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I worked with him on Avengers “Assembled” which was one of those magical once in a lifetime career moments where you are standing next to a giant and a legend and sharing a frame with him and sharing your heart with him and sharing a precious moment with him.

We spent the entire day together running lines talking about the scene, talking about wanting to find something to do together in the future. Today that is no longer a possibility. These magical moments, the ones that whisper to you their importance as they are happening. The ones that jump out and tell you that you are in a rarefied space, that imprint deeper than other memories or experiences, that lock themselves in and become a part of the patch work of stories that ones calls a “Life”, they are such precious things. It’s easy to take for granted at the time how precious they are, one believes there will be another go at it, another chance to catch the light of a star in the palm of your hand in the span of an afternoon while working on a major motion picture, tucked off from the others, in a sacred cinematic space, where time is inconsequential and there is no camera, and their is no crew, and there are no words, there is only truth and listening and talking. That is what it was like with Harry. His humility, his commitment to acting, his generosity of spirit his kindly vulnerability were all exceptional. He was an exceptional man and I am honored to say that i got to share the screen with him albeit briefly. To date, it is still one of my favorite moments in film making. Today I treasure it even more. When we left each other that day we said, “See you again. I look forward to it.” That never came to pass, but he passed away I wish we had a chance to do it all again. So long Harry Dean, thank you for the gift of your films, your music and your being. God broke the mold on you. 

Rest In Peace. Poet.

♡ Adorable Asks♡

1) 🍰: What’s your favorite snack? 

2)🎶: Favorite genres of music/favorite musicians?

3) 📖: Do you write? If so, what?

4) 🍯: What do you do for fun? 

5) ⭐️: Favorite childhood memory? 

6) 🕯: Do you have any scary stories to share? If so, what? 

7) 🎀: Favorite color? 

8) 🏁: Favorite goal achieved?

9) 💝: Relationship Status? 

10) 🍿: Favorite movies? 

11) ✈️: Where would you like to travel to? 

12) 🔮: Witches or Psychics? 

13) 🎁: Best gift ever? 

14) 🎈: Something that fascinates you?

15) 💉: Want/have any tattoos or piercings? 

16) ⚔: Something/someone you’re protective of.

17) 🛁: Strangest worry?

18)  🐾: Favorite animal?

19) 🎉: Introvert or Extrovert?

20) 🕹: Favorite game?

21)💤: Best dream?

22) 🍭: Sweet or Savory? 

23) 🎲: do you take risks?

24) 🎪: Carnival or Concert?

25) 🎯: Goal you have in mind?

the signs as wlw aesthetics
  • aries: spring wlw; racing each other through meadows, picnics by the riverside, small bracelets made of daisies, ice lollies, lying down and noticing shapes in the clouds
  • taurus: floral wlw; arranging bouquets, long walks through english gardens, flower crowns, tucking a flower behind their ear, floral summer dresses
  • gemini: library wlw; whispering between aisles of books (+ hiding from the librarian), reading bed time stories, sharing favourite books, staying up late discussing recently-finished novels, writing secret messages in between the lines
  • cancer: soft wlw; cuddling under the blankets, watching the rain, listening to music on the rooftop, long walks at the beach, sharing sweaters
  • leo: summer wlw; matching sun hats, sipping peach iced tea, being the best looking couple at the beach, lying side by side in a sunflower field, cycling on a tandem bike
  • virgo: forest wlw; picking berries, tree-climbing competitions, strolling through the lovely dark and deep woods, laurel wreaths, studying nature together
  • libra: princess wlw; gifting each other tiaras, sneaky glances, ballroom dancing in gossamer gowns, secret conversations in carriages, long handwritten letters
  • scorpio: moon wlw; silver eyeshadow, heated late night debates, evening walks, stargazing, secret conversations at 3AM
  • sagittarius: road trip wlw; making plans together, toasting marshmallows by the bonfire, sleeping in tents, swim-racing in the river, singing together in the car
  • capricorn: glow wlw; neon shoes, eating dinner in an empty diner at 11PM, 7/11 shopping dates, texting each other at 3:58AM, watching the sun rise
  • aquarius: space wlw; watching space movies, visits to the planetarium, 2AM debates on the existence of aliens, matching constellation tattoos, sun & moon chokers
  • pisces: mermaid wlw; lavender+aqua+silver hair, 2-people pool parties, swimming far out in the ocean, collecting seashells, doing each other's hair (fishtail braids lmao)
Zodiac facts II

In a relationship, Aries are loyal and see themselves with no one but their partner.

