music i art to

New troll!! His name is Neccoh Azucar and he runs a really old/vintage candy shop downtown. He’s the absolute sweetest, cheeriest hemoanon you’ll ever meet. 
Talking to him or going into his shop though … feels like you’re taking a step into the past. Everything about him is like the 50s era.
His clothes
HIs hair
The way he speaks 
It’s all rather surreal and … lowkey creepy. 



i’m waiting for the day when i can write a poem called when you can’t find home about all the ways to survive, all the ways to get through; i’m waiting for this to be over so i can say i made it - and you can make it too

i’m ready to be Somebody; i’m ready for it all to be coming-up-roses baby, i’m ready to turn this pain in my chest into something really inspiring

i want to scream at the top of my lungs and call it art, but you wouldn’t understand. and i need you to love me, for a little while at least; i need someone to put this on, someone to give me some drive, something to write about, something to create about– i want to envelop myself in the things i love, in the music, in the art
i want to be drowning in creativity, i want to witness it turning tangible; i want to be part of something beautiful like that
something that not everybody understands

you don’t have to understand

Night in the woods 🐾

I think my favorite thing about night in the woods would have to be the voices that Jack gives the characters. Everytime I see or hear them somewhere I can’t help but hear jacks voices, they fit the characters so incredibly well. I love this game so much, the art style and music is absolutely fantastic, and I got a record player for christmas so I’m thinking about getting the vinyl. I’m also really glad that everyone enjoyed the series as well. You make me feel like I have a friend (especially when I’m home alone). Ive been going through some very hard things lately (I have anxiety disorder and depression) and it means the world to me to come home and watch your energetic, loving, positive and overall kind heart put the biggest smile on my face. Please keep doing what your doing, you seriously are the best, you saved me and millions of others. I love you Sean, so. so much. ❤