music festival

Jim Morrison, The Doors, Mill Valley CA Fantasy Fair, 1967, by Elaine Mayes. “The Fantasy Fair was an amazing three days on Mount Tamalpias, the very first rock festival, several weeks before The Monterey Pop Festival. We all had access to musicians then, and I was able to get very close to Jim. After the Doors first show on the second mountain stage, he signed autographs, and I hovered.”

  • Aries: *wears flower crowns and long, hippie shit*
  • Taurus: *takes it as an opportunity to boost their weed business*
  • Gemini: *pushes towards the stage with all their rage and strength*
  • Cancer: *cries when their icon comes to perform*
  • Leo: *jumps up and down and has fun to random music they don't know*
  • Virgo: *records their experience to make a video*
  • Libra: *somehow makes their way onto the stage and crowd surfs*
  • Scorpio: *is only there for one specific singer/band*
  • Sagittarius: *is already drunk after one minute of being there*
  • Capricorn: *is punching the person who just pushed their way to the front*
  • Aquarius: *is basically naked but doesn't give af because their 'music festival aesthetic outfit' is poppin'*
  • Pisces: *is having the time of their life and no one is ruining it*

Pete Townshend, The Who, Monterey Pop 1967, by Elaine Mayes. “When the Who started smashing their instruments and releasing fog all over the stage the audience was incredulous. We had never seen smashing as aesthetics. It seemed wasteful and felt scary.”