If Taurus feel, at least a touch of falsehood in you, they will go far, far away.

Gemini are often very successful because they are very intelligent and their brain works constantly.

Cancer tend not to think before talking. Do not take it personally …

One of Leo’s priorities is to help people, starting with loved ones.

The Virgo are sometimes a little “Crude formwork” but they have the best intentions.

Libra have no problem passing to someone else.

The Scorpio have temper and sometimes think too much about them, but they still make devoted friends and excellent lovers.

You know right away when Sagittarius enter a room: they shine with all their person!

Make Capricorn your second or third priority, and they will make you their last.

Aquarius are often gifted in the arts, music, poetry … It can be quite spiritual.

Pisces never share their memories of great love or grief.


again if there’s something that doesn’t sound english, tell me :)

Dragon Offerings

Use this list of possible offerings as a guideline, but be creative, follow your intuition, and try to learn the personal preferences of any dragon you work with.


In general having a shrine or altar space dedicated to any spirit or spirits you work with a good idea. If only to have a place to leave offerings. A shrine may take nearly any form. Simply a flat surface on which to place significant objects.

Gems, Crystals, Statues, Etc.:

Once you have a shrine, you need things to decorate it. Make offerings in the forms of statues, drawings, and otherwise images of dragons. Offer crystals, gemstones, jewelry, shiny things and valuables of all kinds. Obviously gold is a favorite.

Obviously all such offerings may be left in place permanently on the shrine.

Food Offerings:

Dragons tend to think with our stomachs. Food is always a suitable offering. Anything you have will do, but there are always certain favorites. Sharing your own food is a nice gesture. A bit of your meal set aside on a shrine, and/or burned in a fire.

It should be understood when making a food offering to a spirit that they take the psychic energy from the food. It should be later disposed of according to your preference. Most commonly this means taking it outdoors somewhere and leaving it to be taken by scavenging animals, though this method should not be used with chocolate or anything else which may be toxic to wild animals. Some choose to simply eat such offerings themselves, but many find that the taste has changed and become unpleasant.

Meat is a safe bet. We are predators, after all. Cooked or raw doesn’t matter. Red meat especially.

Most dragons also have a sweet tooth. I myself begin the day often with straight cream and raw honey. Dark chocolate and honey is divine. Pies, cakes, cookies. Honey cakes are a very traditional offering to dragons.


Incense is a standby offering for almost all spirits. Notably it is not as commonly offering to chthonic spirits, with specific exception of certain necromantic herbs, but that is another topic.

Any incense is a suitable offering to a dragon, but the irony of dragonsblood incense is enjoyable.


An offering of wine or other drink may also be well received. I do believe I am not alone among dragons in my strong preference for sweet drinks, so consider things like dessert wines and mead.

If you don’t drink alcohol, then tea or coffee, or even fruit juice, is just fine.

Creative Works:

Some of the most profound offerings can be what you create yourself. Paintings, poetry, music, dedicated as an offering to a dragon is a precious thing.


This is a bit of a departure from other kinds of offerings, but most dragons have a fondness for stories and information. So talk to them. Share something you know or a story that speaks to you.


Light a candle as an offering. Dedicate oil or wax in a diffuser to a dragon. Play some music, even better if you can play an instrument yourself.

You may also offer to help them with magic, rather than the other way around. 

You’d be hard pressed to find any spirit who wouldn’t appreciate the gift simply of your energy. This can be a way to form a very close connection with a spirit.

Once again, as you get to know the individuals you work with, ask about their preferences.

