music from a garden

Butt music. Literally.

This is taken from the painting: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Now look closely…

And if you are curious as to what it sounds like here is the music for this artwork here it is:

You learn something new everyday ;)


Ok, so this is a thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and only just got to doing it. Because, you know, life happens :/

Anyway, “Love like you” is probably my favorite song from Steven universe and I thought these lines fit pretty well with my favorite pair of brothers :)

New toy II pt.1

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, sub!jungkook

word count: 8.5k

Your new neighbour turns out to be the perfect toy for you.

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Birthday present

Request: Hey!!! Can I have a blurb/imagine whatever where reader was in harry’s and sam’s class and is invited to their 18th birthday party and meets tom and smutty things happen? Please! I love youuu

Warnings: light smut, probably bad one cause it’s my first time writing it, alcohol, swearing

I hope you like it !

,,Here are my favourite boys.” You say smiling while wrapping your arms around Harry and Sam. You’re walking in the middle of them and pat their shoulders as a hello.

,,Hey Y/N, long time no see.” Harry jokes as you continue to make your way down the corridor. You guys are in one chemistry class and see each other nearly every day.

,,Yeah I know.” You nearly trip over your own feed as you try to walk backwards without fooling your self so you could look the boys in the eyes.

,,Careful, we don’t want you to brake your nose. You wanna look good for the boys.” Sam wiggles his eyebrows and you stop at your locker, looking at the brothers with a confused expression.

,,Did I miss something?” You ask while putting some books into your back so you can study later.

,,Obviously yes !” The boys smirk at the same time as they throw their heads back laughing.

,,Spill the beans, I have classes to go.” You say with a playful undertone as you throw your hair behind your shoulder.

,,Our Party is tonight ! We invited you ages ago.” Sam runs a hand threw his hair and you gasp, mentally face palming yourself.

,,Shit it’s today?” You mumble a bit out of track. Looks like your studys have to wait until tomorrow.

,,Yeah, we thought you’d come.” Harry furrows his eyebrows and plays with the strings of his backbag while you watch his movements.

,,Sure! I can’t miss your party, can I? I’d be a bad friend if I raincheck on you. ”

The ring of the bell interrupts your conversation and you share a quick hug with the boys before storming off into the other direction, not before yelling:,, See you guys tonight !”

You spend the rest of the day with surviving school and getting home as soon as possible, wanting to get ready.

It takes you some time to decide what to wear and weither to wear make up or not, deciding to go with what you’re comfortable with the most.

You look at your phone to see how much time you have left, checking yourself in the mirror while doing so.

Partying with the Holland’s is always fun, and you want to look especially good on their own party. It’s not the first time that you hang out with them, but it’s the first time you’ll meet all of their other friends.

You quickly grab the present you bought for Sam and Harry and make your way to their house, excitement bubbling in your stomach.

You can already hear the loud music booming from inside the house and see some people in the front garden with red cups in their hands, talking with each other.

You greet a few people with a simple hi and instantly spot the brothers in the crowd, a big smile creeping onto your face as you make your way towards them.

,,Hey Sam!” You shout over the loud music, sending him a wave.

,,Y/N you’re here !” He answers before wrapping your arms around you and taking your hand.

,,C’mon, let’s get you something to drink.” He leads you into the kitchen and you raise your eyebrow.

,,I’m not allowed to greet Harry first?” You ask sarcastically.

,,Nah, he can wait. Here.” Sam hands you a cup with some brown liquor and dares you to chuck it down in a few sips, repeating the process two times.

,,Go easy on me!” You laugh after the third cup, not wanting to drink more. Your throat was already burning and you want to take some time before drinking another one.

,,If you say so, oh there’s Harrison! I’ll be right back.” Sam takes a sip from your cup before disappearing back into the crowd and you chuckle, surprised by the amount of people that actually showed up. You knew that Sam and Harry have a lot of friends, but you never expected the half school to come.

After talking to a few people and taking a sip here and there, you feel a familiar warmth in your stomach and can’t hide the blush on your cheeks. You feel slightly tipsy and decide to get you another drink, wanting the feeling to grow more intense.

You look at the ground while making your way back into kitchen, head slightly swaying with the music. Suddenly your front collapses with something hard and you spill the rest of your drink all over yourself, gasping by the cold.

