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having chani as your boyfriend:

  • this youngin would be a blushing mess all the damn time
  • like if u caught him staring at u he would instantly crumble into a cute pile of embarassment (and that would be a lot bc i swear this boy would stare all the time)
  • the members would know that if they wanted to get him off his game, all they would have to do is say your name (this would cost the competitive maknae to lose numerous v live games)
  • would go from evil demon maknae to soft boyfriend in seconds upon u entering the room
  • would be v v v v shy to show any type of skinship in front of the guys bc he knows he would get roasted but he would sneakily hold ur hand behind his back or somethin like that
  • wouldn’t be very for pet names lowkey just bc he likes the sound of ur name so much (like music to his ears)
  • when u guys were just chillin without anyone else, his favorite position would be his head in ur lap while u stroke his hair
  • would be so cuddly n soft in private
  • soft soft soft soft
  • ok i’m done
  • this boy would definitely be a boob guy
  • hands down
  • no questions asked
  • kang chanhee = boob guy
  • i feel like he’d really enjoy just resting his head on ur chest and staying there for a rlly long time
  • *hyperventilates* idk if i’m ready for this but…….. chani…… *takes deep breath* would be a cuddling god
  • there is no question that if u were spooning, he would be the little spoon
  • but, this boy would prefer to face u and snuggle his little head in ur chest and just stay there forever
  • i also feel like he’d make little pleased noises bc he’s just so comfy
  • but he’d also leave ur chest for a second to look up at u with lil puppy eyes and tell u that he loved u (and u would probably die right then and there REST IN PEACE)
  • ok
  • i’m dead now
  • bye

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hi, if u like me don’t find tru joy in the music of today and would like to live in the music of 1990-2006, i have a playlist for ur ears to dance to, pls enjoy and share with ur friends

music teacher!calum

Calum teaching you bass would be so amazing, he’d always be stood behind you to “guide your arms” but secretly he just loved having you in his arms. And when you got stuff wrong and would frown he’d go “oh no no y/n don’t worry! You’re doing fine. Try it again.” and he’d help you until you got it right, guiding your hands and arms from behind. And when he eventually couldn’t hide how much he liked you anymore he’d just be stood behind you and he’d kiss your cheek and move his arms away from yours to wrap them around your waist, and eventually when you got together, the first time you said you loved him he’d blush and say “that’s music to my ears, y/n.”

@sharkbean @chefirwin @michaelgordonclitoris thanks for ur help 💓

things neurodivergent students do to get through the day

• shakey leg

• holding book open to look like ur working when ur actually takin a break bc u can’t focus

• stim rings/toys

• putting in ur ear buds but not playing music bc u want to be left alone

• wearing a disguise so They can’t see u on the cameras tht are around the school

• joking abt having too much caffeine so ppl dont ask why ur hands are shaking

• reorganizing everything as a distraction

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First Name: Mia, Nickname: Mia (lol im guessing here), Age: 15, Gender: Female, Sexual Orientation: Bi, Nationality: American, Relationship Status: B), Likes: Lance, writing, dogs, musicals, memes, Dislikes: being embarrassed & the way ur ears turn red lol, Random Fact: u had a black cat named Bruja

I love you

The real reason why Art had “died”.

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gabrielle !

bright pink, gold jewelry, curly hair, shopping, pretty earrings! 💛 (also high school musical jshdjdfd)

(send me ur name and i’ll say the first things i think of!)

