music gets louder

space gothic
  • Around 1% of the static on your tv and radio is cosmic background radiation, leftover energy from the earliest days of existence lingering throughout the universe. You turn the dishes to the sky and tune the signal, filtering out the rest of the interference in an attempt to hear the sound from creation. You hear screaming.
  • Stars shimmer as you gaze at them up in the night sky. They tell you that the twinkling is due to the distortion of the atmosphere, but you see one star flickers in Morse code. When you try to write it down no lead or ink comes out of your pencils and pens. When you try to talk about it your teeth bleed.
  • Your pens float around you. Your water hovers in perfect circles. Everything is floating. You are floating. There is no gravity. You are still on Earth.
  • The massive gravity of Jupiter drags in passing asteroids and comets before they can reach the inside of the solar system. Sometimes they become moons. Other times they are swallowed by the planet, buried underneath massive storms. You watch it from the telescope sometimes, gaping maws peeking out of churning storms, sucking in falling meteors. All the while the Great Red Spot remains fixed, watching you back.
  • You can faintly hear music in the space station. No one is playing any music. The music comes from outside. You press your ear against the walls of the outside and listen. The music gets louder. There is no sound in space.
  • They launch you up into orbit, but you cannot get back down. You jump out of the station, but you do not fall. You sit back and watch the sunrise as satellites tumble and burn up in the atmosphere, leaving you alone.
  • You see the Earth from space. It is not blue. 
Overwatch heroes and the music they listen to
  • Bastion: plays disgustingly sweet pop music while mowing down opponents in turret form. everyone knows to scatter when the music suddenly gets louder and closer.
  • D.Va: dubstep. she likes to blow her MEKA when the beat drops.
  • Genji: ambient electronica. he used to go hard in his wild years, but as he's mellowed out so have his music tastes.
  • Hanzo: everyone blames McCree for the country music that sometimes plays late in the evenings. Hanzo doesn't correct them. it is his secret shame.
  • Junkrat: wasn't sure what he liked until Winston played him Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. then he decided it was "anything with cannons."
  • Lúcio: a little bit of everything. his eclectic taste keeps his own music fresh and new.
  • McCree: fucking loves classic rock, and will take every opportunity to inform you of that.
  • Mei: anything and everything Disney. each song has hundreds of plays, and she knows the lyrics to every single one.
  • Mercy: folk, both new and old. but she keeps the more grim songs about famine and pestilence out of her hospital.
  • Pharah: rap and r&b. she's been known to light up the skies with fiery beats when she's flying a mission.
  • Reaper: hardcore punk. before being recruited into Overwatch and then Reaper-ified, he was very active in the scene.
  • Reinhardt: overly invested in musical theater. he likes to sing show tunes at full volume.
  • Roadhog: doesn't really react to any music. but he really likes mosh pits.
  • Soldier 76: still thinks the Beatles discography is the pinnacle of modern music.
  • Symmetra: dislikes most music - it's too chaotic and dissonant. but sometimes she plays the old music she used to dance to. that's when she really turns hard light into art.
  • Torbjörn: likes to work the forge while listening to symphonic metal. it makes everything feel very Epic.
  • Tracer: anything you can dance to! swing, in particular. she likes to follow because of all the spinning.
  • Widowmaker: an insufferable indie fan. once a song plays on the radio she's done with the band.
  • Winston: classical. not because he's pretentious, but because Dr. Winston always played it in the lab.
  • Zarya: pounding electro house that she blasts in the gym at ungodly hours in the morning.
  • Zenyatta: twelve hours of whale noises.

Time for memes! How about the boys catching thier S.O twerking?

Deepest apologies for how long this took. I hope the final product is worth the wait.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He’s busy reading by the fireplace when incredibly loud hip-hop music starts playing from your room.
  • Curious, he gets up from his chair and heads to your room, the music only getting louder as he steps closer and closer to his destination.
  • He pushes open the door and is disappointed, yet, curious.
  • Over thousands of years of civilization, is this its climax?
  • You notice him and his piercing glare and you stop immediately. 
  • It’s not what it looks like!! You swear!!
  • But it’s far too late. He leaves the room and returns to his book.
  • After his reading session, you ask him for forgiveness over dinner.
  • He sighs and speaks in a mixture of curiosity and disappointment.
  • “Listen, S/O. Your beauty is overwhelming in one human alone, but I’d like to know why?
  • You blush incredibly hard.
  • You’ve no explanation.
  • He’s not going to leave you for this. Of course not. Humanity is consistently evolving new traditions, customs, et cetera.
  • But that doesn’t help him being incredibly disappointed you’ve joined something that he sees as a dying fad.
  • He’s not stopping you though.
  • Humanity will be humanity.

Rantarou Amami 

  • You were already having fun dancing together to random music.
  • But then a solid beat comes on and you can’t help but just twerk-
  • He just looks at what you’re doing confused for a solid five seconds.
  • And then you start moving it. 
  • “Oh.”
  • Oh.”
  • He’s staring directly at your ass.
  • He’s stunned by the movements until he realizes what he’s doing.
  • Now he’s blushing really heavily.
  • You laugh and tell him that it’s alright, you’re dating anyway!
  • After some reassurance that it really was okay, he begins laughing.
  • You were really suggestive, but as you said, you’re dating! It’s fine.
  • He’s not going to join in, but he definitely found it attractive.
  • You’re very much glad he’s not putting you down!
  • He resume your dancing! It’s always fun but even more that he found your twerking alright!
  • He’s trying really hard not to stare.
  • He’s trying.

