music gets louder

My kink is that thing in super-contemporary musical theatre when a character is singing a solo and the music gets louder and louder and they get to the climax and they SHOUT/BELT SOMETHING REALLY SAD OR IMPACTFUL OR IMPORTANT 

and then the music cuts out and you just……. hang there for a sec.

And then it comes back really quietly as they put together the broken pieces of their soul 


Soulmate AU Ideas

Imagine a soulmate au where whenever your soulmate listens to music, you can hear it too and the only way you can find them is when the music they’re listening to gets louder the closer you are to them.

Imagine a soulmate au where you can taste the things that they are eating or drinking and the only way you can find them is to find the places that serve that same kind of food or drink they’re eating/drinking.

Imagine a soulmate au where the heart in your chest is your soulmate’s and you can feel whatever they’re currently feeling and the only way you can find them is when it stops beating. Kind of like taking the “When I first met you, I swear I could feel my heart stop beating” literally.

Imagine a soulmate au where your level of talent at a hobby determines on how close you are to your soulmate.

Imagine a soulmate au where your dreams are a mixture of your soulmate’s past and present memories and the only way you know that you’ve met them is when you see yourself.

Imagine a soulmate au where everyone is given a book at birth with no pages in it and the only way the pages begin to magically appear is when they are finally born. Each chapter is linked to your soulmate’s age and the pages within that chapter represent a day of their life with a small collection of things that they have said throughout the day. The only way you will know that you’ve met your soulmate is when the pages stop appearing and the last thing that was said on the last page is actually the first word or sentence that they said to you.

Imagine a soulmate au where you’re given a necklace that changes to the colors of what they’re currently feeling and the temperature is linked to how close you are to them. For example, nothing being very far away, cold being closer, and warm being they’re right in front of you. But, whenever they take the necklace off of them, the connection is lost and you won’t know what they’re feeling or if you’ve even met each other.

Just a collection of ideas I thought of while I was in the shower :)

NHL Team Gothics
  • Anaheim Ducks: You turn on a Ducks game. The screen is white. It must be Ryan Getzlaf’s bald head, you think. You’re probably right.
  • Arizona Coyotes: You accidentally call them the Phoenix Coyotes. No one corrects you. You’ve never encountered someone with them as their favorite team.
  • Boston Bruins: Chara checks someone into the boards. That someone disappears into thin air. You wonder if they keep a list of people Chara has made disappear like that.
  • Buffalo Sabres: You constantly forget about their existence. Would they be more relevant if they had won the draft lottery and had gotten McDavid, you think sometimes. You forget about them again.
  • Calgary Flames: A Flames game gets interrupted. Someone yells that there’s a child on the ice. It turns out to be Johnny Gaudreau. Gaudreau eats a Snickers on the bench, and scores.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: The Canes are down 6-0. Jeff Skinner smiles at a ref. The Canes are up 6-0.
  • Chicago Blackhawks: Chelsea Dagger starts playing in the distance. Oh no. You start running. The music gets louder. Someone yells: “3 cups in 6 years”. You’re crying. You can’t hide.
  • Colorado Avalanche: Someone on their roster scores. You must be dreaming. They get a win. This can’t be real, you think. The world must be ending.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: You blankly stare at the TV. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve heard the cannon by now. You stopped counting after 10. Your team still hasn’t scored.
  • Dallas Stars: There’s a fan crying. “Our goalie situation is shit,” they sob. Another fan rubs their back. “At least Tyler Seguin is still hot,” they say. You roll your eyes.
  • Detroit Red Wings: You hear someone cursing Dylan Larkin. “Why can’t he score,” you hear them say. Crying, they cuddle up to their Yzerman hugging pillow.
  • Edmonton Oilers: “McDavid sucks,” someone says. Ten Oilers fans and Milan Lucic appear from nowhere. “You suck,” Lucic says and punches them.
  • Florida Panthers: There’s a ceremony before the game. Jagr is turning 70. Jagr scores the OT winner.
  • Los Angeles Kings: You make eye contact with Anze Kopitar. He looks dead inside. You nod at each other. What is Kopitar losing fate in, you think. You still relate to him.
  • Minnesota Wild: The Wild has a 10 win streak. It ends in a 0-1 loss to an irrelevant team. They start a new 10 win streak.
  • Montreal Canadiens: Carey Price breaks all his limbs. Therrien doesn’t pull him. Shea Weber positions himself on the ice. Al Montoya tells Weber to take the shot while maintaining eye contact with Therrien. Weber shoots. They hire their rivals’ old coach. You wonder if god is real.
  • Nashville Predators: You meet a fan. They’re crying. “How are you?” you ask. They keep sobbing. You notice they’re wearing a Weber jersey. You understand.
  • New Jersey Devils: You watch a Devils game. You can’t remember the score after it. You’re only convinced that Adam Henrique is not real.
  • New York Islanders: John Tavares gives an interview. He’s more plain and boring than you remembered. You can’t stop watching though.
  • New York Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist stops the game to have a photoshoot. The play continues. He’s not in the net. He makes a save. You don’t understand.
  • Ottawa Senators: “Ottawa Senators,” someone says. You have to think for a while. You remember Erik Karlsson. That’s it.
  • Philadelphia Flyers: No one has seen Jakub Voracek’s face in five years. His beard and hair just keep growing. No one knows how to stop the growth.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: Someone accidentally says “Crosby.” In a minute, there’s someone with a peach emoji. You hear the words Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion at least once a day.
  • San Jose Sharks: Someone on their roster scores four times. Joe Thornton is somewhere, stroking himself. Despite the lead, Martin Jones sits on the bench with dead eyes.
  • St. Louis Blues: Tarasenko scores. Tarasenko scores again. You wonder if anyone else ever scores for them.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: No one has seen Steven Stamkos in years. People wish for his return. No one expect nothing though.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: “Matthews is better than Laine,” someone says. You keep quiet. It doesn’t matter if you agree. You’ll get attacked either way.
  • Vancouver Canucks: Henrik and Daniel Sedin have assisted each other in every goal they’ve scored. You don’t believe they’re two different people until you see them in person. Even after that you’re doubtful.
  • Washington Capitals: Ovechkin is in his spot. Everyone sees him, no one defends him. He shoots, he scores. In the distance, someone says: “Crosby is better.”
  • Winnipeg Jets: “Laine is better than Matthews,” someone says. You keep quiet. It doesn’t matter if you agree. You’ll get attacked either way.
Baby Driver

Talk about a movie that hits on all cylinders (literally). I was hooked in the first minute and in love by the end of the first scene. What the critics are saying is true, Baby Driver is an instant classic and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it turn up in a future SAC course.

At the risk of staring the obvious: this remixed trailer is the shit and has been on repeat for like the last three days.

• The film was shot from Baby’s perspective. You see it in the camera work and you hear it in the audio. The most prominent example I can think of is how the camera moves with Baby as he dances, and the audience hears what Baby hears. The music gets louder when he turns up the volume, it’s louder on one side when he’s sharing earbuds with someone else, during meetings the audience only hears the song Baby’s listening to - we don’t can’t hear what Doc is saying until Baby repeats his plan back to prove he was paying attention.

• The MUSIC!! The pulse of this movie lies in it’s music. Have you ever seen a gun fight take place to the beat of “Tequila” by Button Down Brass? Cause it’s fricken awesome. Bullet shots, foot steps, cuts, camera sweeps, dialogue, background noises, it’s all paced to the beat of whatever song Baby is listening to (again, Baby is our narrator).

• Pacing like a Boss!!! This movie never lulled. It was long, but it didn’t feel long. It’s not easy to do that. I think the music and setting the pace of the film to the beat of the music is what really made Baby Driver fly.

• Let’s talk about how there was a Deaf character and HoH protagonist who’s disabilities aren’t treated as such. Baby and his dad carried out entire conversations in sign language and the movie absolutely treated it the same way as any other verbal conversation. We are given these Deaf/HoH characters who aren’t defined by being Deaf/HoH, but their being Deaf/Hoh isn’t ignored either. Their disability wasn’t made into a “thing” and in Baby’s case it was seen by some of the other characters (especially Doc) as almost offensive to think that, because he was HoH, Baby couldn’t do his job. Baby is HoH and he can drive circles around you in his sleep bitch, deal with it.