As your head shoots up, you’re greeted with brown eyes that belong to tom holland, the older brother of Sam and Harry. Whenever he has time he’d hang out with you guys as well, but you’ve never been alone with him.

,,Shit I’m sorry, are you okay?” He asks shocked, guilt washing over his features.

,,Yeah, but I think my shirt isn’t.” You laugh embarrassed as you wrap your arms around your torso, trying to hide your chest that starts to get transparent.

,,Do you wanna change? I can give you a shirt of mine if you don’t mind. I’m sorry for bumping into you.” He nervously strachtes the back of his neck and you blush, looking at your feed.

,,Yeah that would be nice.” You put the cup that was empty by now on a high board next to you and press your lips together, taking Toms appearance in.

He’s wearing a navy green shirt and black jeans, his hair is slightly clinging onto his forehead in soft locks.

,,Just follow me.” Tom let’s out a shaky breath and you ask yourself why he seems so nervous, tightening the grip around your torso.

He leads you up the stairs into his room, his scent almost envolving you like a second skin. You close your eyes for a split second, standing in his room for the first time ever. It’s simple and clean, matching Toms fine look.

,,You can uh-“ he turns around and scans his room for something while you open your eyes, waiting for what he’s going to say.

,,take this one if you like, or another. It’s up to you.” He hands you a simple black shirt from his dresser and you let the fabric glide between your fingers, enjoying how it feels. Without thinking you lift your arms and pull your own shirt over your head, letting it glide to the floor. You can feel Toms gaze on you and blush once more, not before sliding his shirt over your head and adjusting your hair.

As expected, the shirt is way to big for you and you look down at yourself, smelling Toms cologne as if it’s your own.

,,You look great.” Tom mumbles quietly, but you still hear him.

,,You think so?” You bite your lip and ignore the growing tension between you and Tom as you stare into his brown eyes, admiring them from afar.

,,Yeah, if I’m honest, you look hot. Not that I want you to feel uncomfortable but it’s really nice.” Tom talks fast and doesn’t take his eyes off of you either, both of you standing his room only a few steps apart.

You feel the heat in your whole body as it warms up your blood and makes you feel flustered.

,,Thank you.” You brush a single hair strain behind your ear and watch Tom as he makes a step forward, eyes never leaving yours.

You straighten your body and look at Toms lips, asking your self how’d they taste. You would lie if you’d say that you never asked yourself that question before, but now you feel like you have the courage to find it out.

Without thinking twice about it you close the gap between you two and get on your tip toes to pull Tom down to you.

Your chests collide once again, an audible sigh leaving your body as his hands wrap around your lower back, slowly guiding upwards to cup your jaw.

Your eyes flutter shut and you lick your lips one last time before gently pressing them on Toms, tasting the same liquor you drank earlier.

He instantly pulls you closer and you slowly melt into his touch, hands exploring his skin as your tongue slides over his bottom lip before exploring your mouth.

Your fingers start pulling on his hair and your whole body is covered in goosebumps as Tom slowly slides under yours, well his shirt, and strokes your exposed skin with his thumb. You smile into the Kiss and push yourself against Tom, leading him to stumble backwards.

His back is pressed against the nearest wall and he turns you around, standing between your legs as you lean yourself against the wall, letting Tom cover your jaw and neck in wet kisses.

,,Tom.” You mumble satisfied by his kissing skills, feeling like pudding under his touch.

,,Do you want me to stop?” He instantly pulls away and looks at your with concern in his eyes, making you aww on the inside.

,,No, God Tom no.” You giggle out of breath, heart beating fast against your chest.

,,Good.” He smirks down at you and traps your head between his arms, closing his eyes as you pull a bit stronger at his curls.

Your lips move in synchronisation with his and you feel a hot sensation in your chore, making you rub your hips at Toms.

He gets the hint and leans his forehead against yours, hands gently cupping your ass.


You do as you’re told and wrap you arms around Toms neck for support, nibbling on his skin as he carries you towards his bed.

You always liked Tom and the alcohol in your veins encourages you to go further.

,,Are you sure you want this? You don’t have to if you feel-“

You cut Tom off by sucking harsher on his skin and flipping him into the mattress, you being on top and in control.

Your hips grind over his growing bulge, earning a light moan from him.