Kokichi Ouma

  • You were at a party.
  • A pretty wild party at that.
  • A buzz from your phone stops the fun.
  • It’s from your boyfriend.
  • “I saw what your friend posted on Instagram. Come home now.”
  • Oh, fuck.
  • Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck-
  • You’ve seen Ouma mad before, but never at you.
  • You rush home without a care aside from him.
  • You arrive and,
  • Where is he?
  • Walking around the house, you find him in your room, your dancing mat spread across the floor.
  • “S/O! I am very disappointed-!”
  • He goes on about how he is disgusted by your actions, that you should have never done that! He can’t trust you anymore! 
  • You’re tearing up yet he keeps going.
  • You’re about to burst into tears when-
  • “-all without me!”
  • What.
  • What did he just-
  • “You forgot to invite me to this party! I would’ve twerked with you!”
  • He’s, he’s saying that he was jealous that you twerked and he didn’t. 
  • You ask him if he even knows how and he just shoots a death glare.
  • How dare you insult his twerking skills.
  • He just straight up rips his pants off him, leaving him in just his top and underwear.
  • And then he starts.
  • Oh he’s good. He’s very good.
  • You agree to bring him to the next wild party.
  • He’s ecstatic, and sure that everyone’ll be stunned by you two’s skills.
  • Spoiler alert: They are.

Shuuchi Saihara

  • “Hello, S/O, I was hoping we could watch some Sherlock togeth-”
  • He caught you in the heat of it.
  • This poor boy.
  • He’s sputtering out gibberish and he’s beet red and he’s trying to find his hat so he can hide his face.
  • Wait!! Saihara!
  • He’s locked himself in the bathroom.
  • He never knew this about you.
  • Why didn’t you tell him! Of course he’d be flustered about it!
  • Saihara open the door.
  • Is, is that flushing?
  • Saihara don’t drown yourself in the toilet.
  • He makes out a flustered and stuttering “Okay” from behind the door.
  • Oh gosh this poor boy.
  • You resolve to stay by the bathroom until he comes out.
  • You’re talking about how to resolve this.
  • His insecurities about being a detective are coming through now-
  • “I-I’ve been dating you for, wh-what, several months! A-and I didn’t figure this out!?”
  • You’re admitting that you kept it secret from him as long as possible because you didn’t want to fluster him to the point his soul left his body.
  • A faint chuckle from behind the door, but nothing else.
  • You stay seated there back against the wall for an hour more when he finally comes out.
  • You stand on both feet immediately and hug him.
  • He’s happy to see you, but you see some hidden pain in his eyes, somewhere there.
  • You decide to cuddle and talk on the bed.
  • Your solution is that you can keep twerking, but you have to alert him when you intend to so he can steer clear for an hour and a half.
  • The pain in his eyes is still there.
  • You ask if you want to talk about what he said in the bathroom.
  • He smiles at you softly and speaks quietly.
  • “Maybe tomorrow.”

Kaito Momota

  • You catch him watching vines of women twerking when you walk into his room on his laptop.
  • As soon as he hears the creaking of shoes on the floor, he slams his laptop down and spins his chair around to face you.
  • “OhhiS/OIwasn’texpectingyoutobeherehowareyou?”
  • You’re holding back a laugh at this point.
  • And you suddenly get the bright idea to pretend to be mad at him.
  • You’re “mad!” Why is he looking at other women when he has you?!
  • He’s put his laptop down and stood up, that frightened look on him.
  • He’s angry too, you can see it, but more frightened.
  • He never wants to leave you!
  • He wants only you!
  • You’re still “mad” at him until he’s beginning to cry.
  • And like the shit that you wanted to be, you start laughing.
  • “Wh-what?!?”
  • He’s so confused and mad and sad-
  • He’s sputtering out so many words with so many different emotions but you silence him with a finger to his lips.
  • You begin twerking.
  • He’s staring.
  • He’s staring really intently at your ass.
  • “Y-you could do that the whole time?!”
  • You laugh and affirm his question.
  • He laughs his negative emotions off and is back to his normal self!
  • Happy Kaito!
  • Happy Kaito makes you happy!
  • Happy Kaito is-!
  • Happy Kaito is kissing you really passionately!
  • And much more later


