music folks

And who are you supposed to be?
You look like heaven tonight
Me? I’m a tomb, a corpse in a suit,
Trying to look a little alive
Are you alright?
Cause I worry sometimes
Are you dressed up to take my life?

By @nemanja_bogdanov

protip for if you’re trying to do an assignment/study and are getting tired

grab your phone and your headphones and put on the catchiest pop song you have on hand, and make sure the volume is high but not enough to hurt

(my go to song is Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, but it’s up to you) 

and then dance around your room/the living room/wherever you might be working for one to two durations of aforementioned catchy pop song

I’m talking like, dancing like no one is watching (hopefully, no one is), going, just jamming out however you like to this fucking catchy song

seriously, you will feel so much better, not just more energised but also probably happier 


I was lucky enough to be wandering Cambridge city centre on a small errand at just the right time to catch a fabulous concert by Exeter band Sound of the Sirens.  It’s not often I come across seriously impressive new music but they delivered, and the multitude of people who stopped to listen and buy CDs clearly shared my opinion of them.  Well done, ladies!  I hope to see you out east sometime again!