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N E G A T I V E  character development; a playlist for wicked characters. The ones we not so secretly love. Their flaws, selfish motives and mistakes is what makes them realistic and relatable. Imperfection is beauty after all.  → listen 

“Heroes are more than just stories, they’re people. And people are complicated; people are strange. Nobody is a hero through and through, there’s always something in them that’ll turn sour… you’ll learn it one day. There are no heroes, only villains who win.”


Oh, I want something just like this…

Something Just Like This // The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

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lockscreens no. 42 - colors & gasoline lyrics by halsey for requests!

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- kaespo

“Graffiti has inspired high fashion, it’s inspired music, it’s inspired graphic design. We’re all out there contributing. We’re all part of a great movement… So to everyone out there: go out, do your art, try to be respectful of other people’s art, and just try to push it forward. Be honest with it and try to learn a little bit about the history… If we don’t document it, tell the story or the history, this movement, which is the only art that’s been invented by youth in America, is gonna die.” —graffiti artist Wane One

Read Wane One’s conversation with The Creative Independent here