  • A similar situation as Saihara.
  • Except with Kiibo, he’s confused and you don’t want him to know.
  • As soon as he sees you twerking he just freezes in place.
  • You notice him soon enough and realize what’s going on.
  • He’s Googling it.
  • Oh no-
  • When he returns, he’s as pink as a robot can be.
  • He just shuts his eyes close and yells that he was sorry to have seen you performing such a suggestive dance.
  • And then he turns around 180 degrees and just marches away.
  • He’s so flustered. So flustered.
  • He locks himself in his room.
  • You’re immediately knocking on his door and asking if you two can talk about it.
  • He just says he’s processing it and to not worry!
  • You’re still going to worry.
  • When he does come out, he’s still blushing a little bit. But definitely better than earlier.
  • He says that you can continue twerking! There is no problem!
  • He was just overwhelmed by the amount of information he had to download when searching it up!
  • You’re glad, but you can see it in his eyes.
  • That tiny bit of innocence.
  • Forever lost.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • You and Gonta were eating lunch together at home and talking about dancing!!
  • Specifically, bugs that dance.
  • He asks if you can dance!
  • You’re actually really excited to show off! Gonta’s a little clueless on these things, so he shouldn’t be able to judge you!
  • When you do start, he’s excited! Of course! But…
  • He’s a little more confused.
  • This looks like a mating dance?
  • Do you want to mate?
  • He’s too pure.
  • Too pure for this.
  • You stop and tell him that it’s a silly dance and nothing important.
  • “But-!”
  • No Gonta.
  • “But-!!”
  • No, Gonta.
  • You’re too pure for this.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He comes home from tennis practice to you twerking.
  • You notice and stop immediately.
  • You’re blushing beet red, and so is he.
  • However you have two completely different facial expressions.
  • You’re embarrassed as heck, and he is disappointed as heck.
  • He pulls his racket to cover his face.
  • “Looks like you’re busy, I’ll be back later.”
  • He closes the door and leaves.
  • It takes you a few moment to realize what just went down.
  • You shut down the music and rush to the door, all the while yelling for Hoshi to come back.
  • It’s not what it looks like.
  • Yup, you were absolutely not twerking and immediately disappointing your boyfriend.
  • Not at all.
don't count your owls - norio - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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     don’t count your owls  

Author: norio                    
Relationship:   Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Akaashi KeijiBokuto Koutarou                                            Additional Tags:    Alternate Universe - Hogwarts
Bokuto gets stuck as an owl and Akaashi gets stuck with Bokuto.


So i spent the whole day reading Haikyuu-fanfics while listening to epic/emotional/orchestral music. Then, i found this wonderful Hogwarts AU Akaashi/Bokuto fanfic and after some time that  BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM SOUNDTRACK   started playing in the background. I didn’t even notice, at first.
But when Akaashi faced a few Dementors and was about to get killed the music started getting louder and louder which made everything incredibly dramatic and then THE CHOIR GOT TO ITS CLIMAX  - AT THIS POINT I STARTED SHAKING HOLY COW that shit gave me the hardest goosebumps of my life. Even the Jazz-themed part after that FITS PERFECTLY INTO THE WHOLE SITUATION. I’m literally crying right now.

I really need some fanart to this fanfiction
or  more   owl!Bokuto turning into human  /  human!Bokuto with wings  fanart  in general, please Q_Q

I even tried to draw something matching to that one amazing part of the vocals getting louder. (00:52) It’s just a quick drawing of him spiking because it was too hard for me to actually draw Bokuto turning into a human again and using the Patronus charm.    RIP ._.

me: i love winter haha

nct: *releases the switch mv*


The Proposal - L.H.

Summary: 5 Seconds of Summer is having their first gig next week, which calls for lots and lots of rehearsals. Maybe too many.

Pairing: Luke Hemmings and Female Reader

- - -

“That’s it!” Y/N hissed, stomping up the driveway to Luke’s house, the muffled music getting louder with each step. She didn’t want to yell at him, she really didn’t, but he gave her no choice. Y/N’s fist pounded on the door angrily, but the music didn’t stop. She knocked again, harder this time. After a few moments, the music finally ceased. Y/N heard faint mumbling before the door opened.

There he was. Luke fucking Hemmings. Every girl at school saw him as a heartthrob, but Y/N just saw him as obnoxious. “What’s good, baby girl?” Luke smirked, leaning against the doorframe. Y/N could see his bandmates behind him, not paying attention to their conversation.  

“Don’t call me that,” Y/N spat, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’ve told you five times already tonight to turn down your music and you keep playing louder!” Luke laughed and reached out, grabbing Y/N’s hand. “Babe, when are you gonna learn to let loose? Let your hair down, chill a little,” he murmured, bringing her hand up to his lips and kissing it gently. Y/N felt her face heat up with both anger and an obvious blush.

“Luke, I’m tired of coming over here to tell you to shut up. What can I do to get you to be quiet?” Y/N sighed, pulling her hand out of his grasp and letting it fall limp at her side. Luke pondered for about five seconds.

“Easy. You could go on a date with me,” he said in all seriousness, a sweet smile on his face. Y/N’s jaw went slack, her eyes widening to the size of dinner plates. “No!” She whisper-shouted. “I’m not going on a date with you!”

“Then I won’t quiet down. Thank you for your time, Y/N, have a wonderful night,” Luke grinned, stepping out of the frame and beginning to close the door. The door shut, and Y/N let out a loud groan before knocking on the door again. Luke answered almost instantly, like he knew she was going to accept his offer.

“Yes?” He smirked, crossing his arms over his broad chest. “So, if I go on one date with you, you’ll stop being obnoxiously loud?” Y/N questioned, considering his deal. “Mhm,” Luke hummed, nodding his head. “Also,” he interjected. “You have to kiss me before you leave.”

“That wasn’t a part of the deal!” Y/N screeched, making Luke throw his head back in laughter. “Boys?” He called out, cueing his bandmates to start blaring out random notes. The noise was deafening Y/N. “Fine!” She hissed. “I’ll go on a date with you and I’ll kiss you.” The ruckus behind them ceased. Luke beamed, his eyes lighting up with excitement.