• The comedic timing in this film was spot. on. Visual gags, perfectly timed gestures/actions, and an inside Disney/Pixar reference that comes back in the greatest way possible. Bravo.

• 2017 is the year I go broke spending all my money on film soundtracks. Yet another great soundtrack that I will be listening to on repeat for weeks to come. (Also, way to make me miss the 90s, jeeze).

• The COLORS!!!! Omg this movie was beautifully colored and absolutely gorgeous. From the lighting, to the way they used the flash in car headlights when you turn them on/off, to the FRICKEN LAUNDRY. Honestly, I didn’t think laundry could be aesthetic but here I am.

• The 90s/iPod nostalgiaaaaaa

• A movie about crime and fast cars that actually has a decent plot - whaaaat??

• Hello John Hamm - the celebrity crush I didn’t know I had

• HELLO Eiza Gonzalez, where have you been all my life???

• An actual non-cringey relationship between Buddy and Darling?? I was pulling for their team, fam. They love each other so much it makes me want to gag. There was no room for tolerating any derogatory language/behavior toward Darling, she and Buddy shut. that. down! Honestly, forget Joker and Harley Quinn. If you want your “relationship goals” to be based around a crazy couple steeped in the dark life of crime I would like to introduce you to Buddy and Darling. Much healthier situation than J/HQ (though still not completely healthy cause, let’s be real, they’re a crazy couple steeped in the dark life of crime).
10/10 - wholesome crime fam vibes af

Please go see Baby Driver, you won’t regret it.  

space gothic
  • Around 1% of the static on your tv and radio is cosmic background radiation, leftover energy from the earliest days of existence lingering throughout the universe. You turn the dishes to the sky and tune the signal, filtering out the rest of the interference in an attempt to hear the sound from creation. You hear screaming.
  • Stars shimmer as you gaze at them up in the night sky. They tell you that the twinkling is due to the distortion of the atmosphere, but you see one star flickers in Morse code. When you try to write it down no lead or ink comes out of your pencils and pens. When you try to talk about it your teeth bleed.
  • Your pens float around you. Your water hovers in perfect circles. Everything is floating. You are floating. There is no gravity. You are still on Earth.
  • The massive gravity of Jupiter drags in passing asteroids and comets before they can reach the inside of the solar system. Sometimes they become moons. Other times they are swallowed by the planet, buried underneath massive storms. You watch it from the telescope sometimes, gaping maws peeking out of churning storms, sucking in falling meteors. All the while the Great Red Spot remains fixed, watching you back.
  • You can faintly hear music in the space station. No one is playing any music. The music comes from outside. You press your ear against the walls of the outside and listen. The music gets louder. There is no sound in space.
  • They launch you up into orbit, but you cannot get back down. You jump out of the station, but you do not fall. You sit back and watch the sunrise as satellites tumble and burn up in the atmosphere, leaving you alone.
  • You see the Earth from space. It is not blue. 
reddie headcanon

warning: some sexual assault, alcohol, drugs
requested by: @whipashwhipash

-reddie decides to go to a party and while the party scene isn’t eddie’s cup of tea, he goes because richie loves going to parties

-when they arrive, eddie practically clings onto richie, holding his hand and keeping close to his boyfriend as they move through the crowds of people in the house

-“i won’t leave you, okay?” richie whispers into his ear, kissing his cheek

-eddie stays close as richie starts talking to people eddie isn’t familiar with

-richie introduces eddie to this friends and all eddie can do is smile and nervously looks around

-when they make it to the least crowded part of the party, like an hour later, richie asks eddie if he’s ready to go home

-eddie knows richie doesn’t want to leave so early, so he plasters a fake smile on his face and shakes his head

-“we can stay a little bit longer.”

-“are you sure? because it’s no big deal if you wanna leave.”

-eddie shakes his head again and kisses Richie

-they sit around in the kitchen a little while longer, talking a little and richie tries make eddie feel more comfortable and tries to make him laugh adn loosen up

-“can i have something to drink?” eddie asks

-richie nods and grabs a plastic cup off the stack on the counter

-“what do you want?” richie asks his boyfriend

-“something that will loosen me up,” eddie says, nervously fiddling with his fingers as he leans agianst the kitchen counter

-richie gives him a look, not sure what’s going on

-“you don’t drink, eds,” he says, laughing a little

-“yeah, maybe i should try it, though,” eddie shrugs, trying not to look as nervous as he feels

-“eddie, you don’t have to have something to drink because everyone else is,” richie says, his voice serious

-“please, rich,” eddie pleads, his eyes never leaving Richie’s

-richie doesn’t want to, but he hisitantly grabs some fruit punch out of the fridge and a bottle of some kind of alcohol (eddie has no idea what it is but richie does so he doesn’t panic as much)

-when richie is done with the concoction he’s made, he hands the cup to eddie

-richie makes himself a cup of the same thing and they clink their cups together before taking sips

-“hey, it’s not as bad as i thought,” eddie says, taking another sip
-richie laughs

-“that’s because i mixed the alcohol with fruit punch, eds.”

-richie decides to go back out to the party, grabbing Eddie’s hand

-when eddie lets go, richie turns back to look at him

-“you’re not coming?” he asks

-“nah, i’ll just stay here,” eddie says, shaking his head

-“oh, okay,” richie says, feeling uneasy about leaving eddie alone

-“you can go,” eddie says, giving him a smile

-“i don’t want to leave you alone, though,” richie sighs

-“i’ll be fine. i really just don’t want to go in there, where it’s crowded with all those people,” eddie says

-“are you sure you’ll be fine?” richie asks

-eddie nods and richie leans over to kiss him

-“if you need me, i’ll be in the living room, talking to that group of guys you saw me talking to earlier,” richie says before smiling at eddie and leaving

-eddie stays in the same spot for another ten minutes, sipping at his drink, bobbing his head to the music he’s never listened to before, and looking around at the stranger’s kitchen he’s standing in

-“you look like youre having a great time,” someone says over eddie’s shoulder, causing the boy to turn around

-eddie sees it’s one of the guys richie was talking to earlier and he smiles, not knowing what else to say

-“you don’t talk much, do you?” the guy asks

-eddie just kinda of shrugs

-“i’m not good with meeting new people,” eddie says quietly, sitting his drink down on the counter

-“i’m chris,” the guys introduces himself (again), holding his hand out for eddie to shake

-“i’m eddie,” eddie says, shaking chris’ hand

-“yeah, richie’s always talking about you,” chris laughs a little. “I understand why now.”

-that last statement makes eddie feels a little uneasy but the more he talks to chris, the more he feels himself getting loose

-“i’ll be back, i have to go to the bathroom,” eddie excuses himself, heading out of the kitchen and down the hall to where the thinks the bathroom is

-when he comes back, chris is still in the same spot, sipping at his own drink

-eddie grabs his drink from the counter and takes a sip, leaning agianst the counter like was before

-it takes another ten minutes for eddie to realize something isn’t right, and the more he drinks what’s in his cup, the worse he feels

-eddie feels sluggish and his vision is getting blurry and he can barely understand chris as he tells eddie they’re going upstairs

-eddie feels his body moving, but doesn’t know where he’s going and he doesn’t say a word as the music gets louder and the chatter of people fills his senses

-and then it’s quiet again because they’re upstairs in someone’s bedroom and eddie’s being thrown on the bed and then the weight of someone else’s body is over his and eddie doesn’t know what’s going on

-“just be quiet and this will all be over,” chris says into eddie’s ear as eddie starts to squirm and wiggle about on the bed

-eddie can feel chris’ lips all over his body and his hands and he doesn’t like this, but all he can do is mumble “no no no stop” as he tries to get out of chris’ grip

-chris has his hand covering eddie’s mouth and that’s when eddie tries to shout

-“richie!” he tries to call out with chris’ hand over his mouth. “richie, help!’

