music in hell


So uh,,, I drew this a while ago bc I saw someone mention a band au for bmc where Jeremy is keyboard + lead vocals, Christine is drums and Michael is guitar and,,, I love it. Michael is hardcore pining for jer and when Michael hears him sing for the first time he nearly dies

  • ADHD hell brain: you want something
  • Me: ok, what?
  • AHDH hell brain: something.
  • Me: ...what something?
  • ADHD hell brain: sound.
  • Me: ok? Music? Netflix? YouTube?
  • ADHD hell brain: want something...

“"oh dear evan hansen’s lighting and set design is so simple omg!1!!!”“ like?? bitch where ?? the lighting and set design of dear evan hansen is one of the most complicated, intricate, and innovative that has ever been on broadway.