“Woohoo!” He exclaimed, gently grabbing Y/N’s waist and pulling her close to him. His lips crashed eagerly onto hers, his grip on her waist sliding down to her hips. Y/N couldn’t lie, he was a fantastic kisser, but she still hated him. “Thanks, baby,” he breathed out, grinning like a fool when their lips parted. “I’m not your ‘baby’, Hemmings,” Y/N shouted as she headed back down the driveway, her mind racing with mixed emotions about their kiss. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now, you know!” Luke called after her, watching her with admiration.

Y/N got back to her room in silence, smiling to herself as she observed the lack of loud music rattling the foundations of her house- until she heard the dreaded words again, only ten times louder. 

“Back from the top! 1- 2- 3- 4!”

jeremy knox + music taste hc

Okay you guys… listen up…. Jeremy Knox is a slut for mainstream pop music

-like iMAGINE

-(this is probably going to be mostly in caps)


-(that part was suggested to me by the Nerd, Nicky (neilsexy))



-jeremy knox cant sing pass it on







-bc goddamn she at least knows how to write a popular song



-jean discovers this one day when he’s walking back to their dorm

-he can hear vaguely obnoxious music but he doesnt know where it’s coming from

-Laila and Alvarez are giving him Pitied looks

-poor jean he’s so confused

-but the music is getting louder as he gets closer to their dorm

-and then he opens the door



-jean is like wtf he recognizes this shit singing and not just the recording

-of course it’s jeremy

-”jeremy what are you-”


-now jeremy is trying to dance to shake it off

-jeremy knox cannot dance either

-jeremy no


-and like when it comes to we are never ever getting back together

-jeremy has this Obnoxious Voice that he uses

-”WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER… *obnoxious voice* like ever”

-and jeremy absolutely INSISTS that Stay Stay Stay is his and jean’s song

-jean “doesnt like it”

-shut up moreau we all know you love it


-a sneaky video that “just magically appeared” gets sent to the group chat

-you’re not smooth knox

-the other trojans get jean and jeremy tickets to taylor swift as a joke

-jean is mortified

-jeremy is ecstatic

-they go and jean lowkey loves it

-jeremy buys him a shirt

-jean would never wear it in public but he wears it to bed sometimes because it helps him sleep at night

-tl;dr- jeremy knox has the music taste of the white girl stereotype, he can’t sing, and he dances like a dad at a barbecue

Apartment B23 (Skate Maloley) 0.0

“Could you ask them to turn down there music at least,” my best friend, Sahara whines to me.

“That’s just gonna make him turn it up more louder, dude.” I say, staring at floor of my apartment.

“Well maybe you should say something again, damn.” Sahara says, noticing that the music is getting louder the more we talk.

Hi, I’m Lola King, I’ve been living in LA for three months now with Sahara, my bestfriend. I love it here. Me and Sahara grew up in a pretty small, isolated part of New York. Not many people visited over there they usually went to the big parts of New York like Queens or Manhattan.

Sahara lived right next door to me and automatically we became bestfriends. We both have a passion for dancing, we have had one since we were 8.

When senior year came around, we started thinking about what we were going to do
because we both knew staying here wouldn’t really do us any justice. We found a small dance company across from a little apartment that was vacant.

Once me and Sahara graduated, we packed our bags and hopped the fuck out of there. Two weeks later, we bought the apartment on the 7th floor and have our jobs at the dance studio across the street as choreographers. The only problem is our neighbor. Nate Maloley, all he does is smoke, fuck, sleep and repeat. It’s so annoying, different girls come from his house almost every night. There is always a party going on over there. I got so sick of it, I decided to go over there to tell him to turn it down. Long story short,  I got a door right in my face. Sahara even tried, he wanted to fuck her though. Something that really pisses me off is that I went to the landlord to tell her the problem and these  are the exact words she said to me:

“It’s Mr.Maloley’s space and he is allowed to do whatever he wants with it.”

He probably fucked her too. 100% percent sure he did. I’ve learned to tune out the music but Sahara hasn’t. He thinks he can get whatever he wants and get with any girl because he is a hot ass rapper with sexy tattoos… What am I doing?

“Lola, you need to tell him to turn that shit down. Now.” Sahara says, I’ve had enough too.

“You’re right, he needs to fuckin learn some respect for the people around him.” I get up and put on my shoes.

“Yes, go get him!” Sahara cheers me on, pushing me out the door. Fuck, I sigh and start approaching Nate’s door, I knock loudly so he can hear it over his music.

The music turns down and I hear the locks on the door start to be unlocked, My heart begins to race as I see a shirtless Nate Maloley with tattoos and a gold chain around his neck, with a very amused smirk on his face.

“Yes, Lola?” Nate says, looking me up and down.

“Can you turn down your music for me? I’ve learned to tune it out but Sahara hasn’t so can you please?” I say hoping that he will corporate with me.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever,” he says not looking into my eyes. I sigh in relief.

“Thanks, Nate” I smile,

“Tell Sahara to come over whenever she wants to bang and same to you too,” he says winking and going in to his apartment.

I scoff and go back to my apartment.

