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Name: Leonie
Age: 16
Country: Germany

I’m Leonie and I spend too much time on the internet.
I’m socially akward and bisexual. My hobbies are singing, playing the uke, reading and volunteer work. It would be nice to have someon to discuss politcs and other controversial topics. I’d like to have a pen pal who is interested in the same things as me (not necessarily all of them though).
- memes
- Poetry and classic literature
- Any kind of music
- greek mythology and philosophy
- feminism and the LGBT community
- Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hamilton

I’m fluent in English and German (obviously lmao). It would be nice to have a friend in another country so we can also talk about our cultures. Snail mail and email are both ok.

Preferences: 15-18
Any gender and sexuality
Pls be open minded

Can we talk about the HLV music?

From the moment that Sherlock opens his eyes in the padded cell until he opens them on the operating table, the music is bloody sensational.  And it wasn’t until I’d listened to it many many times that I realised that that musical sequence is based on what I and a friend refer to as the ‘John alone’ music. 

There’s a now-very-recognisable sequence of four notes which have often played when John is at his most vulnerable – they were the first notes we heard in A Study in Pink when he woke from his nightmare; they played in Hounds when John was in the Baskerville lab and starting to get scared and Sherlock wouldn’t answer the phone; they played as he cried at Sherlock’s grave at the end of Reichenbach … and the sequence is absolutely what this music is based around as Sherlock claws his way up from death in order to keep his vow to John and Mary. 

It’s a staggeringly brilliant concept and makes me cry even more every time I listen to that piece.

Arnold and Price - ALL the awards.

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Name: Bailey
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hello everyone. My name is Bailey, and I am looking for someone to chat with, either by email or the Tumblr chat. I like tv shows such as Supernatural, Dr Who, Sherlock, but I am open to trying new shows. I like practically any kind of movies, the same goes for music. I am a Ravenclaw and INFJ, and books are my life. I am in my sophomore year of high school (soon to be junior), and I want to be a psych major.

Preferences: I am looking for someone to talk with, from idle chit chat to deep conversations, no hate or bigotry, and ages 15-17. Any country, any gender. LGBTQ+, open to learning new languages.

Okay, so now, knowing who Redbeard really was,that he was Sherlock’s first and only friend when he was a child, go and listen to this track. Listen to Sherlock’s heart beating, slowlier and fainter. Remember, it was when Sherlock was shot, dying slowly, in his declining mind he was seeing Redbeard, welcoming him warmly, Sherlock’s heart was stopping but then the very memory of his only friend made him fight for his life, made him go back to the only friend he had for real. He came back to living for John Watson.

#NowPlaying Redbeard - David Arnold, Michael Price

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Name: Ariana
Age: 14
Country: United States 

Hey! I’m Ariana. The best words to describe me would be Fangirl, awkward, bisexual, latino and anxious.

I’m a big nerd and i’m always geeking out over Space, NASA, videogames, musicals, bands, and books.

I like fangirling about Sherlock, Glee, Riverdale, Gotham and a bunch of other TV Shows and fandoms. I spend most of my time reading and writing, attempting to draw and watching random stuff on youtube.

I know english and spanish and i’m open to mailing actual letters but we would need to chat over email/tumblr first just to make sure you’re not a serial killer. (Even tough i like true crime)

Pronouns: She/her

Preferences: I’m pretty open minded, i don’t care about countries as long as you speak english or spanish. i don’t care about gender or sexuality.

Ages: 13-17.
I only ask that you’re not homophobic, biphobic or tranfobic, also don’t talk to me if you’re racist. Or a Trump supporter.

ID #64080

Name: Alice
Age: 16
Country: Latvia

Hello guys, I’m 16 and I’m from a small country- Latvia. I’m obviously in love with art. I read many books and I’m some kind of a poet. I watch “Shameless”, “Sherlock”,“Skam”,“Gotham” and so on… Harry Potter as well. Music? Troy Sivan, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, P!ATD, The Neighborhood, The Weekend, Jaymes Young and many others!
I was a model some time ago but I realized that it’s not even my thing.
My English is not very good, but like… I hope that will do… Also, I started learning Spanish this year. I speak fluent Russian and my second language is Latvian.
I really want to meet different people with all sorts of interests. I am really loyal and I really like kind people.
My other interests are: philosophy (I try to look deeper into people in see things that other might not notice), esoterics, and Ao3.
I travel a lot, ’ve been to many places. I will be very glad if you write to me.