in depth Mercy Guide for new players! (or anyone who wants to try out bandaid mom)
  • first
    • toggle beam connection = on 
    • guardiant angel prefers beam target = off
  • heal the tanks to full health if you see them in crit. or nearly in crit this charges up your ult really fast and even though other players are i crit if 2+ die you can use that ult to res them. Also healing tanks boosts up ur healing score by A LOT
  • when you hear an ult. RUN. LITERALLY RUN. If you have ur ult up especially, RUN AND HIDE. Most likely 2+ players will die from an ult if used correctly or well. and its better to use ur res if you see them go from crit. to dead in .2 secondss. rather than then stay there, die with them, and leave half or less of ur team on the point/payload dying w/o a healer 
  • DO NOT use your ult on one player, its really not worth it. This is because if you res. one player, you have no idea if anyone else will die and using it on 2+ players is best. If you are winning, close to the homestretch, and all that. sure go ahead. fucking yolo man. But really use it on 2+ (and if you res. 4+ people it feels really good and the sound of that achievement popping up is music to ur ears)
  • if you see a player in crit across the map alone, please dont fly over to heal them. players who go behind enemy lines to try and pull some pro bullshit get killed. and you get killed when they get killed. and ur team who has no support gets killed. and a lot of tears happen. This is a team game and you all need to work together. Healing the Reinhardt with the shield in front of you or the Pharah above you is a better option
  • damage boost those ults. Like the amount of damage and kill assists is incredible, but obviously if they need health give them health, ults are really high in damage anyways. but the damage boost does really do a lot
  • fun fact: my team won as 4 mercy players, a soldier 76 and a reinhardt in a 9 minute match. it was the greatest day in my overwatch life. 
  • a good game for Mercy for a short game is usually around 4k-6k, a good game for her on a long match should be around 10k+, the most I have gotten on a long game is around 17k and man was it intense.
  • Don’t constantly heal someone who is already full health, give them a damage buff for a little bit and if you see them go at least half health or quickly receding health, heal them. If their health is going down fast then keep healing them however. 
  • if you are getting attacked from behind while following a teammate, hop over behind that team mate so they take the damage and you give them the health or damage for them to kill whoever is trying to boop ur ass. 
  • you are only mobile around the map w members of ur team around. so be aware of ur surroundings. 
  • the pistol is a great way to deal some damage and eliminations, but pls be safe and make sure ur team is also not dying, its there to be a last minute gET OFF MY ASS PLEASE THANKS. unless you are rally good at aiming and wanna get that killstreak go ahead yolo. 
  • fun fact: i killed a roadhog twice while he was at half health and he tried to kill me so many times on that match
  • if you have a pharah on your team, fly to her a lot and damage buff her when you can, she does a lot of damage and staying above ground  when you can fly is nice. (but also be aware of ur surroundings below you so you can quickly fly over to a teammate in crit and fly back to pharah)


    • pls protect ur bandaid mom and upvote her. pls. so much work

this is all tips I have made personally from playing her. TBH she’s very easy to learn and you quickly get the hang of it. If anyone sees this and wants to add on go ahead! But this again is personal tips that have made me a better player so pls dont be mean. 

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Listen. I 100% think alex summers is actually a huge soft sweet mushy boyfriend under that hot bad boy leather jacket thing he has going on. He's UNDENIABLY a cuddler u two would be awake in the early AM listening to soft indie music while he murmurs sweet things into ur ear. He also definitely says i love you at least 10x a day. And is totally whipped. Bad boy alex summers acts so tough in the streets but is a total baby around you. Confirmed.


when people (esp classic rock fans) make unironic pretentious ass posts about Real Music & shit like that i honestly get so  fucken tired like when will u Grow the Fucke Up its god dang embarrassing like  who   gives a shit if the music isnt up to ur standards ,, art is in the ear of the beholder pls go  to bed

[TRANS] ViVi Oct Issue ~ 10Q&A Nichkhun

Q: What habit that you absolutely dnt to do cz it’s bad for ur health?
Nichkhun: When I listened to music, I always aware not to listen it loudly. It’s bad for ur ears. I won’t talk abt eating cz I love it (laugh) 

Q: What food that you always stock in ur fridge?
Nichkhun: Fruit. At this time, they are apple and grape.

Q: Items in your room that you really like?
Nichkhun: The picture I bought from Thailand. It’s not famous picture. It’s only sky and tree drawing. I like it cz blue and green color make me calm. I put it at easy-seeing place so when I get up, I can see it instantly.

Q: Member who you will take to the uninhabited island with?
Nichkhun: Taecyeon cz he can make us survive and can make fire, find and cook food and hv much strength.

Q: What is the Japanese word that you like and always use?
Nichkhun: I hv filmed in China along 1 month so I always talk in Chinese that makes me forget a lot of words in Japanese. I flew from China to photoshoot at Tokyo today. For Japanese word, it may be ‘Wasuremashita’ (forget) (laugh) 

Q: What character of women that make you feel exciting?
Nichkhun: Sport girl and it will be good if she is good at that sport~ especially the good-looking sport? I play badminton and golf so if she play these too, I think ‘We can play these together♡’

Q: What song that you sing to make her fall in love with you?
Nichkhun: ‘Not a Bad Thing’ (Justin Timberlake). It’s not bad to love me ~ I am good enough ~ I can make you happy. I want to sing this song for her.

Q: Between herbivores or carnivores, what kind that you think you are?
Nichkhun: Maybe herbivores. I’m shy to get closing to her. It may be shy at first, then I can be a leader later. I think I am both herbivores and carnivores.

Q: What is your habit that others think it’s strange but you still are?
Nichkhun: I can’t sleep if I am not on bed. While other members were sleeping, I was watching movie or playing games. They told me to sleep but I can’t . After finish travelling, I always feel very tired (T.T) 

Q: plz tell us what story that make you laugh hard at this time
Nichkhun: We stayed in hotel in China. Once while we were eating in our room, there is cockroach came from sofa. We screamed. We then buy abt 15 Combats for trapping them so our room is full of Combat (laugh). It’s okay if there are mosquito or fly. It only open the window and drive them out. I can’t stand cockroach. Just think that it comes while you are sleeping, it is horrible, isn’t it?

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