has been used a lot in pop culture and is usually portrayed in a negative way to represent ultimate evil. This is the one ability that makes for the ‘perfect’ horror and paranormal type film, specifically geared towards scaring the viewer. But, being able to detect spirits, know stuff about the people around us and see events that are likely to occur are so beneficial and so incredibly common that it really only takes a little practice to wake it back up again. With the gift of Clairvoyance, we can achieve a clearer understanding of the process that leads us to new inventions, innovations and inspiration that helps us in our everyday lives. 

Cool stuff, so how is this helpful? Clairvoyance helps us to see the past, present and future. It can aid us in finding things that we’ve lost… heck, it can help find missing people! It helps in mind, and spiritual readings as well as spiritual counselling and spiritual communication. Clairvoyance can be beneficial in medical diagnosis, exorcisms, scientific exploration, invention and the exploration of this world and others. It can help us develop our art, music and literature skills making clairvoyance not so scary after all, huh? 

In the beginning, it can help to close your eyes and use your mind’s eye rather than expecting to see things straight away with your physical eyes because it takes practice just like anything else. Allow yourself to believe that what you see and experience are real and get rid of the idea that all spirit energy wants to harm you. Please, release and heal whatever fears or trauma you have around seeing spirits; you don’t expect every person you meet to harm you, why would you assume the same of Spirits? They just want a lil’ love, help and attention too.

Some clairvoyants see things in their mind’s eye (kind of like dreaming or daydreaming) and some can see with their physical eyes. Both of these ways are possible, but it’s more common to see in the mind’s eye when you’re starting out. You may see a lot more flashes of colour, random symbols, eyes, or experience more frequent deja vu but, over time, with practice and dedication, you can easily scry, see auras, the essence of a spirit and also any Spirit Guides or Angels that are around. 

Please be aware that it’s okay to be confused about what you see in the beginning. To interpret a vision or symbol, you need to use your personal intuition and frame of reference. They may not always be obvious messages either and may come in brief flashes, they may appear photographic and show only a second in time or they may seem to unreel a series of past events like a movie scene.  For example, a vision of a car crash doesn’t necessarily mean that you or a loved one will be in one, instead, it may just mean that a clash of opinions is bound to arise. Be calm, be aware of your surroundings and use your words wisely throughout the day to avoid conflict. 

So, how do you know that it’s not ‘all in your head’? Well, we test it! You’ve probably experienced clairvoyance yourself in the past, a thousand times over and may not have even known it. Have you ever had a vivid dream which later comes true in some way? Have you lost something only to have an image of the place where you left it suddenly flash into your mind? As you’re driving, you predict what the car in front of you is going to do and then a few minutes later what you’d mentally imagined happens? Maybe you suddenly see an image of a friend in your head and then right after, you receive a text from them. Or perhaps you’ve been sitting in a crowded room and experience Deja vu in such a strong way that you are able to predict what is going to happen next. If any of these situations seems familiar to you, it may be a good idea to meditate on your natural clairvoyant ability. Seriously, meditation is important for clairvoyants, you should take time each day to relax and clear your mind of the daily stresses that occur. A clear mind will allow you to open yourself up to new possibilities. 

I can’t stress how important it is to really believe what you see. Believe that clairvoyance can work for you and understand that every single person is capable of utilizing this skill to better understand their life path. Keep your mind open to the possibility that you too can possess this skill, trust in your instincts and let everything go. Be sure that your mind and chakras are open and that your energy is flowing freely because, in order to tap into our extrasensory perceptions, our body, minds and souls should be clear and open to receive insight. If you want some fun little activities to perform in order to further develop this ability you could try to visualize who is calling/texting you before you look at your phone. You can try to predict what someone around you is going to do or say next (for example: what type of coffee the person in front of you will order). Or you could have a friend place a few cups down and an item under a single cup, using visualisation and focus, try to figure out which cup it is under.

Develop your potential by practicing each day. Use your will, concentration, persistence, self-awareness, self-restraint, energy, focus, intuition and love. Be courageous and over time, you will see all.

                                (video used in .Gif here)

Music Therapy - Cover book by Daniel J. Schneck

Music has been used as a therapeutic tool for centuries and has been shown to affect many areas of the brain, including the regions involved in emotion, cognition, sensation, and movement. This fact, combined with the engaging nature of music and the diversity of music forms, makes music uniquely effective in the treatment of a wide array of physical and mental problems, including depression, anxiety, and hypertension...
“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”
~  Kahlil Gibran

One of the best nights of my life for so many reasons.

The feeling of just being there, the feeling of healing, it was overwhelming.

