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Luv U Better
LL Cool J
Luv U Better


LUV U BETTER was the leading single from LL’s 9th studio album “10”. The song became a massive hit in the US reaching the top 5 of the HOT 100 and topping the US R&B chart (something he hadn’t accomplished before since I NEED LOVE in 1987)

“10” is a masterpiece, one of my favorite records..


Nobody Can Save Me  - Linkin Park.

Taylor Swift has that music that you could either listen to in your room alone and cry and relfect on life or you could jam out to it with your girlfriends while baking cookies and getting ready or you could dance around to it with your boyfriend at midnight and be all cute or you could sing along to it with your family on long car rides and I think that’s why she’s so universal and loved.


I’m being 100% honest when I say that I totally have a crush on this SQUIP.
I had to draw fan art as soon as I stumbled across this blog.

Love the design! @askyourupgrade is a wonderful blog with wonderful art.
I recommend giving them a follow!

Some of the colors were lost in the process of making the gif- I’m so sorry about that.


Ciara killed this lap dance!  ♥

Nelly Furtado


One of the best tracks from LOOSE though it didn’t become a single
Gotta love Nelly’s work as a songwriter on this one..

Put on your best clothes
We’ve been waiting too long for this moment
I’ll put on my best smile
I’m shining inside and I’m proud of our love but
Everytime I turn around you say that you’re not checking for love in that way
But everytime I come around you seem
So ready for this

Showtime our love’s coming out
Lights camera action show what we’re about cuz it’s
Showtime our love’s breaking out
Let’s show the world you’re my boy
I’m your girl cuz it’s
Showtime our love’s coming out
Lights camera action let it all hang out
Cuz it’s showtime
Yeah our time is now
Let’s show the world you’re my boy
I’m your girl

Let’s break a leg out there
This could be the start of the rest of our lives
I’ve got so much to share
And I’m ready to put it all out there for you
But everytime I turn around you seem
So afraid of what people might say
But can’t you see it’s a game they play
Trying to cast a shadow on our love

I wanna love you when I want
Want to love you where I want to
Wanna touch you when I wanna
Wanna kiss you when I wanna baby

Because it’s not fair to love you in chains
It’s not fair to love you in chains

anonymous asked:

what do u hate about twenty one pilots


ok first of all the band/fanbase seems VERY elitist when it comes to ~not being like those OTHER UNINTELLIGENT rappers~ (see: drake, nicki, travie etc)

u notice a theme there lmao (not to mention lane boy is racist af)

another thing is that the fanbase goes on and on and ON about how ~the CLIQUE IS SO ACCEPTING  WE LOVE EVERYONE~ but will defend a LITERAL TRANSPHOBE over listening to ACTUAL trans ppls complaints

yet ANOTHER elitist esque thing is how the band is like “if u abbreviate our band w NUMBERS and dont TYPE IT OUT u dont ~get our band~” like????????

 ok first of all WHAT is the POINT of abbreviations  exactly???? convenience. and they want u to Not do That

second of all there may be people who find it physically easier to process the post when the abbreviation is  typed out in numbers  (be it dyslexia or not being native to english ) and they want u to Not Do That

third of all???? like… let ppl fuckin abbreviate ur fuckin bands title however the FUCK they want FUCK OFF

ok final gripe i have and its just i dont like their music lmao

7.8/10 too much deep not enough Fun

There Goes My Heart
Mariah Carey
There Goes My Heart


For me, it’s by far MARIAH’s best B-SIDE to the date

I can’t believe it she never included it in one of her records.. The melody is very refreshing and very different from her usual tracks plus her vocals are amazing.. 
I think the song could have been a very successful single..

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kinda dumb how the people behind star wars are afraid of hiring a woman for a director because of their supposed lack of franchise experience when catherine hardwicke directed twilight, an indie movie with a shitty budget and an unknown cast which blew up to be a “””pop culture phenomenon””” and made piles of money for its low-rate studio, enough for it to be bought out by lionsgate (and contribute funds to make divergent and the hunger games and everything else)

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