His fingertips leave a burning sensation all over your skin and your hands fumble with the end of his belt, wanting to open it.

,,No darling.” Tom whispers with a husky voice as he grabs your hand, making the heat in your core even worse.

,,This is all about you.” He shifts from underneath you, leaving you slightly confused as you sit down on your legs.

Tom grabs a pillow and throws it at the end of the bed, not before hovering above you, grabbing your wrists and pinning them above your head as he slowly presses you down so your head rests on the pillow.

You let out a giggle by his actions and pull at the hem of his shirt, wanting to finally see his abs instead of just touching them.

,,Impatient much, aren’t we?” Tom laughs at well and it sounds like music in your eyes. His strong biceps flexes slightly as he raises his arms and pulls the navy shirt over his head, exposing his toned muscles.

You bite down on your lip and let your fingertips run over his skin, loving the way he reacts to your touch.

His erection adds a constant pressure to your private area and you part your legs a bit, so he can lean between them as you two continue to make out.

His hands take your shirt off with ease and you shiver slightly, frowning at the loss of his lips on yours.

,,Relax, and stop me if you have any doubts okay?” Tom whispers into your ear and you nod, not having any doubts at all. You know Tom and trust him, way to turned on to stop now.

He stadys himself with his left elbow, so he’s not putting his whole weight on you as his other hand starts to unbotton your jeans, brushing over your thighs and stomach while doing so. He already found your sweet spot down your neck and swirls his tongue over it, making you turn your head so he can get better acces.

You feel like your panties are already soaked and press your legs together to create some type of friction, making Tom part them again.

,,Patience baby girl.” His British accent makes your heart skip a beat and you arch your back to feel his member at your core.

Suddenly a loud gasp leaves your body as tom runs a single finger over your core, playing with the fabric of your underwear. His breath is heavy and hot, hitting right below your ear making you shiver.

,,So wet for me.” He closes his eyes and gently bites down on your bottom lip before fighting with your tongue for dominance, winning effortlessly.

You feel like your breath is hitched in your throat as he slowly starts to pull the fabric down your core, letting the cool air crash down on your sensitive skin.

His finger feels warm and soft against your belly, as he traces small circles down your navel over your slit and back up.

,,Tom, please.” You whine impatient, having enough of his teasing.

,,Please what?” He slightly Parts your lips and brushes your clit softly, not before removing them again.

,,Touch me.“ You say confident, not caring about how it might sound. Your eyes are already shut to concentrate on Tom and what his touch does to you.

,,Your wish is my demand.“ Tom says laughing as he nibbles on your earlobe before kissing the top of your collarbone and the upper part of your breasts that aren’t covered by your bra.

His fingers make their way back to your most sensitive part and play with your bundle of nerves, making you squirm in pleasure.

Tom chuckles against your neck and slowly pumps a single finger inside of you, giving you time to adjust and making sure you’re comfortable with it.

When he sees that you’re circling your hips, he pushes them down to hold you still and continues his movements.

His thumb never leaves your clit and stimulates you in a way no one did before, making the hot knot in your stomach growing bigger with every bump from his finger.

You feel him adding a second one and sigh deeply, the way he curls is fingers inside of you makes you want to grab the sheets and ball your hands into fists.

Instead you run your fingers threw his hair and kiss him hard, teeth pulling on his lower lip as you moan into his mouth.

You can feel yourself getting closer and Toms movements speeding up, leaving your whole body tensed.

,,I‘m close.“ You mumble, being the current mess you are.

,,Don’t hold it back.” Toms tongue swirls over the skin on your neck and leaves some dark marks as his thumb adds more pressure and changes the direction he’s circling.

,,Tom.” You moan as you grab his biceps, meeting him with your hips and leaving your mouth slightly open.

The knot in your stomach makes your toes curl and you wrap yourself around Tom as you let your orgasm wash over you, squeezing your legs shut as Tom brings you threw your high. After your breath slows down again and he feels you relaxing, he carefully removes his fingers and brushes over your thighs and stomach before arriving at your jaw, cupping it with both of his hands and kissing you tenderly.

,,It’s your turn.” You whisper as sexy as possible into his ear before sucking on his sweet spot, ready to return him the favour he just gave you.