Many MANY tears were shed tonight (mostly during Fix You, One Last Time and any time Ariana cried)

Yes I 100% lost my shit when Miley and Ariana performed Don’t Dream Its Over. There were many moments when I lost my chill (Liam fucking Gallagher…)

Ariana Grande you are a fantastic human being with so much love in your heart, this world is so lucky you’re in it. Thank you for giving those of us who witnessed the attack free tickets for tonight it, helped me and my friends more than I can say.

Thank you for bringing healing to me, my friends and my city. You are one of us now, an honorary Mancunian forever ❤

Manchester just showed an estimated 1billion people how strong the strength of the human spirit is, I’m so fucking proud,
I love my city, I love my friends and I love everyone who is sticking together to show that fear and hate will NEVER win.

Here have a video of Break Free.❤🐝

List of Possible Denizens for each Aspect

Finally! Made a nice cleaned up list that’s organized by Aspect most likely associated with each God, Goddess, Spirit, Titan, Personification or Gnostic Aeon!

and there’s like at least 14-15 Denizens for each Aspect if not more, so it’s quite a list!


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🌲Forest Faeries🌲

Check out my last post, flower faeries! 

Originally posted by brooktiniwrite

Habitat: They dwell in forests in elaborate treetop houses constructed of leaves, bark, twigs and other tree matter. Houses are considered the property of all and therefore are used freely by all types of faeries as they travel within forests. Hawthorn trees are especially dear to faeries. 

Life Cycle: Females give birth to the chrysalis-surrounded infant at home. When the infant is ready to emerge, the father sounds his flute and the child flutters out.

Natural Element: Earth

Magic: Heal trees that have been damaged by storms or the hands of humans. They are born with the knowledge of ancient forests.

Disposition: Proud, elegant, and on the serious side for a faery. 

Favorite songs and dances: They enjoy courtly dances. They are often seen dancing in long lines, facing each other, exchanging partners as the dance proceeds. 

Signs of their presence: Broken twigs set in a pattern. Trees touched by lightning or disease, yet still living and growing. The music of flutes high in the branches. A “spiral staircase” of lichen growing on a tree.

🍃Some types of Forest Faeries🍃

Tree spirits: They carry the knowledge of ancient forests with them. They know all the mysteries of how things grow. These faeries heal trees that have been damaged. Tree spirits, also called Sprites, are responsible for changing the colors of tree leaves in the fall. 

Oakmen: Guardians of the forest’s animals, they dwell in the darkest parts of the forest. 

Court Faeries: Proud and regal, they are lovers of formal music and dance, such as would be seen in the royal courts of old. 

Imbolc/Imblog Activities and Ideas
  • Make or decorate candles
  • Brighid, the Celtic goddess of fire, healing, and poetry is considered the patron Goddess of Imbolc. Read up on her as a Celtic goddess and as her later incarnation, St. Brigit.
  • Burn the evergreen boughs that decorated your home during the winter holidays in the Imbolc Fires and celebrate the return of the Sun’s strength and the Godess as the Maiden.
  • Brighid is the goddess of poetry. Write a poem in her honor, and read it aloud during any Imbolc ritual you may have planned.
  • Cleanse and re-consecrate your ritual tools and clean your altar.
  • Go through all your herbs and discard those that are more than a year old.
  • Weave “Brigit’s crosses” from straw or wheat to hang around the house for protection
  • Perform rites of spiritual cleansing and purification
  • Make “Brigit’s beds” to ensure fertility of mind and spirit (and body, if desired)
  • Ritually cleanse your home and start your “spring” cleaning
  • Make a Crown of Light (i.e. of candles for the High Priestess to wear for the Imbolc Circle, similar to those worn on St. Lucy’s Day in Scandinavian countries
  • Place a lighted candle in each and every window of the house, beginning at sundown on Candlemas Eve (February 1), allowing them to continue burning until sunrise. Make sure that such candles are well seated against tipping and gaurded from nearby curtains, etc. If you are not able to use real candles use those candle lamps sold at crafts and department stores for the Christian Christmas season.
  • Buy a “salt lick” block and leave it out for the wild animals.
  • Make a window garden with seeds, soil, old glass jars or rinse some tuna or cat food cans, and get ready for spring! Easy items are beans, mints, marigolds. Even carrot or pineapple tops and avocado pits are fun to do.
  • Make a Bride doll
  • Make a tiny “Candle Garden” by filling a small aluminum pan with fine salt or sand and “planting” birthday candles, Hanukkah candles or even tea lights in the “garden”
  • Tie tiny strips of fabric in trees near a stream and ask Bride for her influence in your life. Use cotton strips and the birds will use them for nesting or they will bio-degrade over time
  • Play a candle game where the men stand in forming a circle whole passing a candle quickly and the women stand on the outside of the circle trying to blow out the flame. The one who succeeds gets to claim a kiss.
  • Meditate as a family. Have everyone explore what it would feel like to be a seed deep in the Earth, feeling the first stirrings of life. Lie on the floor and put out tendrils. Stretch and bloom.
  • Have a bardic circle where everyone brings poetry, songs or a short story that they have written to honor Brigid (Brigit/Brigid/Bride was the daughter of Dagda. She was the protector of the poets, the forge and the healing persons.)
  • Help your kids go through all their clothes, toys, and books to find the unwanted and outgrown items. Donate everything to a charity that will give the items to children who need them.
  • Go for a walk. Search for signs of spring. Take off your shoes and socks and squish your toes in the mud!
  • Lead the family on a parade around the outside of your home, banging on pots and pans or playing musical instruments to awaken the spirits of the land.
  • Have your children hold some herb seeds in their hands. Talk to the seeds. Bless them with growth and happiness. Fill them with love.
  • Plant an in-door herb garden.
  • Make corn dollies and a cradle for them to sleep in.
Seventeen as Gods

