music for the masses tour

A small ❤ note

While understanding that people are disappointed, the facts are that: 

On The Show, digital sales count for 70% of the vote since they no longer have any pre-streaming. This was always going to be tough.

We know B.A.Ps recent history with digital sales and streaming -  and it’s a combination of things for sure - but we absolutely cannot pile this solely on BABYz and pointing fingers does no one any good - it’s pure negative energy.

I’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind a win of course - I am well aware that their music deserves all the recognition - but music show wins are based on basic popularity for the most part and for a group six years into the industry - with a focus on innovative, enlightened music and touring - is there anything less elegant than mass texting and those cheap AF trophies that are handed out lol? 

These things don’t validate talent. 

I promote and encourage voting and streaming because I support them 100% and I love that we all work together as a community -

But on the real? Music shows are essentially BS constructs by an industry that thinks very short term. Plus they’re so boring.

I suppose wins are good for recognition and they’re certainly good for our egos ^^ but does anyone, who isn’t a multi-fandom fan, even know who won the week before B.A.P’s comeback? Because I sure as hell don’t.

My point is don’t get discouraged by things that, as kpop matures, will start to matter less and less. Support the boys in all their endeavors and don’t get caught up in the hype - longevity and quality content are what actually matter and B.A.P already have both of those things, in years and buckets respectively.



DepecheMode Release Single ‘Everything Counts | Nothing LIve’ 13|2|1989 

During the Music For The Masses Tour #DepecheMode used “Everything Counts” as the final encore and in 1989, the song would be re-released as a single in live form, to promote the live album 101. All live tracks from the release were recorded on 18 June 1988 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl during the final performance of the Music for the Masses Tour. This version of the song is famous for the recording of the crowd continuing to sing the chorus long after the music had stopped.The 12Inch version also contains the song ‘Sacred’ & A Question Of Lust’

Highest Chart Peakings: Germany #12

The original studio version was released as a single 11 July 1983