-and that’s when eddie blacks out

-but just a few minutes after eddie blacking out, richie is knocking hard on the locked door adn he’s screaming out for chris to open it


-he continues to bang on the door for a few more moments, but then he stops

-and then the door is being kicked open and richie comes storming in, a group of people watching at the door as he shoves a stunned chris off of eddie

-richie looks over at eddie, his shirt not on his body anymore and his jeans unbuttoned and he can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t have gotten upstairs in time

-richie saw chris taking eddie upstairs, but his “friends” held him back from following him, as if they knew what chris was going to do and they were helping him

-richie holds back his tears as he stares down at eddie and then rage fills him as he walks over to chris and punches him square in the face

-richie gets on top of chris as he’s knocked down and continues to bash his face in


-richie is pulled off of chris by some random dudes, who richie shoves away, walking straight over to eddie and buttoning his pants back up and grabbing his shirt off the floor, putting it back on his body

-richie carries eddie downstairs and outside to his car, lying him down in the backseat

-richie grabs a blanket from the trunk of his car and puts it over eddie’s body before walking around to get in the driver’s seat

-when he’s sat down, richie breaks down behind the wheel and cries so hard

-he can’t help but feel it’s his fault and he hits his hea don the steering wheel several times, mad at himself

-he doesn’t want to go home, but he knows another place he go

-they get to bill’s house and when bill opens the door, seeing eddie unconscious in richie’s arms, he’s scared and confused

-“what happened?” bill asks, moving out of the way for richie and eddie to come through

-“I’ll tell you about it in a minute,” richie says, still crying a little. “where can i put him?”

-bill leads them up the stairs to his room and richie lies eddie down, throwing the covers over his body, kissing his forehead and moving the hair away from his face

-bill and richie go back downstairs and sit down on the couch in the living room

-richie explains to bill what happened and richie breaks down again

-bill pulls him in and wraps his arms around his friend and holds him while he cries

-“it wasn’t your fault,” bill says. “and it wasn’t eddie’s fault.”

-“i shouldn’t have brought him to that party,” richie says quietly

-“shhh…” bill says, still holding richie, “everything will be okay.”

-about an hour and a half passes and bill makes tea for richie and eddie and says they can stay if they want since his parents aren’t home for the weekend

-richie takes his and eddie’s cups of tea and heads upstairs to see if eddie is awake

-he is and he’s sitting up in the bed, staring down at his fingers

-“hey,” richie says, walking over to him and sitting their mugs down on the nightstand

-richie sits down on the bed with eddie and, pulling the covers up over them and wrapping his arms around eddie, pulling the boy closer into him

-that’s when eddie bursts out crying and he holds onto richie so tight, as if his life depends on it

-“i’m here,” richie says quietly. “it’s okay, i’m here, eddie spaghetti.”

-when eddie calms down, he tells richie all that he can remember and he tells him that he calling for him and he was so scared he didn’t know what to do

-“i’m sorry, eddie,” richie says

-“why are you sorry? you saved me, richie.”

-“i just wished i could go back and not bring you to that party,” richie says. “it was my fault. i’m sorry i let you down.”

-eddie makes richie look at him

-“richie tozier, this wasn’t your fault,” eddie says softly. “you saved me. i’m so thankful for you and i love you so much.”

-he kisses richie’s lips softly and richie pulls him back into his body, holding him close and not letting him go

this was probably shit and it’s really long but i almost cried writing it ok

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Pit-A-Pat (Part 1)

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fuckboy!jungkook // high school au

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Smuttish, Romance

Word Count: 3.1K

Description: It all started when Jeon Jungkook moved into the house next door during the first year of high school. His popularity was given as his looks are extraordinary, and not to mention his outstanding grades. Everyone thinks of Jungkook as the perfect person with his good looks, perfect grades, and rich parents. However, Y/N thinks apart from that.

A/N: This wasn’t supposed to be a series but oops. 


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A/N: I strayed away from the request a bit just to follow a story line that I didn’t really plan, tbh (it just happened, I’m srry). I also switched up my style majorly for this just as an exercise, it’s in 3rd person and all but lemme know what you think and whether this is better, worse, or somewhere in between.

Request:  could you write about Jughead getting a call that the reader just got shitfaced at a party so he has to come get her and take care of her 

Word Count: 3,790 (whoops)

Warnings: Alcohol, swearing (lyk twice)

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ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice 2
金剛山寿一 (???)
ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice 2

ナミダメ“ゴ”ミヤダイゴの場合 Sample Voice 2 (CV: ???)

*NSFW, headphones advised!  ( ≖‿≖ )

Release Date: May 26th, 2017.


Author Notes 

Basically, my return from a dry patch. I do hope its okay.

An anon had requested Vulnerable Ivar smut. I do hope this is okay? (but not too similar to what I’ve already done) 


Pairing: Ivar x Reader 

Word count: 6,544

Warnings: SMUT, slight angst, first time. 

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BTS Reaction to S/O jumping and screaming during a scary movie

In honor of my personal favorite holiday coming up, AKA Halloween, we have decided to make our first works a series that are all Halloween themed. Everything we post up until October 31st will be something dealing with Halloween.

Hope you enjoy! - Nasa


Yoongi would have noticed you shaking slightly as the obvious jumpscare crept closer and closer. He turned his head towards you and watched your reaction to the movie.

Your whole body lifted from the couch and a screech left your mouth. Yoongi caught the sight of your wide eyes and face full of fear, and couldn’t help but bust out in laughter.

“It’s not funny, Yoongi!” You said angrily, your body still shivering in fear. Yoongi continued to laugh, his eyes shut tight and his gummy smile on full display.

“If only you could have seen your face!” He said, holding his stomach as his body shook. You crossed your arms and turned away from him, mimicking a child when they get upset. His laughter died down and he pulled you into a hug.

“You’re fine, babe. No need to get scared over a movie.”

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Namjoon would most likely jump with you, your high pitched screech and quick movements scaring him more than the film in front of him. He’d take a moment to calm himself down, then look over at your frightened form. He’d wrap his arm around your shoulders and pull you into his lap, cuddling you into his chest.

“It’s okay, Y/N. I’m here to protect you.” He’d say soothingly, placing a kiss on your head and humming one of your favorite songs to calm you down.

“Maybe a less scary movie next time?”

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Jin would have been walking back from getting more popcorn when he heard you scream. He’d jump himself, spilling some of the popcorn and rushing over to you to make sure you were alright.

When he’d see your shaking form curled up in a ball and the decapitated head on the screen, he’d sigh and walk over to you. He’d put the popcorn down and sit next to you, pausing the movie.

“You gave me a heart attack, Y/N. You hit higher notes than I can.”

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Taehyung would have been almost falling asleep, the movie boring him while you were completely immersed in it. He watched you grip the throw pillow for dear life, watching the girl on the screen shake with fear, your heart pounding in time with her echoing footsteps.

He heard the music getting louder and louder and he knew the jumpscare was approaching, and that’s when he got an idea. He lifted his arms and slowly leaned forward, careful not to alert you of his actions.

“Boo!” He shouted, gripping your shoulders as the jumpscare appeared on the screen. You jumped away from him, screeching in fear and smacking his chest to defend yourself. Taehyung started laughing loudly, holding his stomach.

“Oh my god, Taehyung! I hate you so much!” You shouted, jumping from the couch and storming off to your room. His laughter slowly died down when he heard your tone. He scared you really bad.

“I’m sorry, Y/N! It was just too good to pass up!”

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Jungkook wouldn’t really care about the movie in front of him, paying more attention to his phone rather than his obviously frightened girlfriend. He was scrolling through Twitter when he heard a shrill scream next to him.

His phone flew into the air and landed onto the ground with a thud. He looked over to the source of the noise and saw you curled into a shaking ball next to him. He put a hand on your shoulder and you looked up at him.

“Come here, Y/N. I’ll protect you from the big bad monsters.” He said teasingly. You rolled your eyes but willingly went into his arms. He rubbed your arms soothingly and started to hum quietly, calming your nerves.

“Now, how about we finish the movie? I’ll pay attention this time.”

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Jimin would be sitting on the edge of his seat, watching the movie along with you. His eyes would be trained on the screen in front of him, just as yours were, and even though he saw the scare coming he still jumped with you.

Your scream matched the one in the movie and Jimin jumped, his legs swinging and making him fall off of the couch with a thud. You looked up from behind a pillow and started giggling once you realized what happened.

“Are you okay, Jiminie?” You said in between small giggles. He quickly got up and sent a smile your way.

“Of course. How about we watch something else?”