ID #46239

Name: Lewis
Age: 23
Country: England

I’m some bloke from England who likes talking to people! What is there to say about me other than im a musician, a morris dancer, I work in a garden centre and drive a fork lift occasionally. I can usually be found in a pub, park, or in bed with a book. Music taste includes everything. There is nothing i won’t listen to! I just love music jfc, can you tell yet? I play accordion in 3 bands and 3 morris sides, and play about 5 other things too. Literally happy to talk about anything and everything under the sun. Do you have interesting facts about your culture? Tell me! I crave this kind of interaction. also volunteer part time at a National Trust property! I love heritage and history with the fiery passion of a thousand suns!
More than happy to send letter and parcels and stuff if you’re cool with that!

Preferences: People around my age would be cool, but older people are awesome too!

anonymous asked:

drarry for the ship thing!!

  • who hogs the duvet

Both of them. Draco will not sleep in the cold, thank you, and as if Harry would give up the chance of fighting with Draco in the bed (which just result with them making out in the end, and they both know it)

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Harry. He’s always been the attentive friends in letters - “every week” he responded to Hermione whether they would write in the summer - and he would be a massive worrywart after the war

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Draco - he loves, loves, loves spending money on Harry, and he always knows what to get him, even if it’s that weird-looking bracelet Harry had been talking about months ago and forgot about even himself (Harry usually gets him smth cute, but it’s always a day late because he’s useless at remembering dates)

  • who gets up first in the morning

Harry, a left-over from living at the Dursleys.

  • who suggests new things in bed

Draco, but it’s usually jokingly (though Harry always takes this as a challenge and who is he to back down from one?)

  • who cries at movies

Draco, definitely. He hadn’t seen many movies growing up - they’re muggle, after all - but after he started dating Harry he’d devoured all the classics in one week (his friends had called an intervention) and he was so into it, he cried and got angry (and he’d once even hexed the television when his fave was killed - “why the dog, Harry, the dog didn’t do anything wrong”) he basically forgot everything around him when a movie was on, much to the chagrin of Harry 

  • who gives unprompted massages

Draco. In the beginning Harry didn’t like to be touched without knowing about 24 hours in advance - he’d always been fidgety - but after a while, when he started trusting Draco, Draco just gave him a massage whenever he came back from work stressed, his muscles all locked (which, to be honest, was quite often)

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Harry. He’s ok being sick himself, he can take care of himself, but god, when Draco is sick he is half on his way of calling the ministry of magic to report a national disaster - he fusses and nearly chains Draco to the bed, covers him in fifty blankets, makes him tea non-stop and brings him to St Mungo’s at the first cough

  • who gets jealous easiest

Harry - he’s not very good at flirting himself (we all remember Cho yes) so Draco isn’t all too worried (though if people would just get lost - “Harry isn’t interested you little twats -”) but Harry is this close to hexing everyone who even tries to eye up Draco, because “that’s my boyfriend you annoying little -”

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

Draco. He tries to be all haughty and sophisticated about it - most people assume he likes Bach and such - but deep in the night, when he thinks Harry can’t hear him, he listens to Taylor Swift and sings along softly in a broken voice (he’s wrong, Harry can hear, and it made him fall in love with him) 

  • who collects something unusual

Harry. (Look at the locket and the photograph and basically everything he keeps) He can’t throw things away - a leftover from his childhood, when he basically had nothing he owned for himself, so he clings to everything that is his as an adult (and Draco accepts it, for the most part, even though the mess everywhere bugs tf out of him) and then at a certain age he found out he had an awful lot of coins? maybe a side-effect of seeing so many foreign wizards who did not know what the current muggle currency was. so he just started to?? collect them for some reason

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Draco. Does this even need an explanation? 

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Draco, he was a bit of a neat-freak (and if diagnosed by muggles, he might have been labelled “OCD”, but this is a personal hc) and he couldn’t stand it if things weren’t perfectly orderly, he mainly just panicked or got angry when that happened. Harry? God - don’t even ask him where he left his agenda, trust me you don’t wanna know

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

Harry!!! He never got to celebrate as a kid and god, he goes all-out now, decorating the house for Christmas until it literally shines like a star, fake snow everywhere and fairylights and music coming from the bushes in the garden and a fake Santa Sled on top of the roof. Draco says it drives him crazy - but he thinks it’s adorable when Harry dresses up like Santa and shouts, “ho ho ho!” at children in their street to make them laugh

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Draco is the big one - he likes to feel like he’s protecting Harry, keeping him safe (from whatever danger’s out there still trying to bring him down) and Harry likes being the little spoon because, c’mon, Draco’s all around him, he’s being loved and cared for and how can he not love it?