Hetalia couple types / headcanons
  • Hongice: that one tumblr couple anways rebloging eachothers posts. Litrally all thier followers ship them
  • Rusame: that one couple that is always teasing eachother. America is the type of boyfriend who pinches russia's ass befire a picture
  • Sufin: EVERYBODY ships them. Finland is oblivious to the fact, and it makes sweden blush a ton
  • Usuk: the secretive couple england is tsundere AF and chooses not to speak of thier relationship. But when they are alone he begs america for cuddles
  • Dennor: the mismatched couple. Den is like a beautiful ray of sunshine and norway could kill you just by glaring at you. They make the most mismatched yet adorable couple ever.
  • Pruaus: the jealous couple. They always try to impress eachother. When prussia gets hit on it makes austria extremely jealous.
  • Fruk: that one couple that nobody actually knows if they are together. When asked they never answer. (Everybody ships it anyways)
  • Giripan: they are ALWAYS cuddling. They would rather stay home and cuddle with thier cats while watching a movie then be out in public.
  • Spamano: the power couple. Everybody wants to be them. They make the most attractive couple ever
  • Pruame: the nerd couple. They love playing video games together. They spend hours on end playing and only get up to eat
  • Rochu: the couple who shares everything. China forgot his pj's at his house? He can borrow russia's. Russia dosent have a place to stay for the night? He can stay at china's. Its cold outside? They can share russia's scarf.
  • Gerita: the adorable couple. They always buy eachother gifts and always seem to be together.
  • Prucan: the music couple. Prussia plays guitar and canada sings. They make the best music together.
  • Aushun: the traveling couple. They love going to beaches, mountains, anywhere as long as they are together.
  • Franada: the couple that is always baking. Canada always brings treats they had made the night before to the world meetings as france watches him lovingly.
  • Pruhun: the couple who fights over the stupidest things. Everybody knows that they really do love eachother no matter how many times hungary kicks prussia out of the house for misplacing her frying pan.
  • Red velvet pancakes: they run a pancake restaurant. They have the best pancakes EVER. They are always competing against the neighboring waffle house.
  • Belhun: runs the waffle house. Red velvet pancakes may have the best pancakes. But they have the best waffles.
  • Lietpol: They throw THE BEST parties. All the nations love them although nobody can beat them at dancing.
  • Turgre: the couple nobody really sees because they are too busy at home. Weather they are reading together, watching a movie, or sleeping together they prefer being inside.
  • Belaliech: the couple NOBODY will mess with. If you lay a hand on lichenstien belarus will slaughter you.
list of healthy nutritious bootlegs for starving theatre kids

aka i have some bootlegs and i’d like to share them with y’all. just shoot me a message. i’d prefer to trade but i’m 100% open to gifting!

my website is here for more info on the boots (e.g. cast, date, screenshot, format):


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What I Read This Week


I am SO ready for summer, I can’t wait until my finals are over so I can read more fics! There were some awesome updates this week and I also read some great new fics, enjoy!

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts by Reiya, Explicit, 70k (WIP)
One small change alters the course of both Viktor and Yuuri’s entire lives, throwing them into a bitter rivalry that spans across many years and creates a world where they both tell a very different side to the story. THIS UPDATE KILLED ME ONFNJSDKBF every update kills me tbh bUT STILL

Canoe-dling: Not Prohibited by shereadsthestars, Mature, 12k
Yuuri is a seasoned counselor at Camp Okenoko who thought he was in for just another run of the mill, shenanigan filled summer with his friends. But he could not have been more wrong as he’s inevitably blindsided by the newest arrival.Enter one Viktor Nikiforov, who’s got the charms and good looks to woo whomever he pleases, and who’s interest is instantly peaked by none other than, Yuuri Katsuki. SO FUNNY OMG I died laughing while reading this omg LOVE!!

Singular by TrashKanForLife, Explicit, 14k (WIP)
Yuuri fiddled with the hem of his sweater, overwhelmed by the sheer formality of this floor. He’s sure his favoured pair of sneakers only cover about twentieth of the costs for the workers’ footwear and he wonders if they pay the salon daily for their sharp appearances. Yuuri does not belong here.
“Mr. Nikiforov will see you now.” 50 Shades of Grey AU but a kajillion times better!!! Must read!!!

The Bulge (Don’t Bring a Weapon to a Public Beach) by nagoyadelay, Mature, 2.9k
Victor posts a photo of Yuuri on instagram without realizing that it’s somewhat suggestive. A thirsty skating fandom collectively loses their shit. Another HILARIOUS fic, you have to read this!!