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Hoseok would be just as scared as you, holding a pillow to his chest just as you were. You both felt the jumpscare approaching, and your hearts pounded in your chests. Soon the music blasted, scaring the both of you and Hoseok jumped from the couch, running to your shared room screaming.

You put the pillow down, forgetting the movie entirely and wondering how your, “fearless boyfriend” was more scared than you were. You paused the movie and heard his footsteps as he walked back to the couch, his head hung in shame.

“You alright there, Hobi?” You said stifling a laugh. He was obviously still scared and you covered your mouth to conceal your smile. He looked up at you and frowned.

“Next time, I’m picking the movie.”

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January 2017

Series: Birthday Month Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Some mixup happens at Cochella turns out to be the greatest mixup ever.

Warnings: Sexual situations? Cute Tom

Word Count: 2,300+

A/N: Sorry it’s short my stomach isn’t feeling well again :( 

I love you all and look forward to a Mr. Holland update c:

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[Reader’s POV]

   The smell of alcohol and weed filled the summer air. Music filled your ears as you saw tons of people heading off to different areas. A guy passes carrying a girl on his shoulders. Her hands in the air as she shouts excitedly.  Everyone dressed in fun and stylish different ways. It was always a dream to come here and you finally were able to come.

   You just grabbed your bags from the back of your Toyota Rav. Locking it you drag your bag towards the safari tents. This was your graduation gift from your parents since you got your degree. It was great as a gift because you would soon be starting your career after this vacation. This is going to be an experience you will never forget…. Well maybe forget some depending how much you drink.

   Looking at the paper you look at the tent number. You signed a paper to room with someone so it’d be cheaper. You couldn’t get anyone to go with you so thankfully they had options to do this. Going to your tent you open the tarp to reveal one bed. Checking it again you look at the bed confused, there’s supposed to be two…

   Putting your bags down you leave the tent trying to find help. Tagging down a security guard he points you over to a table where people were sitting. They had sunglasses on and were wearing t-shirts that said ‘Coachella Staff.’ Once the person they were done helping leaves you place your printed information down on the table.

“I’m staying in tent thirteen, is there a reason why it’s on-”

“Ello, I’m in room thirteen and there’s been a mixup , I was supposed to be sharing with someone yet there’s only bed” an English accent makes your ears perk up. Turning to the side you see an attractive man with Ray bans on. His curls brushed back in a snapback.

“Well since the two of you are here, We’re sorry we can’t fix the situation since it’s the first day of the event..” the woman looks down at his paper , eyes widening a bit as she reads.

“Mr.Holland if you both don’t mind we can accommodate you free drinks while the two of you stay here to make up for our mistake we’re just going to ask if you could share the bed.. in return you get free drinks” The woman eyes were practically begging us to take their offer.

Why does that name seem so familiar?

“Hell if I can get free drinks I can sleep in the bed with some stranger” you laugh with a smile on your face. Who could say no to free drinks.

“Now that’s a sentence I did not expect to hear” the man beside you looks down at you. He takes off his shades looking you in the eyes. His eyes were brown but captivated your attention. You were at loss for words, he was handsome as fuck. It was Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man.

No wonder why you knew his name.

“C'mon let’s get back to the tent, we can get to know each other a bit yeah?” Tom smiles at you gesturing for you to follow him. Nodding you follow him as he slips his shades back on.

     The two of you walked back down the pathway leading to the tent. He held the cloth to the side letting you in. Taking your sunglasses off you set them down on the bed.He was wearing a floral shirt that was unbuttoned showing off his body. You couldn’t help but look at how his abs glistened from the sweat on his body. Looking away you blush after hearing him chuckle.

You were in the same room as a celebrity, you’ve never been in a situation like this.

“How bout we make this a drinking game?” you ask quirking an eyebrow up. Drinking games were your favorite and you barely lost.

“Drinking game? you’ve captured my attention love” his British accent kindling the fire inside you. God he sounded so damn hot.

“Truth or drink, we ask each other questions and if you don’t want to answer you have to take a shot” A woman walks into the room making the two of you look over. She had a tray of various alcohol bottles.

“We wanted to apologize Mr. Holland, here’s something you and her can share while you stay here..” She sets down the tray on top of the mini fridge that was in here. Waving goodbye she leaves the two of you alone. Your eyes locked on the variety of alcohol. The one bottle you know very well stands out to you.

    Walking over to the tray you pick up one of the shot glasses and open the bottle of Hpnotiq. The blurry blue vodka pours into the glass making you smile. Raising the glass to your lips  you knock it back letting it go down quickly. Taking the bottle you walk over to the bed after kicking your sandals off.

   Getting on the bed you sit down on your knees sinking slightly into the plush bed. Pouring another shot you take another one. Tom’s gaze was scanning your body up and down. He then looks over at the tray picking up a different bottle of vodka. Taking a shot glass he takes two like you and heads over to the bed.

   Tom climbs onto the bed sitting across from you. The alcohol buzzing through your system enticing you to drink more. Filling up your shot glass you wait for him to fill his up. The smell of his vodka reminded you of a party you blacked out at. That’s a strong vodka, maybe he might beat you?

“Alright angel, lets play the game” you two clink the shot glasses together before downing them. Licking your lower lip of the little droplet that remained. Tom’s eyes darting to your lips then back up to your eyes.

“Hmmm have you ever thought about roleplaying in your Spiderman suit and tying the girl up?” you ask smirking as his eyes widen a bit. Taking your lower lip in between your teeth as you wait for an answer.

“Yes I have thought about it.. do you like being tied up?” your hand tightened around the neck of the bottle a bit. Okay Holland, nice comeback. A cheeky grin plastered on his face as silence filled the air.

“I do like being tied up actually” filling up your shot glass you down another. You definitely needed a drink after that confession. Tom’s tongue darting out, he licks his lower lip. Raising his hand he runs his fingers through his curls. Yet all you could look at is his muscles flexing and moving as he did so.

“Are you bothered we have to share the same bed for three days?” you ask setting the shot glass on the bed side table. You get up and move closer sitting in front of Tom. Raising the bottle you take a few sips from it.

“No I’m not bothered.. It’s going to be interesting spending three days with you” he smirks  doing the same and just drinking from the bottle. It’s turned into just confession time cause none of you want to hide anything. The music getting louder in the background, cheering started filling the air. The beat of drums getting louder and louder signaling a new person was on stage. Before it was chill music now this band was loud.

“What do you wear to sleep?” Tom asks hissing slightly after chugging some of the vodka. His cheeks slightly tinting pink. He wipes the back of his hand against his lips.

“I normally sleep naked but that would be a problem” you hiccup before drinking more from the bottle.Toms eyes sliding down your figure making your chest tighten.Setting down the bottle on the table you get closer to Tom. His body was now resting against a headboard.

“Why do you think that would be a problem?” he asks you watching your every move. Swinging your leg over his legs you sit down on his lap. Your hands slide down his chest and get slower as the tips of your fingers brush against his abs.

“I mean.. I’ll want to do something if you’re in the same bed as me” your voice light as your fingertips glide back up his body. His arm extends to the side letting the bottle clink against the table.

“What would you want to do?” Tom’s hands grip your waist as your hips start grinding against his. Pulling his face against yours you press your lips against his. A grunt escapes him as his hands move to your ass gripping it. A smack fills the air from how hard his hand came down against the clothed skin.

    Your lips kiss down his jaw towards his neck. Lips attaching to the base of his neck you bite the skin lightly. Tom moans tilting his head to the side giving you more access. Your hips still moving against his in a slow steady motion. The alcohol buzzing in your system and his touch making a fire inside you grow bigger.

    As your hips performed their torture on Tom you could feel him getting hard beneath you. His breathing ragged and the smell of vodka blended with his breath. Tom gets up moving your body so it falls back onto the mattress. Your hair sprawled against the comforter. His hands felt like fire against your skin as they slid up your legs. 

   Spreading your legs apart he settles himself in between your legs. Anticipation making your chest rise and fall faster. His face lowers so he’s close enough to kiss you but isn’t. Tom’s lips press against your forehead making you look at him confused. His chest vibrates from his deep chuckle. Sitting up on your elbows you release a sigh of frustration.