“So?” Sahara questions me as I walk into the room.

“He turned it down,” I assure, not even including Nate’s message knowing that Sahara would never go up on his offer.

“Alright, I’m gonna go to sleep then.” Sahara says, yawning and stretching.

“Night Hara,” I reply, going to sit on the couch and turning on the tv. I hear Sahara’s door close I turn on The Office and my eyes begin to close as the episode begins and I drift to sleep.

                                                       ~Next Day~

“Hey Lo, can you help me get some stuff out of the car?” Sahara calls to me on my phone.

“Yeah sure” I say sighing. I have done nothing all day today, all I’ve been doing is eating and watch Netflix. I wanted to hang out with Sahara but she was busy doing shit, I don’t know, honestly. I put on shoes and start heading down the stairs to Sahara’s car. As I turn the corner, I see Nate standing there, looking around nervously.

“Hey Nate” i say walking towards him.

“Hi” He replies not even looking up to give me even a glance.

“Alright, nice talk. K bye,” I say turning the other way to start heading to Sahara’s car, which is across from us. As I’m walking over there, I feel a sharp pain in my head and I fall backwards.

“Oh shit, are you okay?” A guy with dark hair says, a very worried look on his face. Must I say, he was fine as fuck.

“Hello?” He says. As if he’s looking into my soul.

“Um, yeah” I say, starting to get up and wipe off my hands on my pants. He is still staring at me but more intensely this time. I smile and begin to turn around to leave.

“Wait,” I hear him say behind me.

“Yeah?” I question looking over my shoulder. “What’s your name?” he ask.

“Lola.” I say simply.

“John.” he replies.

“Well Lola, you’re very beautiful and i feel bad for giving you a slight concussion, so let me take you out tonight” He says looking down at his shoes and then looking up at me. I chuckle and begin to reply.

“As long as you don’t knock me down again,” He laughs.

“I promise I won’t knock you down,” he says, closing the space in between us and touches my arm. I feel a blush start to creep onto my face as he does that.

“Swazz!” Somebody screams behind us. I look to see Nate looking at Swazz and making a ‘come here’ motion with his hands.

“Swazz? Who’s that?” I question him, raising my eyebrow. He sighs.

“It’s a nickname my best friend gave me back in high school. I told him not to call me that when I was talking to pretty girls” he says semi-annoyed with Nate.

“It’s fine, John. It’s just a nickname and it actually sounds pretty cool,” I reassure him.

Wait, wait, wait… Nate is his bestfriend. GOD DAMN IT, LOLA WHY THE HOT BESTFRIENDS.
“You’re bestfriends with Nate?” I ask hoping to hear a no.

“Yeah, I am. You know him?” He questions.

“Yeah that’s my neighbor,” I chuckle nervously.

“Ohhh, so you’re the famous 'annoying, hot neighbor’,” he chuckles.

“Excuse me?” I say taken back. John laughs. So, to Nate I’m the hot, annoying neighbor? Wow, that’s not bad compared to everything else I’ve been called.

“So, where are we going?” I ask, referring to our date.

“Oh maybe we can just chill at your place, maybe watch a movie,” he says.

“Yeah totally” I smile.

“So about 8?” He asks.


We begin exchanging numbers and he kisses my cheek.

“I’ll see you later beautiful,” he says walking over to Nate and bro hugs him, I guess. I look over at Sahara’s car and she wasn’t there. Shit. I say running up the stairs to get to the apartment to see if she is there. I open the door to see a annoyed Sahara looking at me.

“Hello, Lola” she says harshly, sipping her coke, not even looking at me. I begin to whine.

“Sahara, I forgot I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy.” I say, acting like a two year old.

“Why should I forgive you, huh?” She asks, still looking away from me.

“Because you’re helping me get ready for my date that is in three hours,” I say acting like it’s nothing. Sahara’s face drops and then she just starts screaming like a weirdo.

“Shhhhh, he’s right next door.” I say giggling and putting my hand over her mouth. She licks my hand.

“Nasty.” I say, hitting her.

“So how did Nate ask you out” she says wiggling her eyebrows.

“No, no. Not Nate. His friend, John.” I say chuckling at the thought that if Nate would ever ask me on a date.

“Oh well, let’s start getting you fuckable.” She says grabbing my arm leading me into her room.

“Am I not fuckable now?” I question, looking down at my sweatpants and oversized tee shirt. “John found me fuckable with this on,” I mumble.

“No girl he saw that ass and said DAMN A BITCH PACKIN,” she says, grabbing my ass. I laugh and continue to walk to her room.

“Ok, where is this date” Sahara asks, looking through her closet.

“In our living room,” I reply. Sahara raises her eyebrows and gives me a look.

“Tell me this wasn’t his idea”

“It was.”

Sahara starts to shake her head. What’s wrong with him pitching that idea to come here? I don’t feel like doing my makeup or hair. Doesn’t sound like a bad night to me.

“Lola King.” Sahara starts, “ he wants to fuck you, for gods sake.” She finishes. I laughed,

“No, he doesn’t. We just met today”

“Doesn’t mean his weeny doesn’t want a go at you,” she says chuckling.

I shake my head. “Find me some clothes, hoe. Hurry up, he’ll be here in 2 hours,” I say as I look down at my nails and start to pick at them.  All of sudden, clothes are thrown onto my bed.

