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Arkham’s Mix Tape // On 8Tracks

Harvey Dent: Angela [Theme from Taxi] // Bob James :: Lawyers in Love // James Browne :: When it’s Love // Van Halen

Jervis Tetch: English Tea // Paul McCartney :: Fireflies // Owl City :: Alice // Avril Lavigne :: Pills and Potions // Desmond

Pamela Isley: I Know There’s Something Going On // Frida :: Young Forever // Nicki Minaj :: Do What You Say // The Benjamin Gate

Harley Quinn: In Too Deep // Sum 41 :: Too Beautiful // He is We :: Night Like This // LP

Jonathan Crane: Old Man at the Mill // The Dillards :: Making the Silver Bullet // Jay Chattaway :: Music of the Night // Michael Crawford

Edward Nigma: Dictaphone’s Lament // Tycho :: Somebody’s Watching Me // Rockwell :: Cars // Gary Numan :: Back Then // Julian Smith

Joker: Why Should I Worry? // Billy Joel :: Stuck Inside Your Head // Jeffrey Dallas :: You’re Mine // Disturbed :: Jump // Van Halen

Selina Kyle: Cry Me a River // Diana Krall :: Fly Me to the Moon // Frank Sinatra

I’m finally putting some of my playlists that I’ve made about characters or events in my comic on 8tracks but I feel it’s probably silly if I keep putting Kryptonite by 3 doors down on like all of them, but, it’s such a good song, and basically EVERY DANG LYRIC goes with both Emily and Dee. sighhhhhh.


Doctor Who Rewatch: Rose

baby: m-m-m…
mother: …
baby: mama
mother: YES! thank god his first words aren’t song lyri-
baby: we’re all gonna die
mother: …. fuck.

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2p China, 2p Russia and 2p Canada giving and receiving messages?

(i’m going to assume you meant massages? you can submit an ask again if i got that wrong)

2p!China/Shui Wang: Shui tends to forget that he’s as old as Yao, and as such, he would deny relaxing or getting a massage from you in general until his back gives out. And even then, he’s reluctant. On the other hand, with you, one of his main ways of showing affection is through giving you small massages, normally on your neck or upper back. Though they’re quick, Shui tends to be a bit on the rougher side, and you find yourself asking him to be gentler.

2p!Russia/Ion Braginsky: Ion’s been through a lot, so he constantly feels tired and overworked, but he would only give in and ask for a massage from you when it’s gotten really bad. Giving him a massage is one of the few ways he can truly relax, and he will be strangely content for a few days afterward. Ion is rather shy when giving you massages, though he will happily give you one if you ask. Ion will try his best to be gentle, finding the trouble spots in your back and kneading them away quickly.

2p!Canada/James Williams: Since he’s a lot younger than Shui or Ion, James doesn’t really need massages, but he will ask for one when he gets too stressed. Although, he can fall asleep from them, so it’s best to give him one after dinner and whatnot. He’s the least likely to give you a massage out of the three, but it’s worth it. James is at the exact midpoint between gentle and rough, his fingers slowly working away at the knots in your body.

Japan Log Day 1

I kind of want to create a log of my time in Japan. I think it’d be fun, and from what I’ve heard, I’d be able to remember my trip better! There may be a day delay for me, at least for day one because that was all flying and lemme tell you, after a 13 hour flight, a 3 hour flight felt like NOTHING, haha. I felt like I played on my DS for a half hour and it was over. So, I don’t know when entirely I’ll post these, or if anyone cares, but I don’t. Because it’ll be fun for me to look back on and remember ;)

Day one - The day of insane travel

Our journey began as most other journeys do, of sitting at home, counting away the hours and having panicked thoughts of what you still need to do and what’s been done. My way of coping was to blast music - sorry Tegan - and stare blankly at a wall. Not productive when packing was half done. Luckily, I got everything ready about an hour before my friend came to pick me up. About ten minutes before, I began to stress clean. I guess that’s exciting?
Lilia’s parents graciously took us to Vancouver In'tl Airport (YVR)- Canada. The car ride felt short. Shorter than I thought it was to get to the border. Right before we hit, we got to see the tiny little peace arch. Cool! Going in, the border guard is looking over our passports, doing the routine questions. 