The Suffering of Potya by kiaronna, Teen, 3.8k
At first, Potya believes he’s going to the veterinarian. This means a great deal of cursing from Yuri, as he tries to unsuccessfully lure Potya into the pet carrier. But as in all things, his human wins, and Yuri stalks out the door with carrier in hand, only twenty minutes late. Potya accepts his fate.
Soon, he realizes greater horrors are in store for him: Yuri’s dropped him off with the dopey poodle couple, the snuggly and curly bastards. SO cute, I love how this is from Potya’s and the other pets POV!

Nocturne by Nostalgia-in-Starlight (UniverseEndingParadox), Mature, 6.9k (WIP)
It’s a charmed life, rife with luxury and glamour and a doting husband who gives him the world on a silver platter. But it’s also a peculiarly lonely life, being married to the underboss of one of the biggest ‘yakuza’ in operation. Victor wouldn’t trade it - or his husband - for any other world. Wow, LOVE this mafia AU, one of my faves for sure!

Money Shot by Ashida, Explicit, 21k (WIP)
So Yuuri waited, felt his heart edge back down from his throat as Victor let him catch his bearings, as he just sat and watched Yuuri calm down, patient even though the time he was paying for was ticking. “Strip for me, Yuuri.” came his first instructions in the lull of silence, the same words he always got, and this is how it always began. Guuuuuuuuuuurl I cannot WAIT to see what happens next after that update!!!

And Once Upon a Song by missmichellebelle, Teen, 12k (WIP)
A popular high school ice hockey star and a shy, academically gifted transfer student discover they share a secret passion for singing. When they end up accidentally auditioning for the lead roles in the school musical, it threatens East High’s rigid social order and sends their peers into an uproar. High School Musical AU!! Do I need to say more?? So good!

Kintsugi by witchbane, Explicit, 90k (WIP) ***Graphic depictions of violence (read the tags!)
Yuuri Katsuki is a hitman burdened with a debt he can never repay. His target: Viktor Nikiforov, next Pakhan to one of the most dangerous families in the Russian mafia. When the two are drawn into a treacherous alliance after a mission gone wrong, the bonds of love and loyalty to family and duty begin to unravel—even as they get more tangled up in each other. SUPER intense mafia AU that I am absolutely obsessed with! Not for the light of heart, but if you’re interested I would HIGHLY recommend this if you’re into mafia AUs!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

day 18: alya’s notp

When someone sent in the link to the celebrity gossip article with that picture in it, Alya immediately ran out of her house, already calling Marinette on speed dial.

“Do not google Adrien or Ladybug until I get there!” Alya ordered as soon as she heard the phone pick up. She ran down the street, hoping to get to Marinette’s place before—

“Too late,” Marinette replied, voice faint, and Alya cursed.

Finally reaching her destination, Alya flung open the bakery door, shouted “Hi Mme Cheng Hi M. Dupain gottatalktoMarinettebyeeeeeee!” as she shot past the startled customers to reach the house part of the building, took the three flights of stairs two steps at a time, slammed open the trap door to Marinette’s room, and froze at the sight of Marinette curling into herself in front of her computer screen.

A screen which very clearly showed a photo of Ladybug kissing Adrien.

“Oh, Marinette,” Alya sighed. She walked over to her best friend, pulling up a chair next to Marinette, and pulling her into a hug. “Ladybug doesn’t hold a candle to you, girl. You’ll snatch Adrien right up from under her nose.”

Marinette let out a laugh that was on the worrying side of hysterical, burying her head in Alya’s shoulder.

“You don’t believe me?” Alya asked, and petted Marinette when she shook her head no, face and hands still pressed into Alya’s shirt. “Okay, tell me—who’s the one who keeps showering Adrien in gifts?”

“Me,” came the muffled reply.

“Who’s the one who shares Adrien’s taste in music and video games?” Alya continued.


“Who’s the one who destroyed their classmates’ dreams of fame and glory to get a chance at Adrien?”

Marinette snorted before answering, “Me.”

“Who went from snubbing Adrien to completely denying any feelings for him to practising kissing with his magazine photos in one week?

Lifting her head, Marinette glared at Alya with a blush that reached the tips of her ears. “Alya, you promised you wouldn’t bring that up!!”

“Marinette, as the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed, it’s definitely going into my maid of honour speech at your and Adrien’s wedding.”