“Wait, where are you gonna stay?” I question her, feeling bad at the fact I’m technically kicking her out of her own apartment.

“Don’t worry Lo, I’m going to the studio to practice.” She says reassuring me.
I sigh, thank god she won’t be here or it would be so awkward.

After 40 minutes of picking out my outfit and Sahara giving me a talk about sex which was the funniest shit ever, she starts to get ready to leave.

“Remember. No fucking on that couch, it’s brand new.” She says, tying up her shoes and picking up her bag.

“I know, I know, Mom. John is gonna be here any minute now, leave.” I say rushing her. I don’t want him coming in and thinking she is gonna stay, that’s just gonna ruin that shit.

“I don’t want little Lolas’ running around in this bitch,” she says pointing her finger at me.

“Alright, just leave already.” I say, starting to push her out.

“Keep Lola Jr. in check, hoe. I know how you are when a dick is around you,” she says chuckling and closing the door behind her. I laugh out loud when she finally left.

I start to pace after 5 minutes pass. What if he got kidnapped? What if he lost interest? What if Sahara was right my ass was poppin and he wanted some? oh damn it, Lola. Stop.  As I start to  pace faster, there is a knock at the door.

A/N: I will post a new chapter every Monday and Friday thanks for reading the first chapter💕 -Kendria

  • Setting: a 90's bad quality white tv commercial. A family is sitting around the breakfast table. The dad is reading a newspaper, the children are eating.
  • The mom walks over to the counter, opens a cupboard and takes out a cereal box. She walks back over to the table while opening the box. She gasps when looking into the box and looks over at her husband with that Sly Smile™.
  • Mom: "Oh Honey! Did you Nut in our Cheerios?"
  • The dad gives that Smile™ and the children and parents laugh wholeheartedly.
  • The camera pans out with cheerful commercial music getting louder.
  • Announcer: "Honey Nut Cheerios™, perfect o's to aim through!"


Hearing the music thudding against her chest from outside the doors, Clare smiled as she looked up at the neon blue sign above the large set of double doors. Slowly taking steps forward, the short girl took a deep breath, and tried to ready herself once she stepped inside. She didn’t want to start squealing with glee as soon as she got in there! After all, she was about to, even still outside. If her body was wobbling slightly just outside of the club, she knew that she was going to have a great time inside.

Opening one of the doors, the music getting louder, Clare’s smile grew even bigger. As she took steps forward, she held her skirt at the sides of her tubby thighs, finding it hard to focus on much right now. She hadn’t even noticed the waves at the sides of the hall, or the few people that were going in as well.

Once she got inside, that didn’t get any better. The music was wobbling her body, there were large ladies all around her, and there were just too many of them for her to focus on! She was still in the back of the club, but she didn’t know what to do yet. Right now, her eyes were darting all about as she stood at the back, smiling widely, having fun doing nothing.

Someone should probably go help her.

  • Its the end of the Marauders’ fifth year at Hogwarts
  • Sirius and Remus have just begun seeing each other
  • It’s also O.W.Ls
  • Which means James never sees his best friend 
  • Because Sirius is always either studying so he can live without his family’s fortune, or with Remus
  • And James is lonely
  • He misses Sirius
  • He tries to hint at it
  • By telling Sirius they should hang out, or sighing whenever Sirius leaves early from a meal
  • But the Black boy just doesn’t seem to get the hint
  • In fact, he’s thinking dramatically about how much he misses Sirius and how lonely and boring his life is one day as he lies in his four poster bed
  • When he starts to hear music playing
  • Is that Queen?
  • It’s definitely Queen
  • So Sirius has enough time to listen to muggle music but not hang out with him?
  • He huffs to himself
  • Why is Sirius listening to Queen without him anyway? It’s both of their favorites  
  • The music gets louder 
  • James tries to ignore it
  • But it keeps getting louder
  • Until
  • Sirius Black crashes through the closed dormitory door blasting Queen from a levitating record player and begins serenading James
  • James throws a pillow at Sirius and says “that’s a bit gay don’t you think, mate? Save it for Moony, huh” 
  • But he can’t help grinning from ear to ear
  • Because Sirius really is his best friend
  • Even if they don’t hang out all the time 
The Balcony

Prompt: “Wherefore art thou Romeo?”

The room was getting more crowded and the music was getting louder. Did the neighbours not even care? You glanced at everyone dancing as you sat by the mini bar. The house was huge. You don’t even know how Lane knows someone so rich but she apparently does and his parties are meant to be the best.

Your friend Lane was having the time of her life with Matt aka her crush. At least one of us is having fun. You didn’t want to leave the house but Lane had persuaded you otherwise. She didn’t want to see you turn into a recluse with a gazillion cats.

“You’re still drinking orange juice?” Lane asked, breathing heavily. “Dancing has officially tired me out.” She giggled, fascinated by the lights. This is why you didn’t drink tonight.

“I’m driving you home remember. Here have my drink. Hopefully you sober up a bit.” You passed your drink and she grabbed a straw, giddy.

“I haven’t drank something with a straw since I was a baby!” She exclaimed as you rolled your eyes.

“I’m going out for a bit. Stay here.” You instructed her. The stench of the sweat in the room was almost suffocating so you walked around to find the balcony. Thankfully no one was there.