Preferences: 14 and older; open-minded and without any discriminative views; any gender, any country :)

ID #80106

Name: Lauryn
Age: 17
Country: Ireland

Hey, I’m Lauryn. I like a lot of things and I’m basically just a huge nerd. I love science, mainly physics. I want to study physics with astrophysics in college. I love music a lot and some of my favourite artists are P!ATD,Tøp, MCR, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey and I also love K-Pop. I love tv shows like izombie, Skins, Sherlock, Criminal minds. I like anime, youtube, books, Harry Potter etc. So that’s all I can think of right now and really I just want to talk to some people with similar interests to me.

Preferences: Age 14-19

ID #40526

Name: Vilde
Age: 17
Country: Norway

I’m curretly in high school, studying drama. I love netflix, YouTube, music, reading and writing. Pizza, unicorns, SKAM and Sherlock is my current obsessions.

I just really want to meet people from all of the world and to talk and learn about diffrent cultures

Preferences: 15-20

ID #43067

Name: BayLee
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hi! I dont have very many friends and im bad at talking in person sooo I’d like to give this a try! I love learning about dufferent cultures and countries. I listen to a combination of music. From Kpop (my favorite) to alternative to country to rap. I watch a lot of Rick and Morty, Doctor who, sherlock, Game of Thrones, and probably every show ever tbh. I love Harry potter! Im a slytherin but also a ravenclaw (slytherclaw) and Lord of the Rings. I am a pretty nice person i love giving compliments but im also sarcastic haha. I sleep a lot, draw, and write and read a lot.

Preferences: Ages between 14 to 19. Other than thag no preferences! I can speak spanish, french, and i am learning Korean

ID #32659

Name: Karla
Age: 16 (17 in summer)
Country: Germany

Heyy, I´m Karla and kind of a awkward person and a huge fangirl. I´m born in Munich but live in Berlin. My family came from France be we live here since generations. I love reading, watching series, meeting new people, music and lots of other things f.e. mountains (they are just beautiful). My favorite bands are fall out boy, the 1975, panic! at the disco, arctic monkeys and lots of other great bands. My fav series are doctor who, sherlock, harry potter, good morning call, my runway, grimm and some others. My fav books are the harry potter books (what else?), wonder and demian (Hermann Hesse is one of my fav authors). I´ll try to read more classic books in the next time. Btw I speak german, english and french. I´d love to learn japanese and korean (awesome languages and I want to understand my fav series bc they are in korean and japanese)

Preferences: I´d prefer to write with people between 15 and 18. Please don´t be an idiot, racist or anything like that. I´d like to improve my french, so if you´re a native speaker please text me. But I´d like to talk to people from all over the world as well

ID #70508

Name: Jess
Age: 16
Country: Ireland

Hey, I’m Jess! I’m 16 and I love TV shows, films, clothes, makeup etc. My favourite TV shows are Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, New Girl and so on.

My music taste is quite broad, I love anything from today’s top 40 to 50’s, 60’s, 70’s era music and movie soundtracks. I tend to like songs more so than bands but ya know.

I’m really interested in history, languages an culture!

Preferences: Any race, religion, sexuality, gender is welcome but I’d like to talk to anyone between the ages of 15-17 please.

ID #19314

Name: Lara
Age: 11
Country: Scotland

Hi, I’m Lara, I’m 11 and from the UK. I’m looking for someone who’s willing to stay up late talking to me and just loves me for who I am. I’m pretty shy but that changes quickly. I like to read, write and draw excessively.
I’m big on music too, I love anything from 90’s to the current music. I adore musicals as well! My favourite have GOT to be the starkid potter ones’.
I like: 13 reasons why
Dan and Phil
Twenty one pilots
and tons more!
I use a lot of big words and despite being 11 I usually know what they mean. I’m 12 on October 2nd so that’s nice. I have 3 little sisters so that’s fun . I’m fluent in Scots Gaidhlig and if you can talk more than on language that’s great but it doesn’t matter to me.