“Don’t be like that love, I would love to fuck you relentlessly now but I want to spend the weekend with you and take you as many times as you want on the last day?” his smile making the ache between your legs become worse. His accent sounding like the hottest thing you heard.

“You better make it worth it Holland” you smirk reaching up and gliding your fingertips over the hickeys your made on his fair skin.

“Well I’m Spider-Man so shut your face” Tom laughs taking your hand and kissing the palm of it. The action making you smile from how cute he is.

“Well you don’t have the suit on now or any rope.. cause then we could have some fun” giggling at the way his eyes widened and cheeks flushed pink.

“You’ll be the death of me this weekend” his hands slide down your body and back up. Letting out a heavy breath you get up off the bed.

“Well lets get out of here and have some fun.. maybe I can change your mind to help your friend out” your hand reaching and cupping his erection through his pants.

“Fuckin hell lets get out of here before I take you now” as you bent over to pick up your shoes a hard slap lands against your ass. Letting out a shriek you look up to see a smirking Tom.

“Fuck you Holland” glaring at him through narrowed eyes. His laughter fills the air making you furrow your eyebrows.

“You will be fucking me this weekend…”

“Tom!” picking up the bottle you laugh before taking a couple sips from it. The liquid burning its way down but feeling so good.

“It’s true though, you’ll be begging for it.. now hurry up I want to go get drunk as fuck I need it after finishing filming” Taking off his shirt he tossed it onto the ground and searched through his bag. Pulling out some paint he takes your hands.

    Rubbing the paint on your hands he places your hands on his pecs. Sliding your hands slightly to the side smearing the handprint but it still being visible. He takes two of your fingers on your cheeks moving them horizontally. Walking over to the basin you rinse the paint off of your hands. Drying your hands you change your outfit a bit.

   The two of you walk out of the tent and head down the pathway. A security guard walked past followed by another shortly after. Tom takes your hand in his as his free hand readjusts his snapback. His muscles on full display making you die on the inside at the sight. Yet the fact that he was holding your hand made your heart hammer in your chest.

“Ready to have an amazing weekend you’ll never forget?” he asks as the two of you walk toward the crowd.

“If I get to spend it with you thats all I care about” blushing a bit at your confession.

“Trust me I would never forget this for the world” he winks picking you up. Your body being slung over his shoulder. He takes off running towards the crowd and the two of you disappear into the crowd starting a weekend adventure together. This was going to be a weekend you would never forget.

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idk about y'all but what always gets the waterworks turning for me in that 2x07 flashback is when alec brings magnus back in for a kiss and everything is suddenly in slow motion and the beautiful music gets louder and the camera pans to alec’s hands trying to get magnus’s shirt off in the most gentle way and you can see magnus shiver and lean closer and yeah… 100% guaranteed to make me sob

A Marco Moment

Set right after the Season 2 finale, Marco realizes that something is missing.

What a great season finale this was.
Let’s ruin everything with an unnecessary one-shot.

Also on

The boy in the red hoodie stared in silence at the empty room in front of him.
It was just a mundane guest room, the one his family always used for exchange students.

Marco was feeling weird, almost out of breath, the heart in his chest pumping wildly as if he’s just finished running a marathon.
There even were, strangely enough, tears in his eyes. How did those end up there? He kept staring at the simple bedroom around him, as if he was desperately looking for something.
Or someone.

He could hear the party from downstairs going on normally, people laughing and having fun.
Which made him question his presence in that meaningless room even more.
The boy closely inspected the room’s walls and furniture as if it could give him some answers. He could swear that there was reason he felt so weird.
A reason why he was there in the first place.

“Marco… there you are!”

He turned around, startled by a girl’s voice.
It was Jackie, his girlfriend, whose haunting green eyes could read through his fake smile in a moment.

“What are you doing here all alone? Something’s bothering you?” she asked.

As crazy as that sounded, Marco could only think of one answer, which was another question.

“Yes actually… what am I doing up here?” he chuckled, realizing how silly that sounded.

Jackie smiled at him and gently took his hands, stepping closer to him. “I don’t know… having a ‘Marco Moment’ maybe?”

“No, seriously.” he said, trying to sound as serious as possible. “I feel like I ran up here for a reason but… I can’t really remember now?”

That made him earn an amused look from his patient girlfriend, but he didn’t want to sound crazy.

“Maybe I *am* having one of my weird 'Marco Moments’ after all…” he admitted, smiling at her.

“Or even weirder… someone put a weird spell on all of us or something…” she joked, poking at his head. “But it’s OK: I like weird.”

The two teens smiled at each other and left the room, closing the door behind them, heading back downstairs, the music getting louder, despite being late.
Marco turned back one last time, looking at the wooden door leading to that empty bedroom.
He could swear that there was a reason he rushed there, a very important one.

But maybe he just forgot.

The End

Pit-A-Pat (sneak peek)

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fuckboy!jungkook // high school au

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Smuttish, Romance

Description: It all started when Jeon Jungkook moved into the house next door during the first year of high school. His popularity was given as his looks are extraordinary, and not to mention his outstanding grades. Everyone thinks of Jungkook as the perfect person with his good looks, perfect grades, and rich parents. However, Y/N thinks apart from that.


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Drinking buddy

Pairings: Peter x reader; Father!Tony x reader

Requested: Hi! would you mind writing one where the reader is Tony Starks daughter, and she and Peter are good friends and they know each other through the avengers. Tony is having a grown up party with alcohol and invites Peter, and tells the two to stay away from the alcohol but they end up getting drunk they can’t stop laughing and is just goofing around, and the team tries to get them out of there before Tony sees them. And Peter spends the night and next morning they have hangover and Tony finds out?

Word count: 4 220

A/N: I know i haven’t been active for such a long time but i am back now :O First i wanna apologize for posting this request so late and for the tons of mistake you may see. I hope you guys like it and please let me know what you think. (i am so desperate, i really need to know) Feel free to request ♥

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Friday. Another boring day in the tower of the famous superheroes named ‘The Avengers’. You may think that being a child of one of them would be so cool and your life full of adventures but oh dears, how wrong you are…My name is (Y/N), daughter of the one and only Tony Stark aka Iron Man. And although my father and his friends are the saviors of the world, I cannot say my life is so interesting. Just like my father I’m a really good mechanic and I love creating new things. That’s what I do almost all the time but daddy never lets me help him and I kinda understand why but still I am angry at him. I have tried so many times to persuade him to let me do something for the team but he insisted on my staying away and being safe. Bullshits. Everyone knew my father has a daughter, if somebody was to attack me, they would have done it not caring whether I am in the team or not. However, let’s stop with self-pitting and getting you bored to death.  

As I was saying, it was a Friday morning and I was alone (again) in the spacious tower waiting for my father and his teammates to come back from a mission in London I didn’t know about…Well, not as much as I wanted. When I woke up I did everything ordinary- brushed my teeth, cooked something for breakfast, stumbled over the carpets because I was too sleepy and bored to look where the hell I was going, watched TV, ate again, went to the balcony, a second later to the kitchen for a hot chocolate but exited the room with a piece of cake. So basically my day was – eating, watching and sleeping just like now.

“(Y/N)!”, someone screamed in my ear and I jumped from the sofa I was currently sleeping on. The action caused my body falling on the ground and feeling a strong pain in my ass. As I was still sleepy I tried to stand up as fast as I can to protect myself but I hit my head on the table next to me.

“Shit!”, groaning I laid on the floor waiting for the headache to disappear.

“Sorry.”, the person said but still giggled at the spectacle that happened in front of him.

“Fuck you, Parker!”, he just laughed and extended his arm in order to help me stand.

“Language, (Y/N)!”, I smirked as Steve’s voice echoed through the room. Seconds later I saw him and the others entering. My dad, of course, was caring a bottle of whiskey and some cups for the others.

“You look like hell”, I stated after looking at all of them. Nat and Clint were still in their uniforms, which were covered in blood, both theirs and probably the victims’. “What happened to you? I didn’t expect you to come back so early.”

“Well, to cut a long story short, they tricked us.”, Nat groaned as she took a glass of whiskey.

“More than once.”, Bruce finished. By the look on their faces they were pretty worn out. Only Peter looked okay.