The sky was pitch black with a rare star shining. The moon was illuminated which made it look magical and for a moment your heart was beating steadily, not like inside where it pounded with the beat of the song.

And then the moment passed.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun and kill the envious moon.” A voice speaks from the ground. A man walks from a nearby bush and into the moonlight. He grins at you.

Trying to remember however much you could from the play last year you begin.

“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy-thy…”

“Thy name.” He said, smiling. “So, do tell fair maiden what thy doest out here when the party goes on inside?”

“Same to you good sir.” You played along.

“I’m hardly a fair maiden.” He cries as you laugh. He walks up to the side of the balcony and climbs up the vine.

“Hey watch it! That’s not even safe.” You shout in concern.

“Aw my lady worries.” He laughs as he jumps onto the balcony, standing next to you. “I’m Namjoon.”

“Y/N.” You reply. “How do you know all those lines?”

“To Romeo and Juliet? I read and I study English Lit so I kinda should remember quotes. What about you?”

“I played Juliet’s Nurse in a play.”

And like that you got into an interesting conversation, momentarily forgetting about your drunk friend.

“Shit I have to check on my friend.” You quickly stood up. You don’t even remember when you’d sat down. “Sorry Namjoon but it’ll only take a sec.”

Running in, Lane was still at the bar.

“Hey you ok?” You asked.

“I’m good. Better than before. Where were you?” She asked.

“Just outside.” You replied. “Do you want to go?”

“I think I’ve had my fun so I guess.” She said then glanced behind you. “There’s a guy staring at you so you might want to go get his number and then we’ll leave ok.”

“I don’t need a guy-” You began as she gently shoved you towards him. It was Namjoon.

You smiled, giving a small wave as he ushered you to the balcony again where it was quieter.

Taking your hand, he began.

“If I profane with my unworthiest hand. This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this: my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand. To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.”

This was the great scene you remember so clearly.

“Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much. Which mannerly devotion shows in this. For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch. And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss.” You reply as he grins.

“Have not saints lips and holy palmers too?” He stared into your eyes.

“Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.” You said softly.

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.” He moved closer to you.

“Saints do not move, thou for prayers sake.”

“Then move not while my prayer’s effect I take.” He let go of your hand, and instead caressed your cheek as he leaned down to kiss you. Your lips replied with just as much passion, your hands wrapped around his neck. It was a magical kiss like the one where your foot goes up and you relished the feeling, until he pulled away, with the biggest smile. “Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged.”

“Then have my lips the sin that they took?”

“Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.” He leaned down again to kiss you, your hands wove in his hair as his gently held your waist.

“That was amazing.” You breathed as his forehead touched yours.

After a while you both reluctantly pulled away.

“Hey what’s your number?” He passed you his phone and you entered it then handed it back to him. “Juliet.” He read the contact name and chuckled.

“Seems fit don’t you think?” You laughed. “I have to go now Namjoon. It was great to meet you.”

“You too.” He said. “Do you want to go out sometime?”

You smiled, pecking his cheek and said “I’d love to.” Before turning around to get back to Lane.

“Wait Y/N” He shouted. You stopped, turning around as he ran up to you, attacking you in a kiss to which you eagerly replied.

“Ok now you can go.” He smirked.

You giggled and went back inside, seeing Lane staring at you with wide eyes as she mouthed “Tell me everything”.

Maybe tonight wasn’t so bad.


Unknown: Thou art as glorious to this night.

You smiled shyly walking to the car. Lane in excitement followed suit. Turning around to the house you saw Namjoon at a window as he blew a kiss which made you blush.

Best. Party. Ever.

Festival of Fools

Citizens of Cair Paravel started to gather in the square in front of the belltower, though Frollo was not happy about it. But the kings and Queens allowed it and he had to give into their rules as much as he hated to do so. Streamers and flag-banners were hanging from every building to make it festive, little tents were set up as the people of the Court of Miracles started to sell their wares to the more money-lucky citizens of the city. Music was playing from speakers, happy melodies without any vocals to set the mood. The smell of different varieties of food hung in the air, and a large stage was set up for the emcee of the event who would be arriving any second.

People were forced to part like pages of a book as a row of people clad in black walked solemnly through the opened space. The music seemed to get even louder through the speakers. “COME ONE! COME ALL!” All of the people in their stalls started to sing. “COME AND JOIN THE FEAST OF -”

And the Emcee finally made an appearance, sliding in on the ice, on his knees with specialty knee pads put over the bright and colorful costume that had been commissioned by Mary Flores herself. “FOOLS!” He laughed as confetti started to spill. This really was a pleasant festival despite it being the beginning of January. There were space heaters plugged into every tent and stall so that people could step in to get warm, and they had been blessed with nice weather. It was sunny out, and the snow on the ground was starting to melt little by little. Clopin laughed and jumped to his feet, and began to sing his own little song that was special for the festival.

Clopin was extremely animated. He didn’t stand still for a moment, and it was by some miracle that the hat and mask did not fall off of his face through all of the flips and cartwheels that he was doing. His golden hoop earring shone in the sunlight and everyone was able to identify exactly who he was because of that alone. “Scurvy knaves are extra scurvy on the sixth of January all because it’s Topsy Turvy day!”

