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I never understood why grown ass ppl like to judge children’s shows. Like y'all ruined my little pony and even Steven Universe has discourse….but when a child likes Teen titans go and Teen Beach party y'all talk down on them.

You can have genuine criticisms. (Like how Disney channel has way to many white blond/brunette duos.) But the “ooo tv is trash, what happened to the 90s” bs needs to stop. Don’t come for The Descendants when y'all ass watched High school musical on repeat. People actually create these shows and these comments hurt them and the children who like them. Let kids be kids without y'all harping on the stuff they love. And If you pull your head out of your ass you’d find that not all of these shows are bad. Trust me, though, if you had a screaming 7 year old, you’d be grateful for Teen titans go.