Preferences: Anywhere from 11-14
Someone who’s not homophobic or anything like that

ID #31937

Name: Kristýna
Age: 17
Country: Czech Republic

My name is Kristýna and I am an awkward weirdo.
I’d like to exchange letters with someone through snailmail.

In my free time I like to watch Tv shows (like Sherlock, Doctor who, Hannibal, X-files…) and movies. I absolutely love reading and playing video games. I’m also into music, I can’t imagine my day without it. My favourite bands and singers are: Twenty one Pilots, Muse, The killers, Declan McKenna, Melanie Martinez, The 1975, The neighbourhood, Bry, Arctic monkeys and many many others.

So contact me if you’re interested! ^^

Preferences: No preferences at all

ID #16116

Name: Emma
Age: 13
Country: USA

I’m a nerd, so I really like math and science. I am a horrible speller, so excuse any mistakes. I love Harry Potter, Ender’s Game, Sherlock Holmes, and most books, thought I especially like sci-fi and fantasy. If you are interested in anything I will research it so we can have proper communication, and I love accumulating random facts so I will be excited for whatever you are exited about as well. I like classical music and punk rock, mostly Panic! at the Disco and the Struts. I am a INTP and enjoy MBTI. I am really weird and don’t go out much so I think that this would be a good way for me to make friends. I am very left wing in politics, so don’t be rude if you disagree.

Preferences: I would like no one above 17 and no one younger than 10. I don’t contact me if you are discriminatory of anyone. Gender is not important, no is sexuality.

ID #18312

Name: Melanie
Age: 19 (20 come this August)
Country: USA

My name is Melanie, and I currently live in the Chicagoland area! I am currently a college student pursuing a degree in musicology, with specifications in jazz. I do vocal performance, also, but am choosing to not actually include that in my degree (honestly, getting to auditions is just a total pain). I am indeed a huge, huge music person. It’s definitely one of my defining features; I collect shellac jazz records and archive them. My specialties are “vintage” jazz (1900s-1950s), rock n’ roll, classical, and alt. rock. I could talk about these things for hours. For the sake of others possibly being infuriated, if you’re an electronic, or metal fan I honestly may drive you up the wall.
I will disclaim now that I am a published author, but my book did not take off (to be fair, I was 17), and I will in fact try and put off anyone finding out the title for as long as I can manage! I say this all now as it always inevitably comes out, so likely fair to get it out now. That being said, I am also pursuing writing. I am a HUGE reader, so anyone who reads would be a major plus. My friend and I try to see who can read the most every summer. (She won last year, by the way. 35 books[!].) I love art, which I may like to use for a double major; I love animation. I am kind of a huge nerd; Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and plenty more are kind of my thing. I love film, too; my favorite film makers are Woody Allen and Wes Anderson, hands down.
Love people with a sense of humor, adventure, and plenty more! I would prefer to be doing snail mail, just because *PLEASE READ* I love sending THINGS in my letters (i.e. I make mix CDs - yes, I really am a product of the 90s - pictures, bits of art, etc.), so keeping this in mind, also be prepared for LARGE letters. Hope to make some new friends!

Preferences: I unfortunately am only fluent in English; please keep this in mind. I would prefer to keep my pen pals between the ages of 18-27, but if you’re 15 and up and REALLY would like to chat, I am flattered and would be possibly open.
I am very leftist, so if you are on the right, we may do better apart. I have strong opinions; I do not want to upset anyone!
Last things, I am looking for some deeper conversations as well, so keep that in mind. I also have been struggling with depression for a very long time, so at this point in my life, I am trying to keep positive. I say this in the kindest way possible: I cannot be a therapist. I myself am trying to keep up, so if you feel that you’re looking for someone to vent to all the time, I really am not the person. I want everyone to have the experience they want!

