music festival outfits

  • Aries: *wears flower crowns and long, hippie shit*
  • Taurus: *takes it as an opportunity to boost their weed business*
  • Gemini: *pushes towards the stage with all their rage and strength*
  • Cancer: *cries when their icon comes to perform*
  • Leo: *jumps up and down and has fun to random music they don't know*
  • Virgo: *records their experience to make a video*
  • Libra: *somehow makes their way onto the stage and crowd surfs*
  • Scorpio: *is only there for one specific singer/band*
  • Sagittarius: *is already drunk after one minute of being there*
  • Capricorn: *is punching the person who just pushed their way to the front*
  • Aquarius: *is basically naked but doesn't give af because their 'music festival aesthetic outfit' is poppin'*
  • Pisces: *is having the time of their life and no one is ruining it*