“And why is Peter the only one who looks like a fresh flower?”, his smile vanished immediately and he frowned at us like a child.

“They locked me on the helicopter so I could not help them in the mission.”, the way he talked made me laugh, he was really behaving like a little kid.

“Come on, Pete. We talked about this. You helped us and didn’t get hurt.”, Wanda spoke. Her face was wounded and tired, “And no matter how much I like talking to you, I need to rest, so see you later.”, and with that she exited the room.

“At least it is Friday. You have two days off now.”

“Being a superhero means you never get the chance of resting and having days off, (Y/N).”, my father spoke but as soon as the words escaped his mouth, he stood from the chair with a smile on his face.

“We all know you have something stupid in your head, Stark.”, Clint exclaimed, “What is it now?”

“We’ll make a party. Tonight.”

“Yeah, because a party is the last thing we need right now.”, Natasha and Steve disagreed with my father.

“Oh, come on! We need to ease out minds and have some fun. We have no idea whether Colson will phone us tomorrow with some shit information or another mission. I don’t know about you but I am throwing a party tonight and I indeed don’t care whether you would come or not.”

“I know I will regret this later, or probably till the end of my life but I think he is right.”, Clint spoke and stood up, “We need a way to unbend.”

“That sounds super, daddy. What time will the party st-”

“Oh, no. No, no and no. It will be an adult party, sweetheart. You and Peter are too young to attend it.”

“Wait, what?!”, I and Peter screamed at the same time, “I hate you! You never let me have some fun in my life. You didn’t let me be part of you, I am capable of helping you and yet you make me stay away! You ditch me here alone for days while you guys are on a mission and when there is something that can entertain me for some hours, you banish me! That IS NOT FAIR!”, I screamed at my dad. He opened his mouth to say something but I hurried to get out of the room. I wasn’t really into getting a rap on the knuckles for my behavior. I went straight to my room but before I got the chance of closing the door, somebody stopped me.

“Hey, there.”

“Hello, Peter.”

“May I come in?”, without answering I opened the door more widely for him to enter, “I know how you feel but you should understand him.”, he spoke softly.

“Understand him?! For what?! He is being so mean towards me and I have no idea why. I have done nothing!”

“I know how you feel, (Y/N). I’ve been, no, I am still going through the same. First it’s aunt May, and on missions it is Tony. He has only you and he is afraid of losing you.”

“That doesn’t explain why he is behaving like that.”

“No, it does. I didn’t say it was right or that there is logic in his actions but you know him better than anyone else. Don’t be so harsh on him, he loves you and we all know that.”

“It is strange that he doesn’t allow me go to the party! He has done so many things when he was a teenager, things I do not want to mention.”, but no matter how angry I tried to be, I knew Peter was right. I should try to work out the things.

“Well, he may have forbidden us to go but is that actually going to stop us?”, a playful smirk appeared on his face. I smiled widely and looked at the boy who was now sitting on the bed next to me.

“Did I hear you right? The nerd boy Peter Parker suggesting going on a party?”

“Do not act as though it surprised you.”, he sounded offended but he was giggling.

“How are we going to do it?”

“I dunno but give me some time to form a plan. I will get you after some hours for the party, milady.”

“When did you become so confident?”

“After I embarrassed myself over 20th times in front of you.”

We stayed in my room for two or three hours giggling at the memories when I and Peter first met each other and how nervous he had been. I had never expected to have someone as close as him but Peter had somehow found a place in my heart and I still couldn’t figure out what exactly it was. After the boy left I opened my wardrobe, sat on the bed and looked at it trying to figure out what the hell to wear. The never ending problem of a girl. My father had filled it with so many clothes and yet nothing seemed too good for tonight.

It seemed that I had fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes I was greeted by a handsome vision of Peter.

“Why are you not ready?”, he screamed-whispered.

“I dunno what to wear.”, answering simply I closed my eyes in order to sleep at least 5 minutes more.

“Oh, no! No! No and no!”, exclaiming the boy shook me lightly and tried to make me sit, “We are not going to sleep because we are having fun tonight, you get it Stark?”

Groaning I rubbed my eyes and when everything became clear I glanced at Peter. He was wearing trousers and a red short sleeve shirt which I had to admit was classy and sexy on him.

“You look, just…Wow.”, I swear I saw him blushing at my comment.

“Well, thank you. Now, we have to see what you are going to wear. The party started like 1 hour ago so I hope that ‘till we are ready your father will be drunk enough to not spot us.”

“My father can never be that drunk. I have the feeling that the alcohol isn’t affecting him anymore.”, we laughed and then searched through my wardrobe for something suitable.

To not waste your time with boring descriptions, I will only say that we spent an hour until we were finally ready. When we exited the room I did my best not to think about the mess inside. All my clothes were lying on the floor but at least it was worth it. Taking Peter’s hand we headed downstairs where the party was held. I was wearing a dark red dress, which was a present from Nat. It had sleeves but my shoulders were bare and so were my legs. It wasn’t that short but surely it wasn’t something my father would approve.  

As every step we took, the music was getting louder and louder. When we arrived I was shocked. I had never seen so many people in one room. Looking around I saw a DJ, probably a famous one, a bar, an improvised dance floor and no place to sit.

“Probably no one will spot us.”, Peter shouted so I could hear him but as life is a bitch, someone spoke behind us right after Peter said that.

“What the hell are you two doing here?”, when I turned around I calmed a little as it was Nat and nobody else. Honestly, she and Steve and maybe Thor are the only one I can trust to not tell my dad when I am in a serious trouble.

“Nat, please, do not tell dad!”

“If you promise me to not do anything stupid.”, she had crossed her arms in front of her chest but surely the alcohol she had drunk was making the things so easy for us.

“When have I let you down?”, I winked at her but she only rolled her eyes and a smile cracked on her face.

“Just have some fun and stay away from your dad. If he sees you, I do not know you. Get it?”

I and Peter nodded and turned around. I looked at the bar and when I saw nobody of our friends was there I nudged Peter.

“Let’s drink something.”, smirking at me, he took my hand and we headed towards the bartender.

“I would like-”

“Sorry, miss but you don’t seem like an adult, neither your friend.”, I clenched my teeth. For the first time in my life I wanted to have some fun and this guy was not going to ruin it.

“Do you know who you are talking to? Excuse you, but my father has fired you to serve for his party and right now, he wants some drinks for him and his friends. You can see them over there if you want.”, I didn’t turn around because I had no idea where daddy was and I didn’t want to attract his attention if by some chance he had saw me, “so I don’t want to get a rap on the knuckles because somebody cannot do their job.”, I knew I sounded kinda bitchy but I had to. Sometimes you have to show people who you are.

“My sincere apology, Ms. Stark. I will give you the drinks in seconds.”, the man turned around to pour some alcohol. He didn’t ask us what we wanted but as I had said they were for my father, the bartender probably knew what he usually drank. Spinning around the man gave us four glasses of whiskey on rocks, a cocktail and two shots of vodka I think.

“Thank you.”, smiling at him I took half of the shots, while the others were taken by Peter.

“That’s why I love you, (Y/N)!”

“Why? Because I can supply you with alcohol? And I thought you were a nice guy.”, I acted as though I had been hurt but the smile on my face gave me away.

“Well, we’ll see tonight.”

“You wanna get drunk?”

“Why not? And besides, tell me someone better to embarrass myself in front of than you.”, smirking I stopped and so did Peter. I got nearer and looked up at him.

“Then, what are we waiting for?”, his smile grew wider. We put the glasses on a table near us and we both stayed with the two shots of vodka. Cheering we tangled our hands, just like the married couple do at their wedding, and drank them on ex.

“Shit.”, i exclaimed as I felt the liquid going down my throat.

“That thing is like fire, dammit.”, Peter was coughing and I was laughing at him.

“I thought you were tougher than that, Parker.”

“You have seen nothing, yet, darling.”

“I hope so.”, smirking, we took the next shot.

And we were on a roll. After we finished our drinks we decided to have some fun. I dragged Peter to the dance floor. Although we were drinking so much for a first time, I didn’t feel drunk, neither did Peter. We just had more courage and didn’t care about the world. Dancing around, laughing at our moves, joking and flirting with each other distracted us and we didn’t see my father getting near. I was about to bump at him when a strong figure stood between my father and I. Looking up I saw Thor’s face and beamed.

