music in hell

I hope bts knows that they have no obligation to create English music. if they do, it should be of their own free voilition, because they wanted to compose those songs. not because native English speakers were pressuring them into thinking they had to. they’re doing so wonderfully in their careers by doing what they’ve always done, and they shouldn’t have to change that.

LafLams – Halloween Fun~!

Request -  “Write the kinkiest LafLams smut you can come up with I believe in u ” from @professionalfangirl3000 :3

Summary - Halloween. Obviously, you’d dress up, go trick-or-treating, go to parties. But, Lafayette and Alex probably went a little bit too far. Yes, they wore costumes ( rather kinky ones) with John, but, Lafayette decided to step it up a bit. In a kinky manner. John would have to go to the party with some sex toys up in him! If he makes it through the night, he’ll get a reward. Will he get it, or not?

Timeline - Present Day :3

Word Count - 4,457 :3 okay, maybe I went a little overboard xD

Trigger Warnings - INTENSE SMUT, daddy kinks, sex toys, lots of profanity.

NOTE - This is horribly long, so I’m sorry– CREDIT GOES TO THE ARTIST OF THE FANART USED DOWN BELOW!!!

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tiny brain: andy being a jerk to marcella, but cares for her deep down. hard shell but soft interior basically
big brain: andy being like an older brother to marcella, teases her sometimes but loves her very much 
bigger brain: andy treating marcella like gold 100% of the time shes the only person he never sasses  he is a proud. older brother
galaxy brain: andy but with pta mom personality

He protecc

He attac

But most importantly
High school is wack but he’s got ur bacc

which one fits ur aesthetic ? (insp) (insp)

it’s 1978 nd ur chillin w ur vampire byf in his basement nd he rly likes the taste of boxed wine even tho it makes him puke

u nd ur friends r following an abandoned train track cause an old man told u there’s a werewolf cave at the end of it nd all u have on u r a couple of flashlights, a broken compass, nd a packet of gummy worms

its 3 days before the end of the world so ur sitting in the middle of the highway in a fur coat getting high with ur dog

its 11:11 nd ur sitting at the edge of a dock drinking peach tea staring down at the black waves of the ocean nd ur head kinda hurts nd ur heart feels heavy

Hamilton AU where instead of the war its a cook off

“Son, I am working with a third of what this recipe calls for!”

“I go to france for more bisque, I come back with with more whisks, and bowls, and now we’re in control”

“What did I miss? What did I miss? I followed the recipe step by step”

“Say no to this, i just gotta say no to this, ohmygod shes using lemon zest and her icings saying hell yes”

“In every dish Of endless fish And when you made quiche
I hoped it would burn”