Groaning at Alya’s snickers, Marinette leaned back in her chair, sliding her eyes to the side to stare at the photo of Ladybug and Adrien.

“She kissed him because he saved someone from an akuma,” Alya offered.

“I know,” says Marinette, before she stiffens. “U-uh because of the article! That I totally read!!” she said, waving her hands.

Alya nodded, trying to think of what else she could say to assure Marinette that all hope wasn’t lost.

Ladybug was an actual, honest-to-goodness superhero, and Adrien seemed really into that kiss, if the after photo of him on knees as he watched Ladybug swing away was any indication.

“Ladybug may have her Lucky Charms, but you got me,” Alya finally said, resting her hands on Marinette’s shoulders. “And believe me, whatever else Ladybug has, it’s nothing compared to you, girl. You’re one of the best people I’ve ever met, and Adrien is going to fall for you the second you get his attention.”

“Alya…,” Marinette began, sniffing. “You’re pretty amazing too.” She clenched her hands in front of her in determined little fists. It was as inspiring as it was adorable. “Okay! It’s decided! I’ll keep trying to get him to notice me as Marinette!”

“Yeah!” Alya cheered.

“And I’ll definitely print out that photo of Ladybug and Adrien!”


“And keep it with me for whenever I need inspiration!!”


By the time Alya gathered her thoughts, Marinette was already halfway to printing the photo.


Mood: Over Prepared DM

Cute and v nicely put together character sheets from @r-n-w . They’re gonna be so helpful for my players since they have the class specific stuff right on them!

Included in each character folder is a typed up page of all their features, traits, background choices, etc, and a cheat sheet for combat that I got from Tumblr and will reblog here after I post this.

My notes include the combat cheat sheet, a document that lists a bunch of different merchants and their wares, also taken from Tumblr and will be reblogged here tonight, and a map drawn by me. Don’t look at it too closely its not very good. I work with numbers, drawing is not my area of expertise!

The notebooks are for me to take notes during the actual game, and one has a bunch of random ideas I’ve collected and can draw from in a pinch.

Next we have a picture of the dice sets I got to hand out to my players, plus one for me. I posted a picture of the actual dice a while ago, and I’ll reblog it again!

And finally, we have the dice tower my lovely girlfriend gave me as a gift 😄 plus all my dice. I know, small collection, but I’m working on it 😅

Not pictured is my computer, which I will use to track encounters and, hopefully, play some background music on.

Anyways, I’m so ready and excited and I wanted to share with everyone!

+yoi presents: fandom-wide day of creator appreciation

#yoiappreciationday august 11-12, 2017 !!

fandom-wide day of creator appreciation is a day (or in this case, a set of days) dedicated to showing how grateful we are to the people who create, and how much we admire their hard work and dedication to the fandom and to their craft. this includes but is not limited to the following medias: fic, art, graphics, edits, music, meta, translations, fsts, amvs, rpers, event organizers, and bakers.

show your appreciation on august 11 and august 12 by sending your fave creators kind messages through @positivelyyoi ask/submit boxes, or posting dedications/gifts under the #yoiappreciationday tag!

+yoi will ensure anonymity for the shy or anxious among you, and going through this blog will also save your asks if you have a lot of people to appreciate! if you have gifts, pls make sure you tag them or @ the blog so we can share the love! 

other ways to participate include commenting on your fave fics, reblogging your fave art/graphics, and gushing in the tags of your fave meta posts! 

creators are the cornerstones of any fandom. these are the people who finish a long day at work or at school by providing fandom with fic, art, music, and edits that they spend time and effort creating. these are the people who make your headcanons and requests happen. these are the people who translate, bake, transpose, organize, and research. its time to make sure they know how necessary they are to our community!

if you have any questions abt this event pls direct them here!

id really appreciate if you could give this a reblog to help spread the love!