I threw my hands in the air happy to see the god and opened my mouth but he used his free hand to shut me. He looked back and stood like that for some seconds. After that he let me go and drank from his whiskey.

“What was that for?”, although I wanted to be angry I couldn’t stop smiling like a fool.

“You two were about to get in a serious trouble if it wasn’t me and Nat to prevent Tony from seeing you.”

“Thank you, Thor!”, exclaiming I hugged him tightly which coughed him off guard. Peter used the opportunity to steal Thor’s drink and take a sip.

“No, no!”, he tried to get it back but I was the one who took it from Peter. Thor turned towards me but he wasn’t that fast as I tried the beverage, too, “Shit, shit, shit!”, he couldn’t stop cursing as he saw his glass empty.

Suddenly everything in the room became blur and spun. I staggered and caught Peter’s arm to regain balance but Peter was about to fall. It was Thor who took us and helped us stay still. A minute or two later everything was fine but far away from normal.

“I thought that was whiskey. ” , Peter spoke.

“It was, but I have put something special from Asgard as your alcohol cannot affect me that much. Shit! Tony’s gonna kill me.”

“I feel awesome.”, I was definitely drunk as the words escaping my mouth were in a slow motion.

Thor turned around hoping he would see Nat or Steve or anybody except Tony that would help him. I grabbed Peter and tried to drag him away from the Norse god without falling on the floor. We were away from him but we bumped in someone else. Turned out to be Vision.

“Hello.”, he greeted us, “I thought Mr. Stark forbade you to come.”

“Hello, Vision.”, Peter said, the smile never leaving his face.

“No, I talked with him later.”, I didn’t know why but I couldn’t stop laughing, “He said yes.”

“You look drunk.”

“Yes.”, I screamed, “That was the point, right Peter?”, unfortunately I turned around too fast and staggered. I fell on Peter but as he was as drunk as me we both fell on the floor.

“It seems you fell for me, huh?”

“For you, dunno, but thanks in it was on you.”

We were sounding so stupid and I was sure there was no logic on whatever we were saying. I lied next to him and burst out laughing.

“There you are!”, Nat shouted angrily as she approached us, Thor behind her.

“Hello, Nat! Do you have some drinks with you?”

“No drinks for you anymore!”

“But I want!”, both Peter and I shouted and looked like spoilt brats. We looked at each other and again we began acting as though we had been insane.

“Oh, god! Thor, why did you give your asgardian thing to them?”

“Do not shout at me, Natasha! It’s not like I let them, they just stole it.”

“What are we going to do with those two. They are uncontrollable.”, while she was talking to the Norse god, she didn’t manage to see us sneaking out. For an assassin she wasn’t that good with keeping an eye on people.

“Where are they?!”

“Where is who?”, as the question was asked, the three superheroes froze. It was Thor to turn around and speak.

“Natasha’s weapons. She thinks somebody has stolen them.”

“Oh, I will buy you others. Just have some fun for one night. You guys surely do not know how to enjoy a party.”, Tony rolled his eyes and turned around to leave his mates.

“That was close.”, Nat breathed out, “We better find them. Now!”

“It won’t be that hard. They are over there.”, Vision pointed at us as were roaming around the room stealing drinks left without a supervision. We were taking, drinking, leaving the glass. I was about to do it again but I felt strong arms around my waist.

“If you wanted me, you could have just asked me.”

“I surely do not like your drinking state.”, Thor stated as he lift me and began walking out of the room. I took a hold of the door trying to prevent him from getting me out.

“No! I am not going anywhere!”, after some minutes of struggling to take me out of the room, he finally did.

“Those two are like newborns. You should always supervise them.”, Steve spoke as he caught up with us, holding Peter who was doing everything he could to get out of Cap’s grip.

“Captain America is here to save the princess from the villain.”

“No, Captain America is here to save both your and our lives from your angry dad if he finds out about your state.”

“You are bad. I and Peter wanted fun. You ruined it.”

The next thing I remember was the ceiling of my room.

I couldn’t say opening my eyes was an easy job. Even the slight light in the room was causing me a splitting headache. It was like somebody was hitting me with a hammer after they had punched me several times and had slammed my head against the wall. My eyes were in agony, I just wanted to get them out of my head. Finally I managed to open my eyes but of course with a lot of cursing and groaning which caused the awakening of somebody in the other corner of the bed.

I made an effort to sit up and look who was there but the sudden and stronger pain in the back of my head stopped me. This time I wasn’t the only one groaning in pain.

“Shit. My head is about to explode.”, I heard Peter’s voice. Events from last night started to appear but they were like small pieces of a really enormous puzzle.

“What happened last night?”, whispering, I started to massage my head in order to reduce the pain.

“Dunno.”, the boy answered. I didn’t feel the bed moving so he was probably in lack of energy just like me, “But we have overdone drinking.”

“You don’t say…”

I closed my eyes again ready to fall asleep when I felt something vibrating. Turning around I saw some black spots due to the fast movement. When everything came back to normal I looked at the night stand next to my bed. There was a message from Nat but I first spotted were the two glasses of water and some pills. Smiling I took one of them and threw the other at Peter.

“What the hell, (Y/N)?”

“Just take it. I hope it helps.”, groaning he sat up with a lot of effort. Of course he was in the sitting position five minutes later but still, he took the water and swallowed the liquid and the pill.

“My dad’s gonna kill us.”

“Only if he finds out.”, Peter mumbled as he laid back on the bed. And speaking of the devil…

“You are in a serious trouble young lady!”, my dad’s voice was loud bun with the hangover it sounded as though I had been near music columns.

“Daddy, please…”, I whispered and massaged my head again.

“Do not daddy me! How could you do this? After I forbade you!”

“Of course she would do so, Tony.”, Clint stated. I hadn’t noticed that some of the Avengers were in the room, “She’s your daughter after all.”

“I- wait, what?!”, Tony looked confused yet angry at his teammate.

“Clint’s right and you know it. How many times have we forbidden you do something and you still have done it anyway.”

“How am I the guilty one now?”

“Dad, please, do not shout…”

“Peter, what are you doing here?!”

“I-”, Peter stuttered as Tony’s attention was now on him. It seemed that my daddy didn’t notice him when he burst into the room.

“It’s not his fault. He just came with me to keep an eye! I made him drink all the shots and Thor’s asgardian thi-”

“You gave them that?!”, dad looked at Thor with wide eyes filled with shock and anger, “You gave my daughter -”

“Oh, no! No, no and no! Not again. I did not give them anything, they stole it and drank it.”, with an irritated face Thor left the room. I should apologize to him later, he has done everything he could to save me from my dad after all.

“Can you leave us, alone?”, seven or eight heads turned towards me. They all nodded and left the room. Nat came and helped Peter who was still trying to fight his hangover. Well, next time I would know that he should not drink so much.

“Peter, next time I see you in my daughter’s bed I would end you.”, Dad threatened him.

“Daddy.”, Tony looked at me and once he saw the pain written on my face and heard the desperation in my voice he calmed down a little. Coming closer he sat on the bed next to me.

“I’m sorry.”

“What?”, I expected him to shout, throw things, be sarcastic, angry…anything but apologizing was something I did not thought would follow.

“I shouldn’t have disallowed you from coming. I, Clint was right…I know what I’ve been doing when I was your age and I just didn’t want you to be the same. In attempts to protect you from turning into me,  have caused something way worse…I know you are probably hating me, not only because of the party bur for everything…”

“I don’t hate you, dad. Fuck it, I love you more than anything. It’s just I spent my days here, doing nothing, especially when you are on missions. I just wanted some fun, some socialization, some…some time with you, even though it would be on a party. I’m sorry I acted like this. I wanted to prove something to myself and mainly because I wanted to break the rules…”

“Sounds like a man I know.”, a smile cracked on his face and we both laughed at the comment.

“Can we…can we spend the day together? Just me and you?”

“Of course darling.”, daddy responded. I didn’t miss the tears he was holding back. Tony and I had never been much into such talks, apologizing for hours and so on. We needed only one hug or look to understand each other and know the things were better, “But I have something to do first.”, he said and stood up.