S.Coups - Zeus (King of the Gods, Father of Gods and Men)
Jeonghan - Poseidon (God and King of the Sea)
Joshua - Apollo (God of music and healing)
Woozi - Ares (God of war)
Wonwoo - Hades (God of the Dead and Riches. King of the Underworld)
Hoshi - Uranus (God of the sky and the heavens. Father of the Titans)
Jun - Eros (God of sexual desire, attraction, love, and procreation)
Mingyu - Kratos (God of strength and power)
The8 - Morpheus (God of dreams and sleep. Has the power to take any human form and appear in dreams.)
DK - Hermes (Trickster God, God of thieves, trade, sports, travelers. Messenger of the Gods)
Vernon - Momus (God of satire, mockery, censure, writers and poets. Also and spirit of evil-spirited blame and unfair criticism)
Seungkwan - Caerus (minor God of opportunity, luck, and favorable moments)
Dino - Triton (Messenger of the sea. Son of Poseidon and Amphitrite)

a/n: This is my first post!!! This I made a while ago and thought I would post it… These are taken quite literally to fit each of them… idk if this was already done so……
Dean + His Win

I am sick at the moment so if this seems incoherent, I apologize in advance :-)

So in 13x05 we have Sam trying to cheer Dean up, give him something to look forward to, make him feel better, by giving him the things he thinks Dean needs. And just like a loving brother, this was heartwarming for me to watch. Sam tried he really did. 

Dean tried too, by going out to what we can assume was the “Clam Diver” and passing out on the floor. (with a bra and a whip) 

Dean was feeling miserable the next day. He didn’t need this. 

Before the Cas reunion, he told Sam that no, he’s not okay. He needs a win. 

His win is Castiel but this is so much more than that.

This isn’t Dean just needing something good to happen. Yeah the teenager’s death messed with him but he was able to get all those souls freed and to heaven and he still felt like shit.

At first I was cringing at the whole concept of them going to a strip club and not because I am against it per se, I just wanted them to make sure it was shown that this isn’t what will lift Dean’s spirits. That he needs something stronger. Bigger. Something that will heal his soul, his heart. 

They went down the list of the things we usually see Dean enjoy: Beer for breakfast, loud music while driving, chili fries, strip clubs. And I love the fact that the show made us see that none of these things will ever make a difference. Dean got them all and I’m glad now that he went out and partied because at the end of the day, it was clear that it didn’t work. 

Dean needed Cas. Something Sam couldn’t give him. 

I am thrilled that the last shot was just of Dean and Cas. Sam wasn’t needed to be shown. This was all about them and it was so beautiful. Dean’s shocked look, Cas’ look of relief and love. 

side note: His time with Billie, I think, was so significant. He confessed that he doesn’t matter. That if he has to die, then so be it. Basically that he has nothing to live for. I don’t remember ever seeing Dean so low before. He doesn’t have to worry about Sam anymore thanks to season 12 and him letting go of the ‘parent’ role so really, what does he have?It was sad to see but also made me think about season 4 and how Cas coming into his life really changed Dean. 

Since 13x01 we have been shown time and time again the importance of Cas to Dean. Yes, we all knew this in seasons prior, remembering Dean always worrying about Cas, calling him etc but losing him had sent Dean into a dark place. This was all intentional to further the story of Cas and Dean. I do hope Cas sees in this season how much Dean has changed because of him. How important he is and not just as a family member/brother but the impact he’s had on Dean’s existence just has Dean has had on him. 

Cas was able to confess his love and tell them how much he’s changed because of them. I need Dean to tell Cas this too, or at least show him in some way. I want Cas to know. I want him to know that he’s Dean’s win.