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Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 62/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs)

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into their world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: mentions of sex, cussing, mentions of ED

Word Count: 3,477

Dedication: @nefarism because I love them v much

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A/N: poor Thomas. But more importantly POOR ELIZA

The only sound that filled the room were breathless pants and quiet whimpers.

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Kanej in Music

Trouble - Halsey

Ghost - Halsey

Colors - Halsey

Young God - Halsey

Strange Love - Halsey

Control - Halsey

The Anchor - Bastille (shoutout to the anon that suggested this)

House of Memories - Panic! at the Disco

The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty - Panic! at the Disco

Demons - Imagine Dragons

Tear In My Heart - twenty one pilots

If It Means a Lot to You - A Day to Remember

Animal - Neon Trees

Take Me to Church - Hozier

Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down

Mirrors -PVRIS

Fire - PVRIS

Introduced Species - Hands Like Houses

The Definition of Not Leaving - Hands Like Houses

American Beauty/American Psycho - Fall Out Boy

Walls - All Time Low


KH: Heartless Headshots - Round 6

  • Scarlet Tango
  • Grey Caprice
  • Striped Aria
  • Sapphire Elegy 
  • Pink Concerto
  • Turquoise March
  • Emerald Serenade
  • Violet Waltz
  • Emerald Sonata

This is the second half of these magical flying heartless and their color+music naming motif. These guys were introduced from Days-KHUχ

Someone must like Emerald, because it has been used 3 times for these guys.

sweetvengeancee  asked:

Ohmigosh can I have a lil ship too?💕I'm 5'7, green eyes, long brown hair.Pale skin and freckles on my nose.I'm studying foreign languages (English,Russian and well French bc I live there). I love hiking; music and series. Fave color is purple atm 😂

I ship you with Luke!

(last one for today! rest will be tomorrow or the day after!)

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This is what inspiration looks like.

Some people see music in color. Grammy-winning producer Alex Da Kid is one of them. So when Alex needed inspiration for a new song, the Cognitive Color Design Tool turned powerful imagery into colors that would show Alex the emotion behind five years of cultural data. That’s why Alex Da Kid’s music has so many feels.

Listen to ‘Not Easy’ by Alex Da Kid on Spotify or iTunes

Look around, look around
At how lucky we are to be alive right now!

drew this as a thank you for 20k followers!!! ilu all mwa thank u all so much for ur love and support!!

speedpaint | available on my redbubble!!

You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.

Concept sketches for meteor goddess angelica!! since hera nor athena have direct planet conversion i thought meteors would fit angelica more!!

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