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

They both do. They shout and curse and kick and sneer and usually end up having sex on the floor

  • who starts the most arguments

Draco - he’s been spoiled as a child and while he has become a little bit better, it does come up sometimes, and so he usually starts complaining (about the volume being two tads too low, or the food not being warm enough) which then evolves into a shouting match

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Draco. He suggested peacocks. Harry suggested a dragon. In the end they settled for two cats. 

  • what couple traditions they have

Because they both work a lot - Harry as a cursebreaker, Draco has a job at the department of mysteries - they don’t spend a whole lot of time together during the week, or they don’t have a lot of time when they do, so take-out and a crappy movie is usually their thing after a busy, long day. Weekends, though, are theirs, and they take whatever time they have - they cook for eachother, walk around (mostly) naked, take a long bath together on Sunday with fancy bubbles and candles everywhere

  • what tv shows they watch together

Game of Thrones is a favourite of Draco - he’s so into it, he’s read all the books and has so many theories that it drives Harry absolutely insane - and Harry is a big fan of Brooklyn 99, it never fails to make him laugh. (Draco says it’s weird American humour but he, too, laughs at the jokes sometimes). 

  • what other couple they hang out with

Mainly Hermione&Ron, Blaise&Ginny

  • how they spend time together as a couple

Mainly cooking, watching movies/tv shows - though they sometimes go on very expensive dates at fancy restaurants where Harry always tries to stay incognito (and fails, miserably)

  • who made the first move

Draco did - he had enough of waiting for Harry to finally get it, the stupid oblivious ponce -

  • who brings flowers home

Harry, he always flies home (he doesn’t like apparating all that much) and sometimes he sees pretty flowers down below on the way home and he can’t help but get them to surprise Draco - “look they’re as pretty as you” “corny” “is it working for me?” “of course it is” 

  • who is the best cook

Harry!! He always had to cook as a child, and to be honest, he didn’t mind doing it (it was better than doing chores, anyway) and in the summer after the war Molly had taken him in, and to distract him (and herself) of all those they’d lost she taught him how to cook well instead of just good, and god, Draco is not complaining. 

“send me a ship and i’ll tell you…”

Long Live - Chapter 16 (END)

The last chapter, oh my gosh i have a lot of feelings about this. I don’t wanna ramble up here so i’ll put an author’s note at the bottom where i’ll gush and cry. For the last time (oh my gosh) thank you to @mylasagnaisraw and @gaysonofjafar for editing this chapter, i don’t know what i would have done without you all! 

Pairing: Prinxiety, Logicality 

Words: 2121

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There was music from my neighbor’s house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby
ID #99084

Name: Bryce
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hi! I’m a 20 year old college student studying theatre and creative writing. I like gardening, astrology, musical theatre, psychedelic rock, and writing. I identify as a girl and bisexual.

I love the idea of talking to someone I wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk otherwise and really getting to know them. I would be happy to talk through snail mail, email, or texting.

I speak english and spanish.

Preferences: Someone in my age range 19-25. Any gender identity or sexuality :-)

Zalfie party // Jack Maynard

I really enjoyed writing this one, as the request was simple, yet intricate at the same time. I hope you like it, and thanks for requesting [who ever you were ;)]

REQUEST: Hiii❤️ could you do a jack imagine where him and Y/N go to the Zalfie no social media party and everyone sees their cute moments like dancing together or sharing ice cream, a lot of those things. ❤️❤️ thanks

WORDS: 1165


Music blasted from the speakers as you and Jack danced to the music. You were on the way to the Zalfie house, to attend their ‘no social media party’. All guests had to leave their phone in cars, if driving, or in the spare bedroom upstairs. No one was allowed to use any social media at all, nor have their phones on them. It was a pure activity for friends to get together and have fun (and celebrate the fact that Zalfie moved into a new house). You were in the passenger seat, Jack driving. In the back was Joe and Caspar, who also danced to the songs played on the radio.