ID #34261

Name: Shehryaar Khan
Age: 22
Country: Pakistan

Hello everyone!
Fairly new to Tumblr here, so I’m not sure what really to say but here it goes. I’m an engineering graduate who loves reading books. I also really like movies that are well done like The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and Interstellar. I love TV shows like House MD, WestWorld, GOT, House of Cards, Sherlock, BlackAdder and IT Crowd. Any music generally works for me. ISFJ guy.
I really want to go stargazing but never really got the chance. I’m really into Science and Technology and like reading about them!
I really dislike judging anyone and follow the “live and let live” ideology.
I can relate very easily to people and making them smile is the best reward for me. I’m usually labelled as an old man in a young body because of my tastes hahaha.
I have always wanted a penpal, especially people who can bring topics to the table for us just to chat about :D. I may start off with small talk but can slowly open up with time.
We can talk through e-mail, snapchat and instagram. If we really get along then facebook or whatsapp maybe.
Have a nice day!

Preferences: I don’t mind people of any age or gender as long as we can hold a delightful, engaging conversation. If you’re around my age, that’s a plus but it doesn’t really change anything :D.

ID #78196

Name: Julia
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello everyone! I’m Julia, Jules for short, and I am currently a resident of the United States. I love reading, and am an avid bookworm. I could literally live in a bookstore. I also absolutely love music, both listening and playing instruments. I’m an active member of my school’s marching and concert band. Learning languages is one of my many interests and I’m even trying to teach myself a language. Though English is my first language, I’m quite advanced in Spanish and Vietnamese and currently trudging my way through Korean. I usually spend way too much time obsessing over shows such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, and the Walking Dead, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Rick & Morty, etc. I also love Marvel and DC, both the cinematic world and the comics. I’m quite studious and love volunteering. I love comedy, especially stand-up. I also listen to quite a variety of podcasts.

Hopefully we can find something to talk about. I look forward to getting to know you!

Preferences: I’m hoping to find someone who is willing to start off communicating via email. I would prefer those who are 17-24, but age isn’t that important. Please be respectful!

ID #61884

Name: Alexa
Age: 16
Country: USA


My name is Alexa, but I go by the nickname Lex most of the time. Just as some random facts about me: I play the flute, I’m in my second year of high school, my favorite color is turquoise, I love cats (and all animals for that matter), I love Broadway musicals (my favorite is The Phantom of the Opera), and I really love talking to new people

When it comes to school, I enjoy anything science related, theatre related, or music related (like band). I’m not entirely sure on what I want to study in college yet, but I’m fairly certain it will either be cosmology or forensic science. Some of my idols are Stephen Hawking, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.

Outside of school, I like to read, draw, and write. I am currently reading a great series called the Unwind Dystology. I also watch a lot of television shows and movies. Some of my favorite TV shows include Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Hannibal. My favorite movies include The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, and The Danish Girl.

I also enjoy anything Disney related (Star Wars and Marvel included, though more so Star Wars). My favorite Disney princesses are Ariel and Belle. Harry Potter is another favorite franchise of mine. Come to think of it, I’m honestly into a lot of different things.

I know this sounds very pompous of me to say, but I like to consider myself very mature for my age. I’ve been told many times that I act much more mature and I tend to get along with people older (though not much older) than me. However, that’s not to say I don’t get along with people my age or younger; I do occasionally.

Another thing I love is psychology. I don’t really study it in school, but I love reading books, such as The Lucifer Effect, to learn more about how the brain works and why we think the way we do.

I’m pretty shy in real life as well as online. That said, if I receive a message from someone, rest assured, I will talk to you. My online shyness only really lasts through introductions. What can I say? I am an introvert after all.

Now, I feel as if this has gone on way too long. There are a thousand more things I want to say, but I either can’t think of them right now or I can’t think of the words to express them. I hope one of you will message me and maybe I’ll think of all these things I wanted to say by then.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Preferences: I can be contacted via Tumblr, Instagram, or e-mail. People who can speak English fluently or at least pretty well are preferred. I would also prefer people 16-19 years of age (I can bend the rules a bit and go with 20 years old, but I think that is more of a decision based on if any 20 year old would want to talk to me). I’m sorry to anyone that cuts out. I also would like anyone who can be both serious or goofy when times call for it. Patience and understanding is another huge thing I admire. I think that’s about it though. I hope to hear from one or many of you soon!