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Do you think kimye damaged her brand a little will it effect her album singles tour sales?

Do i think it will effect charting or sales of her music or her tour sales? No.
Did it temporarily damage her public perception last year? Probably.
But to answer your question about her music/tour……. my answer is no, because the people who would believe kimye are probably not people who would have bought her music or gone to her tour anyways. Further, i think that she probably will gain more new fans faster than the rate at which she would/did lose any “old” fans who, after kimye-gate, decided to longer consume her music. Thirdly, good music always wins and i have no reason to think she won’t put out good music that appeals to the masses. Finally her tour is a guaranteed sell out so thats not even a consideration, really. The demand far exceeds the supply.


DepecheMode Release Single ‘Everything Counts | Nothing LIve’ 13|2|1989 

During the Music For The Masses Tour #DepecheMode used “Everything Counts” as the final encore and in 1989, the song would be re-released as a single in live form, to promote the live album 101. All live tracks from the release were recorded on 18 June 1988 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl during the final performance of the Music for the Masses Tour. This version of the song is famous for the recording of the crowd continuing to sing the chorus long after the music had stopped.The 12Inch version also contains the song ‘Sacred’ & A Question Of Lust’

Highest Chart Peakings: Germany #12

The original studio version was released as a single 11 July 1983

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Depeche Mode 101 (1989) 2h.

A documentary focusing on the backstage realities of art and business during the British synthesizer band’s 1988 on American Tour. The film follows Depeche Mode preparing for the final concert of their “Music for the Masses Tour” at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl on 18 Jun 1988 while also following a group of young fans who have won tickets to the concert as they travel to the show by bus across America. Co-directed by the esteemed D.A. Pennebaker.

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House of Blues : Orlando, FL


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