Despacito came on, and yourself and Joe groaned. It was an agreed between the two of you that the song absolutely sucked. But seeing your precious boyfriend get down to it, you couldn’t help but laugh. He bobbed his head crazily, tapping his hands on the wheel in time with the beat. You couldn’t help but just casually start dancing too. By about half way through the song, all four of you screamed the lyrics, yelling gibberish when the foreign lines came on. “Hey, did you know that the English version is a literal porno song?” Caspar chirped over the ending of the song. The three of you laughed at Caspar’s words.

“Hmm. Good to know” Joe nodded, taking in Caspar’s words. Jack continued to drive, and you all split into conversations of your own. You were having a relatively normal conversation with Jack while Caspar and Joe had a strange one in the back. All you heard was them saying something about positions, after that you zoned out. Yourself and Jack talked about how good the concept is of having a ‘no social media party’ and that you guys should host one later in the year, too. It was an awesome thing to do. Everyone these days are looking over at their phones, having posture problems… so hosting this party was an amazing idea.

It wasn’t until you rolled into the driveway of Zoe and Alfie’s house, that you got really excited. You were happily shaking your shoulders as Jack parked in their yard. The four boys chuckled at how excited you were, but you didn’t care. You hadn’t seen Zoe (nor Alfie) in months! You all got out, making sure to leave your phones in the glove box of the car. Jack gave you a small kiss on the head before you ran up to the door, knocking happily.  Zoe flung open the door, engulfing you in a huge hug. Alfie came up and gave the boys a ‘bro hug’, before letting them inside. You continued to hug Zoe happily. When you pulled away, she held you at arms width away. “You look so pretty, Y/N!” she cooed. You thanked her, a small blush on your cheeks. You gave Alfie a quick hug too, saying your hellos.  Zoe put an arm around you as the two of you walked to the back yard. It was beautiful. There was a hammock in the corner, and a huge tent about 10 meters away. You gasped slightly when you saw it, and so did the boys. They instantly ran down, Alfie close behind. They ran straight into the tent, Jack nearly falling most of the way. You smiled at the stupid guys.

Zoe turned to you, wiggling her eyebrows slightly. “So… you and Jack?” she asked, smiling.  You nodded as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “4 months next week” you told her. She jumped up and down happily. She was a lot like you, Zoe was. The two of you would get excited about almost everything. You hadn’t seen her in months, but before that, you saw her literally every other week. She knew about your think with Jack- as it was only a thing at the time- but you haven’t actually seen her since you started dating him. She was so happy for you, you could tell.


Jack laughed as he threw an arm around your shoulder. The party had really started to begin. There were so many of you guys; Jim, Tanya, Marcus, Zoe and Alfie’s assistants and more. You were having so much fun, just talking and having a good time. You were sitting on the outdoor seats right outside their conservatory with Jack, Joe, Zoe, Alfie and a few other buttercream members. Music played from the speakers scattered around the garden. A familiar song caught your ears… Despacito. Everyone screamed, a mix of happiness and being annoyed. Everyone began to dance in the middle of the yard, including all the people you were once sitting with. Jack held a hand out to you, “Want to dance, my love?” he asked, giving you a small smirk. You rolled your eyes, accepting his hand. He took you out onto the grass and started dancing. It wasn’t proper dancing, he was just being stupid. He started to wave his hands above his head, acting like a lunatic.

“You look like one of those inflatable doll things outside of car dealers!” you squealed, laughing. Jack also laughed, but not as much as you. You were laying on your back, rolling around. Jack scooped you up, and sat you upright. You squealed slightly, high on life.

“C’mon, babe. Get yourself together,” he smiled. You gave him a big kiss on the forehead, before continuing to giggle. He just laughed at you. “If only I had my phone, I would be totally recording you right now, you nutter”

You finally settled down after a few minutes of just sitting there, laughing at yourself, still envisioning the inflatable doll. Jack was eating an icecream, and you instantly wanted some too. “baaaabe” you said, smiling. He turned to you,


“Can I have some please?”

“some what?”

“Icecream, you belland” you beamed. Jack handed the icecream over to you, expecting you to give it a small lick. Instead, you gave it a big lick up the side of it. Jack groaned slightly,

“You got it all slobbery!” he laughed. You nodded, going to have some more. He took it back, continuing to eat it himself. You pouted at him, while Conor simply sighed.