- @katsukifatale 


Mabon is the beginning of the Autumn Equinox. A time when the leaves will change and the air will crisp. The mid harvest festival where the days grow shorter, and the sound of the wind grows louder, the fields lay bare as the crops have been harvested, and the wildlife has settled down for a rest. This time of year is one of relaxation and growth. It is a time for new beginnings, and fresh starts. Mabon marks the reset of the Earth’s natural gifts and the changing of the seasons. Beginning around September 21-23, Mabon is celebrated with nuts, wines and teas. Music is played and dancing is plentiful, fires crackle and festivities pay tribute to the Earth’s cycle. So brew that tea and share that wine. Celebrate this coming Autumn in the coziest way possible ﻬ

The signs as friends
  • Aries: will scream at you 23/8, tells you jokes and shows you funny pictures, definitely the person to havve a movie marathon with
  • Taurus: embarrasses you in public, doesnt answer texts, shares their food, always here for you
  • Gemini: send you weird texts at 1am, feeds you with unnecessary science facts, takes funny pictures of you, never listens
  • Cancer: tells you funny stories, gives huge teddy bears as a gift, listens to your favourite music with you
  • Leo: literally makes fun of you and bullies you 24/7, shares their clothes with you, texts you first, late everywhere
  • Virgo: might take hotos of you while you're not looking, most likely will buy you a dog at some point, that friend you can be with for hours without even talking
  • Libra: recommends you music, gives you lame nicknames, tells you pick-up lines and flirts with you, always makes you happy honestly
  • Scorpio: fights your enemies, points out every stupid thing you do and then reminds you for another 25 years
  • Sagittarius: will tell you if you have something on your teeth, always up for an unexpected adventure, will share everything with you
  • Capricorn: will help you with literally anything, asks you about you interests, will always remind you how beautiful ou are
  • Aquarius: most likely won' hang out with you, doesn't answer texts, asks you about your day, 1am adventures
  • Pisces: bth loving mom and the person you want to kill, sends you funny pictures, organizes amazing trips, borrows you things and doesn't want them back

As many of you know by now, The Great Comet has announced its closing on Broadway.  While some knew it was coming, we still feared this day might come.  And now that it has happened, we are left being sad or even enraged on how a unique show like this received the ax.  I feel sad by this too but for some strange reason, I feel happy.  Why?  Because they gave Dave Malloy a chance to bring a show like this to Broadway for everyone to see.  Normally, a show this complex and odd won’t even get past Off-Off-Broadway but Dave was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rework on his project to make it special for Broadway audiences.  And for those who have seen it, it’s truly a treat to watch, listen and experience in.  And even though we are sad that this will go away soon, we are going to celebrate its legacy.  Celebrate the goals and feats it has accomplished in its journey, celebrate its gorgeous score and book, and, most of all, celebrate the whole.  And who knows?  This could inspire someone to make a show similar to this and it could be brought to Broadway too. 

As we come up to September 3rd, give the cast and crew love and support.  Tell them how this show has made an impact on your life.  Congratulate them for the amazing work they do on the stage and behind the scenes.   Any type of love you can give whether it is physical like fan gifts or emotional like words of encouragement can help them.  But let’s always celebrate the risk-takers and keep the magic of this show alive by sharing the music and performances with everyone.  Let’s celebrate the Comet.

what if when you gave the bouquet to the marriage candidates, they started to give you gifts back? like, and related to their interests too, like they’re sharing a part of themselves with the farmer

Harvey: a model airplane he made because it reminded him of the farmer, maybe a radio you can put in your house and interact with to talk with him. it even has its own special dialogue 

Sebastian: he comes over and sets up internet and a laptop and he messages you over a chat program he designed. also, a copy of solarian chronicles 

Sam: your own guitar/musical instrument, and a skateboard that works kinda like your horse, and lets you go faster around town( but maybe goes very slow on everything except pavement?)

Alex: grid ball posters, a grid ball, and a weight lifting set. Maybe as a really rare gift, a box of dog biscuits that you can use to interact with Dusty!

Elliott: a signed copy of his novel, a rose bush/ a potted rose bush, a necklace handmade from seashells, 

Shane: a stuffed chicken you can put at the end of your bed. maybe he gives you his old gaming system too, and it lets you play a mini-game.

Abigail: your own pet guinea pig!!!! it’s similar to your horse or cat as a pet. also, your own ouiji board and a bone flute that gives a short playing animation when you interact with it!

Maru: your own telescope, and inventions she thinks will help you out on the farm(but consequently, break and or are useless).

