music for ur ears

things neurodivergent students do to get through the day

• shakey leg

• holding book open to look like ur working when ur actually takin a break bc u can’t focus

• stim rings/toys

• putting in ur ear buds but not playing music bc u want to be left alone

• wearing a disguise so They can’t see u on the cameras tht are around the school

• joking abt having too much caffeine so ppl dont ask why ur hands are shaking

• reorganizing everything as a distraction

Keep adding 2 this pls


【Project DIVA X】The Lost One’s Weeping (Kaito)

when people (esp classic rock fans) make unironic pretentious ass posts about Real Music & shit like that i honestly get so  fucken tired like when will u Grow the Fucke Up its god dang embarrassing like  who   gives a shit if the music isnt up to ur standards ,, art is in the ear of the beholder pls go  to bed