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On this day in music history: September 25, 1979 - “The Pleasure Principle”, the third album by Gary Numan is released (UK release is on September 7, 1979). Produced by Gary Numan, it is recorded at Marcus Music AB in London from July - August 1979. Following two successful albums as the front man for the groundbreaking post-punk synth pop band Tubeway Army, musician Gary Numan begins recording solely under his own name in mid 1979. This happens just as the band scores their biggest success in the UK with the single “Are Friends Electric?” (#1 UK) and the album “Replicas” (#1 UK). Continuing to work with Tubeway Army bassist Paul Gardiner, Numan adds musicians Cedric Sharpley (drums and percussion), and Chris Payne (keyboards and viola) to fill out the rhythm section.  Heavily influenced by German synth pioneers Kraftwerk, Numan constructs a more synthesizer dominated sound, alternately layering multiple Minimoog and Polymoog parts treated with various effects. He also uses synthesized percussion, including the Star Instruments Synare electronic drum in tandem with a standard acoustic drum kit. The new album also differs from the two Tubeway Army albums as there are no guitars featured on any of the tracks, giving it an even more otherworldly atmosphere. It is released to a rapturous response in Numan’s home country and establishes him as a star on an international basis. It spins off two singles including “Complex” (#6 UK), and the landmark “Cars” (#1 UK, #9 US Pop). Regarded as a classic of the synth pop genre, “Cars” and the rest of “The Pleasure Principle” album also proves highly influential not only on other synthesizer based musicians, but on Hip Hop culture and the Electro-Funk music genre. In 2009, the album is reissued as a two CD set featuring a remastered version of the original album on the first disc, and a second including previously unreleased demo versions and outtakes. “The Pleasure Principle” spends two weeks (non-consecutive) at number one on the UK album chart, peaking at number sixteen on the Billboard Top 200.
slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl - starraya - Holby City [Archive of Our Own
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Serena isn’t accustomed to waiting.

In her work life, she is a woman who does not dilly-dally. She abhors time-wasters. Yearns for efficiency. Surgery is unpredictable, of course. There are complications: bleeds and crashes. Hearts stop – their dance suspends midway between beats – and they must be massaged and pumped, given a music sheet from which to work, a rhythm to follow once more. Some forget the steps. Some remember. They thump steadily on, or flutter erratically, or jump and jolt. Hearts are unpredictable like that.

People are unpredictable like that.

The first time Serena Campbell waits for Bernie she does not know she is waiting. She does not hear the stars whispering to each other as they collude. She does not see the firewood – layer upon layer, building for months – until Bernie throws the first match in.

Until her lips are on hers …

instead of emo phases do apollo kids have broadway phases


The hope you gave me….
~ Jack/Ashi ~
(anime playlist)

I’m the only one who can save myself even if it seems nothing is right, the last bit of hope getting out of my sight.

HOWLING -  Abingdon Boys School
Now I’ve lost it
I know I can kill

Born Legend - Matsuoka Akio 
Tenderness will become our shield, and power will become our sword. Once we’ve known true pain, we’ll have the power to understand everything.

Cross My Heart - Daybreak
Yes, it was your sweet voice calling my name that saved me from despair when I stood at the cliff’s edge.

Flower of Hell - Shimamiya Eiko
Escape, escape, from this sorrowful fate.
You are not a flower of Hell. 

To the Beginning - Kalafina
The light of the beautiful moon sinks down to the beginning,
Far beyond the sky and into your grieving eyes.

The Eternal Country - Seikou Nagaoka

The Source of Love - Kasahara Hiroko 
It was a very small and fleeting eternity.

thetwinlizards  asked:

i miss when i could say i love undertale without feeling obligatory amounts of stigma and shame. i really wish it didn't become another "fandom" thing, just a game that stands on its own merits similar to OFF

ahahaha oh man you have no idea, do you? off also had its own big obnoxious fandom on tumblr back in like, 2012. it was HUGE on this site for a few months. it shared a lot of similarities with the undertale fandom, in fact, just on a smaller scale

listen. fandoms are bad. all of them. there is no such thing as a large fandom that doesn’t have a ton of obnoxious, overzealous fans. but feeling shame because a game you like has some annoying fans or some dumb matpat videos or whatever? that’s all on you buddy. this is coming from someone who still loves my little pony: friendship is magic in a world where the brony fandom is a thing

also, shit like this really grinds me gears because it’s fucking KILLER for indie creators like toby fox. undertale hardly has any sort of marketing budget and only became popular thanks to word of mouth (and the fact that toby already had a decent following online from his homestuck music). games like undertale live and die by the fans. turning on a piece of media and disavowing it just because it has “cringey” fans that the creator has no control over? that has a real impact on indie creators

knock that shit off. don’t be embarrassed to love the stuff you love. you should be happy to see such a great game by an independent creator find an audience. you should be happy that it’s done well for toby. don’t wish for the artists you love to languish in obscurity just so you can keep feeling cool for knowing about them

  • Burr: They won't teach you this in your classes, but look it up, Hamilton was wearing his glasses.. WHY?!
  • Hamilton: I dunno maybe because I need them TO FUcKiN SEE!
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So my dash is really dead and I’m looking for some blogs to follow! Please reblog if you post:

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  • pretty much any musical / play that isnt or ham.ilton

while it’s still april i wanted to make an autism acceptance post !

this post is a shoutout to every autist with a “weird”, “cringy”, and mostly otherwise unknown special interests – and i mean things that actually arent liked by tons of other people like minecraft and fnaf and undertale

im talking about all of you with special interests that no one’s heard about, that have little to no fan content, that are hard to get other people interested in hearing about let alone invested with you

i see you, i support you, and i think your special interest is wonderful and unique. you arent weird or embarrassing or boring, you are passionate and individual and that’s amazing!!

i encourage us all to celebrate each other’s niche special interests. i absolutely adore having seen all my friends speak so lovingly about their special interests and ive been introduced to so many fantastic new forms of media and information !

because the people around me have had the confidence to share their “strange” special interests ive had the joy to discover so many things ??? i never knew wordgirl existed but now i wish i’d watched PBS more as a kid. i’ve learned more about trains and betta fish than i ever thought i would ever. i’ve never thought more about the pixar cars movie, pinky and the brain, and snagglepuss in my whole life and i LOVE IT

ive heard great music, movies, art, and facts all over from the autistic people i follow all about their special interests that to most would be anything but special. i love seeing all of your care and passion and i hope that i never see that end.

everyone is encouraged to reblog this !!