Leah: barring the sculpture, she could give you a set of paints or tools to make your own art pieces, maybe some other paintings that make her think of you

Penny:Copies of her favorite books, especially books about fairy tales. home-made dishes that are completely inedible, but you can place as decoration. 

Haley: she gives you photos that you can collect together and make into a photo album. not all of the photos necessarily have just you or haley in them; they feature various members of the town too. 

Emily: handmade clothes, like socks, hats, scarfs, shirts, everything, a particularly wild and spacey painting, and cds of dance music. 

feel free to add to this!

[170528] EXO Shares Future Goals While Reminiscing About Successful 5 Years + Hints At Long-Awaited Comeback

18 cities and 37 concerts later, EXO’s third concert tour “The EXOr’DIUM” is coming to an end with an encore that will be cemented in history.

The first encore concert was held on May 27 at Seoul Olympic Stadium (more commonly referred to as Jamsil Stadium), and continued with another concert on May 28. Ahead of the second concert, EXO sat down for a brief press conference where they discussed their hopes and aspirations. Lay was unfortunately not in attendance due to conflicts.

See Also: EXO Set To Continue To Make History With Their Upcoming Encore Concert

Having recently celebrated their fifth debut anniversary, EXO reflected, “It’s thanks to our members’ teamwork. We’ve become more unified, and we have even more expectations for the future. If we were supported by our genuineness and passion until now, we will promote with unity and a veteran-like stance moving forward.”

Chen shared, “Five years has passed by, and we’re so thankful to our fans. We will become a more strengthened EXO, and passionately carry out our promotions.”

On the topic of promotions, it has been almost a year since the group officially promoted on music programs. While their last release was their special winter album “For Life,” it was meant to be a gift for the fans with proceeds going to charity, and was not promoted officially.

As expected, many are therefore looking forward to EXO’s upcoming comeback. Baekhyun revealed, “Our title track has already been decided. It is a track that all the members and the agency is satisfied with, so we have a lot of expectations. We will be returning this summer.”

“‘Ah, it’s hot’ is the spoiler,” he added. The members had briefly mentioned this on the first day of this encore concert as well, and speculating fans suggested he could also be saying, “The War” is the spoiler given how Baekhyun also kept teasing with phrases like, “Do you want to fight? Do you want to see blood?” (The phrase “ah, it’s hot” in Korean sounds somewhat similar to what “the war” sounds like pronounced phonetically with Korean syllables.)

With countless of records and groundbreaking awards under their belt, EXO had even bigger and more meaningful dreams they want to achieve in the future.

“Our goal for this year is to win daesang (grand prize) for the fifth year in a row again at the end-of-the-year ceremonies,” revealed leader Suho. The group previously rewrote history in 2016 as the first ever group to win the coveted title four consecutive years at several award shows.

As for the future, the group expressed, “However, more importantly, we want to perform onstage for a really, really long time with all the members in good health. We want to become singers who are an example to our juniors.”

Meanwhile, EXO will finish out their final history-making encore concert on May 28.

Road Trip with Monsta X

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Shownu -

  • Switches between him and Wonho in terms of driving
  • Mostly silent, but tries to initiate conversation with random topics
    • Makes a lot of the members go, “What?” And then laugh with Shownu
  • Asks the other members if they need to eat
  • Rather have all the other members eat the food they brought along the way instead of him eating
    • Feels grateful when Wonho or Minhyuk asks him if he wants his coffee
    • Even better when he gets to rest or strecth for a bit
  • Luckily, Wonho asks to switch at the right time when he’s about to fall asleep
    • Falls asleep on your shoulder in the backseat
    • Puts his earbud in your ear as the two of you listen to the soft music during your roadtrip
  • Likes to play simple games to pass the time

Wonho - 

  • Quite focused on the road; low-key cursing out the other members who are too loud
    • But he can’t help but laugh when someone decides to be stupid
    • Like those window wiping sounds
    • Lord help them all
  • Has you sitting in the passenger seat beside him, because he’s a bit lonely
    • Also, you’re the most sane person (or so he thinks) he can talk to
    • Is it also the reason because he likes you?
  • Likes to talk, like long conversations, when he’s driving
  • When he’s not, he’s playing games on his phone or hand games with I.M and Minhyuk
    • Pouts when he loses
  • Silently eats most of the pre-packed food Kihyun made
    • Yet no one figures it out it was him who ate most of it
    • Suggests for ramyeon at every rest stop
    • “NO.”
  • First one to get out when you arrive
    • Oh and he would document the trip along the way; pictures of animals in the countryside, and road signs

