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The Exorcism of Carl Lawson

If you’ve ever heard of Bobby Mackey’s Music World, chances are you’ve watched Ghost Adventures or just been reading up on haunted buildings. Bobby Mackey’s is said to be the most haunted night club in America. Urban legends claim that this building is so haunted it actually contains a portal to Hell. There are circulating stories that there have been a plethora of murders, suicides and other horrible events gone down in the building but none have been confirmed.

The most incredible thing we see come out of Bobby Mackey’s is the Exorcism of Carl Lawson which was recorded and some of it was put up online. This exorcism took over 6 hours to preform.

Warning that the following links contain video that is very disturbing to some people, I had a hard time watching it through.

Part one

Part two

Part three 

  • sufjan stevens: *plays 90 minute show without saying even a single word to the audience or acknowledging their existence in any way*
  • sufjan stevens: *10 minute speech about music as exorcism, his childhood memories, love and grief and loss and sharing those things with a community of friends & strangers through music and also probably about being a sad alien who loves everyone*
  • sufjan stevens: anyway, i love you all, here's the encore