It was not yet time to crown the King of Fools, but time to get the festivities jumped off even more by inviting someone on the stage to dance while Esmeralda finished her preparations. “Who wants to come and dance the dance of fools? How about you sir? You madam?” He caught eyes with someone in the crowd. “No? How about you then.” He grinned, and held out his hand to welcome someone up to the stage.

Turn It Down (AO3)

Prompt: Dean and Cas are proprietors with stores next door to one another. They can’t stand each other.  They bicker and argue all the time.  One day Cas tells Dean to “shut-up,” and Dean replies with, “Make me.”  Cas complies by pushing Dean against a wall and biting his lip.

Castiel grinds his teeth together and nearly rips his own hair out. Dean’s music is seemingly getting louder and louder. It’s getting to the point of ridiculousness where he knows that Dean is doing this on purpose. 

Since the moment he’d find out some random guy was turning next door into a music store he’d confronted Dean and talked about how he likes to have his book store quiet so that customers wouldn’t be drawn away and if he could keep his noise to a minimum. Dean had only grinned at him and said ‘yes your majesty’. Castiel had decided then and there that he disliked the man, despite his infuriatingly good looks and devilish charm.

However, the music is so loud that it easily seeps through the walls. Seeps through my brain too, Castiel thinks. The song finally finishes and somehow the next one is even louder. Castiel slams his book down on his table and strides out the door, quickly flipping the open sign to closed, before storming into the store next door.

He spots Dean, a magazine in his lap and his legs crossed resting on the table. When he looks up he spots Castiel and immediately puts his magazine down rounding the table to face Castiel. “Didn’t think I’d ever catch you in here. So, what are you lookin’ for?” he asks, and the smug look on his face makes Castiel even angrier.

“Stop messing around, Dean. You know why I’m here.” Castiel replies, glaring at Dean, whose eyebrows pull together in pretend confusion.

“Yeah, of course. You’ve finally pulled your head out of your ass long enough to come to your senses and come over to the better store. That right?” Dean asks and leans back against the table, crossing his legs again. Castiel is honestly about one second from smashing his brain against the wall.

“Dean. I’m only going to ask politely once. Could you please keep your music down so I can have some peace and quiet next door.” Castiel replies, keeping his voice calm but stern. However, Castiel’s calmness doesn’t last very long when Dean reaches behind him and cranks up the volume. 

“What was that? I can’t hear you.” Dean says, lifting his hand to cup his ear. Oh, that’s it.

“Dean, I’m sick of this! Just shut up!” Castiel yells but Dean doesn’t even flinch.

“Make me.” Castiel doesn’t hesitate before taking two steps towards Dean, placing his hands on the other man’s chest and biting his lip, hard. Castiel doesn’t know where it comes from but he’d been itching to touch Dean since the moment he met him even though he was an arrogant, rude asshole. When Castiel steps back, he expects Dean to be angry or yell at him but he’s just touching his lip with his fingers, his beautiful green eyes flicking up in shock to Castiel.

The look on his face has Castiel ready to spit out an apology for going way too far, despite the fact it’s not his fault that he’s insanely attracted to Dean, but before he can, Dean’s hands are on his waist and he’s being spun and pushed up against the counter. Castiel let’s out a breath at the impact but doesn’t get any more time to breathe as Dean’s lips are immediately on his. It takes Castiel a moment to catch up but soon enough he is kissing back fiercely, his hands coming up to tangle in Dean’s short, soft hair. 

Castiel moans slightly into Dean’s mouth when he feels the other man’s hands pulling his shirt out of where it’s tucked into his dress pants and very quickly Dean’s hands are on his skin, roaming all over his chest and stomach. Castiel can’t help but shiver at the touch.

Dean shifts slightly and Castiel only now realises that Dean is hard. Not that it’s a bad thing because he’s embarrassingly hard himself. Their mouths continue to work over each other, only parting for a moment to breathe before they’re back again, their tongues sliding together. Castiel whimpers quietly as he feels both Dean’s hands leaving his skin but then they’re sliding over his ass and one is hooking his left leg around Dean’s waist, he eagerly obliges.

He blushes slightly when he realises how many embarrassing noises he’s making but when Dean grinds into him and releases a loud groan that makes Castiel’s hair stand on end, he feels a little less self conscious. 

Suddenly someone is loudly clearing their throat, causing the two men to jump apart, to find a woman standing there with an annoyed look on her face.

“Is this place still open?” she asks, making Castiel blush. 

“Yes, of course. I’m open ‘til four pm today.”

“Sure doesn’t look like it.” the woman mumbles as she walks over to the other side of the room. 

“So, you free tonight?” Dean asks, casually, as if nothing had ever happened.

“I am in fact.” he replies, quickly, tucking his shirt back in to his pants and flattening the creases on the front.

“Meet me here at four? Pick up where we left off?” Dean asks, busying his hands with a few things on his table and avoiding his eyes. The sexual tension in the air is nearly too much to handle.

“Of course. But only if your turn your music down.” he says, clearing his throat and beginning to walk towards the door. When he looks back he sees Dean smirking but fortunately leaning over to turn the volume down.

The last two hours before closing time go by very quietly and when Castiel walks over to the music store he’s barely inside before Dean is on him, kissing him within an inch of his life.