“You guys are too cute, please leave,” he said. The two of you shook your heads, staying where you were.

When Jack was finally distracted with talking, you took the cone out of his hands, taking another lick. It took a while for Jack to realise that you took it, but when he did, he nicely asked for it back. You stuck your tongue out at him, giggling. You ran down to the hammock, swinging in it. By the time Jack got down and finally got it back, there was none left.

“Y/N, I love you, but I really wanted that icecream,” he sulked. You just smiled at him, giving him a kiss.

“You’ll be right” You said.

Chauffeur’s daughter part 01

Summary: Based off the classic Audrey Hepburn film, Sabrina. A chauffeur’s daughter falls for the son of the wealthy Holland family.

Word count: 1.1k

Pairings: Harry Holland x reader, Tom Holland x reader (slow burn)

Warnings: A little old fashioned based on the source material


Once upon a time, some 12 miles south west of central London, there lived a small girl on a large estate.

The estate was very large indeed and had many servants. There were gardeners to take care of the gardens and a tree surgeon on retainer. There was a boatman to put the boats on the water in the spring and scrape their bottoms in the winter. There were specialists to take care of the grounds, the outdoor tennis court and the indoor tennis court, the outdoor swimming pool and the indoor swimming pool. And a man of no particular title took care of a small pool in the garden for a goldfish named George.

Also on the estate there was a chauffeur by the name of [y/l/n]. [y/l/n] was a fine chauffeur of considerable polish, like the eight cars in his care. And he had a daughter by the name of [y/f/n].

It was the eve of the annual boat race and, as had been traditional for many years, the Hollands were giving a party. It never rained on the night of the Holland party, the Hollands wouldn’t have stood for it.

There were 6 Hollands in total - father, mother and 4 sons. Dominic and Nikki Holland were married many years ago and among their wedding presents was a townhouse in central London and this estate for weekends. The townhouse has since been converted into a 5 star hotel.

Tom Holland, the eldest son, graduated from Oxford, where his classmates voted him most likely to earn a six figure salary within 5 years.

Next were the twins Harry and Sam. Sam had settled down with his high school sweetheart and moved away from home.

Harry went through several of the best universities in the country for short periods of time, and through several relationships for even shorter periods of time. He was now a successful filmmaker in his largely spare time.

Last was Paddy, the baby of the family. Paddy was studying history at Cambridge with a very promising future, as his parents were bound to tell you.

Life was pleasant among the Hollands, for this was as close to heaven as one could get in the London boroughs.

You finished polishing the Rolls Royce with your father, listening as the music of the party played on from the gardens. You longed to be a part of the throng, dancing to the mellow music with a glass of champagne in hand.

Once your duties were complete, you ran over and climbed a tree at the edge of the grounds. This was your favourite spot and you sat comfortably among the branches as you watched the indulgent scene in front of you.

Bright lights hung over the garden which was full of glamorous people, a full band played sweet music, waiters handed around canapés and cocktails. The men wore white tuxedos with bow ties while the women wore long, beautiful gowns.

Then you spotted him, Harry Holland. Your eye was trained on him as he maneuvered the crowd, exchanging broad smiled and quick words with the guests. To you there was no man more handsome, no man more charming than Harry Holland.

You watched as he danced closely with a woman. She had long, silky hair and a flowing white dress. You saw as his hand gripped her waist tightly. You saw as he leaned down to whisper gently in her ear. Whatever he said must have been very funny as she giggled mercilessly.

‘Come down from there, [y/f/n]. Come on’, your father called out to you. ‘You better finish your packing’.

‘Who’s that girl, dad, dancing with Harry?’

‘Her name is Gretchen Van Horn. Her father is on the board of directors at Chase National Bank’ he replied.

‘I hate girls that giggle all time’ you grumbled.

‘You hate every girl Harry looks at’.

Your father gave you a knowing look. ‘You can’t go on like this about Harry. You’ve got to get over it. It’s good that you’re going away, I only hope it’s far enough. Come along now’.

‘In a minute, dad. You go ahead, I’ll be up soon.’