“Killing my teammates for trying to hide you and your drunk ass from me.”

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Into You (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: I put 3 requests together in this one;

81. “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

91. “Your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like..”

99. “Come sit on my lap.”

An imagine based on the song “Into You” by Ariana Grande

Warnings: SMUT (or worse my first smut!!)

Word Count:

A/N: Listen to “Into You” by Ariana Grande while reading. Oh God what is this!!!!! This was my first smut and honestly, I have never sinned like this before. The most awkward part was the last part…

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“I’m so into you, I can barely breathe. And all I wanna do is to fall in deep. But close ain’t close enough ‘til we cross the line, hey yeah. So name a game to play, and I’ll roll a dice, hey”

Music was blasting off, sending ecstatic feelings to the seniors who were happy to be graduating and finally leaving high school after four miserable years. The apartment was full of people dancing, making out, doing the stupidest things alcohol was causing but none of them was caring. It was the night when they were feeling finally free.

However, Peter Parker was not enjoying the party very much. He was dragged there by his friend Ned, who was surprisingly drunk off his ass by midnight and left Peter all alone. Peter didn’t know much people and he wasn’t much of a talker. Other than that, he was quiet disturbed by watching his crush of four years, sitting on a lap of some douchebag. Peter didn’t have any right to get mad at the scene as Y/N was just a friend for him. They talked when they saw each other at school but not more than that. Ned always kept pushing Peter to ask her out but for Peter, it was harder than getting into some fancy college. He kept glaring at the guy but his eyes were also on Y/N. He felt his pants tightening and he couldn’t catch his breath for a second as he watched her grinding on the guy, her hair all over her face, her mouth open… He sighed and started playing with his fingers. The boredom was killing him and the noisier the seniors got, the more irritated Peter got. He stood up and walked towards to the kitchen to get some drink. Peter didn’t drink much but he knew the night wasn’t going to pass without alcohol.

He harshly opened the fridge, still thinking how Y/N was grinding on that guy’s lap, he sighed and shook his head, she could do whatever the fuck she wanted. He pulled a beer can and opened it quickly. When he turned around he bumped into someone and beer was spilled all over to the floor.

“Shit…” They both mumbled. Peter tilted his head to see who he was talking to. “Sorry, wait, I’ll get you another one,” the girl mumbled and headed to the fridge. Peter’s mouth was open, seeing that it was Y/N. “Okay,” he talked to himself quietly while nervously waiting for her. He didn’t even know why he was nervous; they always talked to each other. But tonight, Peter felt like he wanted more.

He was woken up from his thoughts by the soft voice of Y/N: “Here, I’m sorry Peter, again,” she chuckled. Even though she had looked pretty energetic back when Peter was watching her, now she looked extremely calm. Peter was curious if she had taken any drugs or something.

Peter grinned: “No problem, thanks for the beer,” he lifted the beer up. They stared each other awkwardly, not talking for a while then Y/N asked: “Are you alone?”

Peter nodded while taking a sip from his beer. “Actually, Ned was with me like an hour ago, I don’t know where the hell he is right now,” they both laughed, knowing how Ned would be if he was drunk. “I was with my friends too but we made a stupid bet so I needed to give this stupid guy a lap dance. Ugh, it was gross. I’m glad that I could escape them. Shall we hang out together, you seem bored?”

Peter was shocked and also extremely pleased by her offer: “Sure!”

They both headed to the dancing crowd.

“Oh, baby, look what you started. The temperature’s rising in here. Is this gonna happen? Been waiting and waiting for you to make a move, before I make a move.”

“You are the worst dancer I have ever seen!” Y/N yelled at Peter who was truly failing dancing. “Hey! I didn’t know this was a dancing competition. I just came here to have a good time, I feel so attacked right now!” Peter yelled back.

They had been dancing for a while, neither of them feeling tired at all. They were probably the only ones who weren’t drunk; Peter wasn’t drunk since he needed to take his friend back home and Y/N just didn’t feel like drinking. Music was getting louder and louder as the hours passed, it was almost 2 a.m.

Peter was finally enjoying his freedom night. This was the first time he was hanging out with Y/N and it was probably the first time he was truly having fun. They didn’t talk much but it was okay. Just dancing was enough too. Well, not that enough maybe.

“Why are you dancing so far away from me Parker?” Y/N chuckled while getting closer to him slowly. Peter’s smile faded away, now what was he supposed to do? “I-I didn’t realize…”

“I’m joking,” she smirked and placed her hands on his shoulder, their chests nearly touching each other. After a while, Peter got used to the position so he gently placed his hands on her waist. His hands sent a warm feeling through Y/N’s body, causing her to bite her lower lip. Peter stared at the ceiling trying to hide his groan Y/N just caused.

“Peter…” Y/N whispered and Peter stared back at her dazzling eyes: “Yes?”

“When will we stop pretending and stop this pain for both of us?” Y/N gasped, still dancing against Peter’s body. Peter knew exactly what she was talking about but he couldn’t say anything. He felt his cheeks burning up and his hands were shaking. Of course he wanted to stop pretending, he just didn’t know how. “Let me make this easier for you.” She stood up a bit more to reach to Peter’s ear and slowly whispered: “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear,” sending shivers down Peter’s spine. Without hesitation, he pressed his lips onto hers. The harsh kiss caused her to moan, making Peter more flustered than ever. Y/N opened her mouth to let Peter’s tongue in. Peter’s hands were slowly roaming all over her body, painfully. “Peter…” Y/N moaned again. Peter smirked, not moving for a bit. “Stop teasing me,” Y/N whimpered, unbuttoning Peter’s flannel slowly. Peter groaned at the sudden action and mumbled: “Your lips make me wonder what the rest of you would taste like…”

Y/N broke the kiss and slowly walked backwards, leaving Peter speechless. “Huh, I guess you will never find out if you keep standing there…”

“So, baby, come light me up, and maybe I’ll let you on it. A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that’s how I want it. A little less conversation and a little more “touch my body” 'Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you.”

Peter followed Y/N through the long corridor, trying to walk quickly between the teenagers who were all over the place.

When Y/N finally got into one of the rooms a smirk was formed on Peter’s face. He slowly opened the door and saw Y/N leaning on a wall, her arms crossed, acting like she was disinterested in this whole situation. Peter quickly closed the door. The room was not very dark but it lacked light too. Before Peter could even move, Y/N attacked his lips. Peter’s face was red again. Even though he was getting used to this whole situation, it was still a shock for him. His hands slowly roamed her waist and a little bit down. As the kiss got rougher, Peter gained confidence. They slowly walked backwards to the bed and Peter sat down. They were both running out of breath. Peter slowly put his hands to Y/N’s sides who was standing in front of him. He slid his hands into her tight dress and stopped between her thighs, causing her to moan. “Come sit on my lap,” he demanded. Y/N sat on his lap and Peter kissed her jaw and shoulders softly. Y/N smirked and started grinding in a painfully slow pace. Peter’s hands were trembling again; he felt his pants tightening each second. He let out a quiet moan. “I-I adore you angel…” To tease him more, Y/N kept grinding while sucking on his lower lip. Peter couldn’t take it anymore so he pinned Y/N to the bed.

Y/N chuckled lightly at the sudden confidence Peter gained and Peter blushed:“If you don’t want me to-“

“Please, less conversation more touching,” Y/N whined and pulled him closer by grabbing his half unbuttoned flannel. Peter started sucking on Y/N’s collarbone, leaving marks. Then he slowed down a bit and kissed her breasts softly while Y/N’s hands were all over his soft hair. Peter unzipped her dress and she took it off immediately. “You are so beautiful,” he mumbled, while he kissed her stomach, cupping her breasts. Y/N kept whining, waiting for him to do something. Peter took off his pants and unbuttoned his flannel. He looked at Y/N, who was already a moaning mess, asking if these are all okay. Y/N simply nodded and Peter kept massaging her breasts. When finally he took off Y/N’s panties and his boxer, he slowly kissed her inner thighs. “P-peter… please…” Peter pressed his lips to hers, slowly getting inside of her, trying to make sure everything was okay. His hands still on her breasts and his lips on her jaw. Y/N kept moaning his name, causing Peter to go faster and faster each second. Peter kept whispering: “I love you”s into her ears.