Then, he leans in and goes “Alauna?” and I sheepishly correct him as he clearly wasn’t quite sure how to pronounce my name. He informs me that I need to sign my passport and I need to do that before I check in at the airport otherwise they may not let me fly. OOPS! Luckily Lil’s dad had a pen that I could use otherwise I’d have to hunt for somewhere to sell a pen at the airport at MIDNIGHT! Getting into the country, I receive a text from my mobile provider. CONGRATS! T-Mobile works in Canada text/data free, call 20c/min. Neat! 

After a pretty good wait in line - China Eastern is apparently a very popular company - and chatting with the nice lady in front of us we reach the airline official. Neither of our passports scanned into the computer. Probably because Lilia’s is 9 years old, mine’s 1 month. He was very kind, making sure that we knew our layover was between two different airports in Shanghai (more on that later, ugh) and asked us if we had any illegal items to which we both said no. He smiled and said “I trust you two, you both look very trustworthy”. He then noticed that we were seated at least 10 rows away from each other. With our permission he changed our seats to be together. Once he got our tickets, he pointed out what information we needed to know. Lilia got seat C, he was going to be in seat B, I in A …. wait. There is no seat B! :P With a very heartfelt thank you, we asked where the gates were and said our farewell.

Getting up to security, was a very small line with a long wait. It looked like the officer’s battery had died on his scanner and had to get a new one. Oh well. After that, it took about 2 seconds to make sure our tickets were valid - phew! and go onto phase two with the bag screening. They instructed us to put laptops in a separate tray. Confusedly, I ask the man why. He mentioned because laptops could be bombs. Which, I never thought about and by the look on my face, he must have understood and had a small smile as we thanked him. Lilia got through security fine. The metal detector beeped for me. Contrats, I’m wearing a bra, because that was literally why the detector beeped for me. Past that, we walked through a small mall with a bunch of stores, and very glittery flooring. Our gate was easy to find, and had a subway near us. We just got chips and ginger ale as we both weren’t feeling fantastic.

There’s not much meant to be said for the flight. Although, as it took off, Lilia looked at me and said; “I regret every jet I crashed in GTA 5” 

It was nearly 13 hours and insane. Neither of us slept much, which sucked. But, at least it was quiet as pretty much everyone else did sleep. Except for one guy in the row beside us whose entertainment screen wouldn’t turn off and he was trying to sleep so he had his jacket backwards to cover his face LOL. I did kind of feel bad for him since it was legitimately malfunctioning. Their movie selection was pretty bomb. Lilia and I synced up our screens so we watched Furious 7 together. The airline provided us dinner. I accidentally got shrimp noodles, which thank you that my medicine works, and Lilia got some sort of beef patty and rice. There was also some sort of custard that was similar to cheesecake, but not entirely. It was delicious. We both tried to sleep for a while. Gave up. We got breakfast which was two adorable hash-brown patties, an omelette, and a very undercooked, disease sausage link which neither of us touched. At that point, Lilia started up Day After Tomorrow, and I started Secret Life of Pets … which got interrupted a total of a billion times. I managed to finish SLoP right before they cut off entertainment for landing purposes.

The drive after landing and getting to our gate was probably half the time of our flight. We get another text from T-Mobile. Welcome to China! Your phone has free texting, call 20c/min, and 2g unlimited data! AWESOME!

Immigration was easy, whom also informed us that our connecting flight was in a separate airport, security was easy (they have thermal screening, so that was definitely interesting!), and getting our luggage was SUPER easy. Customs, we had nothing to declare so went through that line no prob, and exited the airport into a throng of people all shouting ‘taxi!’. One guy dogged us for a long time and we eventually rolled with him as the bus to take us to Honquaio was in another hour and we only had four before our other flight.
Driving in Shanghai is terrifying. Our driver nearly creamed 2 people on mopeds, and almost hit countless other cars. I never want to drive in Shanghai. As nice as the city was, there was no telltale building style, and all the buildings were insane colors. I saw an apartment complex that was hot pink. OK. We arrive at the airport, to where the cabby swindled us out of a little more money than what we agreed on, but both of us were tired and didn’t care at that point. The line in this airport was about two times longer than YVR, but went quickly enough. Again, getting to our gate was super easy, and we had about an hour of downtime before boarding.