Your father shook his head and retreated up to his room as you continued to watch the party and more specifically, Harry. He and his dance partner had separated briefly as she retreated into the gardens towards the indoor tennis court. Harry sauntered over to the bar, sliding two champagne flutes into his back pockets and picking up a fresh bottle before following in her direction.

As he passed underneath your tree, you slid down from your perch, startling him somewhat.

‘Oh it’s you, [y/f/n]’.

‘Hi Harry’.

‘I thought I heard somebody’, he smiled briefly at you before carrying on his way to the tennis court.

‘No, it’s nobody’ you said only to yourself as you watched him go, your heart heavy.

Despite yourself, you waited until he had turned the corner before following him and watched as he snuck quietly into the tennis court where Gretchen awaited him. You positioned yourself carefully at the window to observe what happened next.

‘Gretchen!’ He called out. ‘Up for a game of tennis? What’s this then, mixed singles?’ You rolled your eyes as that horrible giggle once again rang out.

‘I think it’s my serve’ Harry smiled as he poured out two generous glasses of champagne from the bottle.

The drinks were soon abandoned as the couple intertwined, you turned away, sliding down against the wall to sit on the ground. Why couldn’t it be you in there?

Eventually you gathered yourself and walked back to your room above the garage. As you approached the steps you caught sight of the elder brother, Tom. He could have been just as handsome as his brother, you thought, except that he was more interested in stocks and finances than romance. You’d never seen him so much as dance with a woman, or a man for that matter. Even now as the party went on, he appeared to be finishing up a business call, deep in conversation with some associate of his.

You walked up to your room and sighed as you were met by the half-packed suitcase laid out on the bed. You were due to travel to Paris tomorrow to go to cooking school, following in the footsteps of your late mother. Even as he evaded your affections, the thought of being away from Harry for a whole year filled your heart with sorrow.

As you lay in bed waiting for sleep, you listened to the music of the party as it carried on into the night. In your dreams you danced gracefully, Harry’s arms tight around your waist with your head rested on his shoulder.


The Many Faces (and Book Covers) of The Great Gatsby

For many readers, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece The Great Gatsby is the great American novel. Thought of as a commercial failure upon first publication, the book now sells more copies in one year than it did in the author’s lifetime, and its critical reputation only continues to grow. And though it may possess the most singularly iconic book cover of any novel (see below), Gatsby and Daisy have appeared elsewhere in a variety of guises on book covers throughout the world.

Top: What must be the most iconic book jacket of all time, illustration by Francis Cugat, who was commissioned while Fitzgerald was still in the midst of writing the novel. American readers will struggle to remember any cover other than this one (except maybe the recent movie tie-in edition) as it has been reused and repurposed for nearly every paperback printing by its publisher Scribner’s. Of course, the face here is not Gatsby’s but that of his beloved obsession, Daisy Buchanan.

Second Row: Portrait of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Scribner’s current iteration of the cover (right), complete with Jazz Age Art Deco lettering.

Third Row: Daisy Buchanan has inspired many, if not most, of the novel’s covers—here are three further examples, again done in Art Deco-style, including the current German edition (left), Oxford Worlds Classics (middle), and Wordsworth Classics (right) paperbacks.

Fourth Row: Three covers pairing a flapper styled woman and a dapper dressed gentleman, obviously meant to evoke Daisy and Gatsby, which includes French publisher Le Livre de pouche’s edition (left), and two from Penguin UK’s Modern Classics imprint, the “silver band” (middle) and the current edition in print (right).

Fifth Row: Here we have three covers featuring Gatsby solo, more or less, an earlier Penguin edition (left) where the gentleman in profile bears a striking resemblance to F. Scott Fitzgerald; a current French edition (middle), which does away with the adjective “Great”; and a tie-in edition for the 1949 noir-tinged film version (right), starring Alan Ladd and Betty Field.

Sixth Row: Gatsby’s car, which plays a pivotal role in the novel’s denouement, figures prominently on this trio of covers, including the current Italian edition (left), the current Spanish edition (center), and the UK’s Everyman paperback (right).

Bottom Row: “[T]hose gleaming, dazzingly parties of his were with me so vividly that I could still hear the music and the laughter, faint and incessant, from his garden…” Those legendarily glamourous affairs at Gatsby’s West Egg Mansion inspire these last few covers.