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1D Rebranding and Eventual Reunion: GP vs. Fandom Perception

So I’m seeing a lot of tension an unrest over the way that the members of 1D, Harry in particular, are distancing themselves from the band as they embark upon their solo careers (ie, Harry, or whatever intern runs Harry’s sm scrubbing his twitter clean of 1D mentions). I know people are anxious about this, and I understand that anxiety, but I want to offer a different perspective: I think this could be a good thing, not just for their solo ventures, but for 1D as a whole. Hear me out on this one, long windily and under the cut. 

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I feel like we do not talk about Taylor’s accomplishments in country music enough. Here is a 16 year old girl who’s not even from the South comes in and takes Nashville by storm. She CREATED her own demographic and brought young listeners to country. She was really the first female artist to prioritize songwriting since Shania Twain. Not to mention that Fearless won Album of the Year at the Grammys, making 20 year old Taylor the youngest person to win that award. But Fearless was also the MOST AWARDED ALBUM in the HISTORY of country music. She headlined stadiums, her, a young country female singer. Taylor literally came in and changed country music forever and now she wants to do the same to pop.

[INFO] 170616 “End of Warm Up”, KARD Will Make Their Official Debut in Mid-July [Admin 💋]

DSP Media’s co-ed group, KARD decided to make their official debut in mid-July and is currently doing preparation for it.

According to the officials, KARD will make their formal debut and meet the fans through music shows next month, seven months since their first single “Oh NaNa” which released last December.

They have finished recording the title song and is currently in debut preparation process. On last May, it was revealed that they filmed their title MV in Los Angles and Las Vegas.

Consisted by BM, J.Seph, Jeon Somin and Jeon Jiwoo, KARD is DSP Media’s co-ed group that announce their music by making headlines with presenting their debut projects to public.

‘Oh Nana’, ‘Don’t Recall’, and ‘Rumor’, all the last single project got well reviews from public, through this ‘masterpiece maker’ KARD successfully creates the new foundation of one top co-ed group generation.

KARD is selected as Top 5 of Kpop Artist that is need to be anticipated in 2017 by the U.S Billboard, also got invited to do recent overseas performances in the U.S, Canada, and Brazil with performance tour under named ‘Wild Kard’ tour.

‘Oh Nana’ and ‘Don’t Recall’ music videos on YouTube breakthrough the record by millions views, also the third song ‘Rumor’ is topped the list of iTunes Kpop chart in 13 countries, such as the U.S, Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, El Salvador, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and Bolivia.

On the hot month of July, they will announce their official debut song to the world. Sure enough people take interest to their new extraordinary performances.

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