Minhyuk - 

  • Too lazy to drive; sometimes keeps to himself when he’s tired so he listens to music
    • Surprisingly (kind of), according to Wonho, he thinks Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Shownu will have a sudden change when they’re driving
  • Loudest kid when he finds something out of the ordinary along the way
    • “Why does that sign have a–” “MINHYUK NO.”
    • Almost plasters his face against the window as the car passes by it
  • Turns the atmosphere into Right Now again
    • Bobbing his head back and forth as he sings Rhythm Ta… AGAIN
  • Buys the silliest souvenirs at gift shops
    • Sometimes forgets where he’s at or where he’s going
    • Plays with those American coin machines where they turn pennies into flat football-shaped coins
  • Sings to his own music 
    • Doesn’t mind sharing it with you, though
  • Winks at you every time your eyes land on his
    • Holds your hand throughout the trip, even when he’s sleeping

Kihyun - 

  • Making sure everyone eats; knows all the rest stops wherever they go
    • Ain’t going back when one of them didn’t go and suddenly they need to
    • “We left ten minutes ago, hold it in.” “How far are we then?” “Two hours.” “I’m going to be dead by the time we get there.” 
  • Quite organized and has the trip planned
    • Until he forgets the skin products for the night
    • Oh jeez
  • Sings English songs along the way
    • Almost rips his vocal chords, too
    • It’s Wildflower, everyone
    • Jooheon tried, too
  • Worries for Shownu and Wonho when it begins to rain
    • Offers to drive
  • Cuddling with you in the backseat
    • Takes pictures of the two of you 
    • When you’re sleeping because he thinks it’s cute
  • Sings loudly when everyone wakes up

Hyungwon - 

  • Sleeps the moment he gets into the car
    • But he ends up having to get gas
    • And passes it too if you know what I mean *wink *wink
    • Silently freaks out when the pin starts going to the ‘E’
    • But if he’s driving, he’ll act like he can go for another twenty minutes
  • According to the other members, he can get pretty loud
    • Watch out for him and Minhyuk
  • Makes hilarious remarks or sarcastic comments when someone doesn’t know directions or questions where they’re going exactly
  • Looks like a boy who came out of a manga/manhwa when he sits next to the window
    • Starts a V Live for the heck of it
  • Likes to pat your head or draw on the iPad with you
    • Makes some “artistic” drawings of the other members
  • Cheering super loudly the moment they arrive or just waking up in the car, noticing that all the members left the van and just left him there

Jooheon - 

  • Likes looking out of the window, pointing at little sights here and there
    • Sticks his head out of the sunroof and notices the other cars behind him
    • Goes back in
  • Falls asleep with his eyemask for half the ride
    • Misses the rest stop
  • When he’s awake, he’s filming the other members sleeping
    • Well, except for Wonho
  • Drinks six bottles of water the whole trip– apparently he didn’t realize his predicament in the first fifteen minutes of the trip
  • Takes several selfies with you
    • One too many 
    • You can stop now, Joohoney
  • Piggybacks on you as you get out of the car
    • Please don’t die

I.M - 

  • Makes funny comments and jams out to the radio
    • Wears his shades and dabs uncontrollably
    • But usually just stares out the window
  • Does a lot of deep thinking than someone might imagine
    • Just to reflect on his career while the images of nature fly by
    • That kinda sounded poetic
  • Likes to scare you as you’re about to fall asleep
  • Buys like five bags of convenience store food for the rest of the trips
    • Including canned coffee, pretzels, the like
  • Low-key complains about how long the trip is taking
    • Checks his watch occasionally
    • Hoping that they won’t arrive late for their hotel
  • Likes to poke your cheeks and show you pictures throughout the trip

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Morning Blues

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➽ Continuation (kinda?) of Wild Strawberries

a/n: I did say numerous times that I was not going to continue the story, but here’s a little blurb to help see what might have happened after their last meeting at the end of the original fic | dedicated to: @seoulso - I know you loved the story, so here’s a little gift I made for you. Get well soon!

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