Second flight felt way too short, and they provided us with spaghetti and another of those delicious cluster squares! Hell yeah. I think I played my DS for the entire time, but it was hard to tell since the flight felt super short.

Getting into Japan, immigration was NUTS. The line was insanely long, although it went quickly. Got fingerprinted so if I crime in Japan, they’ll know it was me. Shucks. Too bad I wasn’t planning on anything anyways. We both had our first experience with a Japanese western toilet which I’m now convinced they all have bidets since our hotel toilet has one too. FYI, the seats are very warm when you sit on them, and the one in the airport played gentle music to mask the fact that I had the best racehorse pee in the universe. Sorry, TMI?
We get ANOTHER text from T-mobile. HOORAY! Your phone works! Free text, 20c/min call, 2g unlimited data! WHAT?! I wasted $40 on SIM cards before we left, and now we don’t need them! Oh well, lol.

Hitting up the international ATM, my card was declined. WHAT!? I had called my bank, so they should know I’m here! I managed to get the attention of an airport lady who graciously tried helping, but it declined for her too. Lilia was able to get out some cash. What the heck?! We asked the airport lady where the Keikyu line was and if Pasmo was over there, and she instructed us what to do. We thanked her for her time and assistance. Meanwhile, there was another American having the same problem as I. I noticed his card had a chip. Lilia’s didn’t. Ding ding, it’s the chip. We got sodas and some Japanese candy and a fruit cup, got Pasmo’s and went to the station towards Kawasaki - after a little help as we didn’t see our stop. 

The train wasn’t too terribly crowded. But, went approximately the speed of a fighter jet. My shoulder and back is still sore for hanging on for dear life while making sure my luggage didn’t go anywhere. There was a lady I kept bumping into and I kept apologizing whenever I did though she just smiled and told me it was OK. There was also a nice man there who watched us to make sure we were OK and whenever another train passed us, make a slight thunking noise, probably had a great internal laugh at my face whenever I had a slight panic about it.

Getting off the station and heading down some steps, there are apparently designated sides which you move. We went down halfway the wrong way, realized, and moved over with our luggage. Sorry! Walking here is definitely interesting. There’s people crossing the streets, not even really looking. I think we saw 1 personal car on our walk to the hotel.

Getting into Noanoa was easy. Manager was SUPER nice, got our luggage taken to the room, and let us stay in the spa room while we waited the last hour before the official check-in time. While there, Lilia opened up her fruit cup, which has jello instead of juice, and I had my candies which were DELICIOUS, and apparently limited time, so guess what I’m buying more of once I get cash? Because Japan is a very cash-heavy type of country.

Our hotel room is a little small, but nothing we can’t handle. I’m sure Lilia feels weird actually being on par or taller than most the people we’ve passed walking to the hotel. We spent half the day exploring the tiny room, seeing what was on TV and being very confused over a child’s show before turning it off. We figured out google translate, and have translated pretty much everything in our room. We still need to figure out the unit on the wall, but we at least know lighting, what the controls are on the bidet, and how to work the mechanical nightmare that is the shower. We put on a Youtube show that we both like, and I crashed just before 7PM after roughly 24 hours of travel and not sleeping. Lilia poked me awake and we officially went to bed around 7PM. 

We have not eaten since at least noon on the flight, and it’s going on 14 hours. Yeesh.

Our plans today, as I’m finishing this up around 2PM, is to visit an actual bank so I can hopefully withdraw cash, find somewhere to eat, and hit up a couple parks and museums. There’s also the Keihin Fushimi Inari shine that we’ll probably explore. Today is slotted to be a low-key day as we’re both pretty tired even after sleeping for a solid 12+ hours.

Note: Edited for easier reading

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that moment when you were expecting something goofy like All Star for the Jojo part 4 and got hit with an explosion of sensual and Savage Garden instead


My Chemical Hamilton
  • Ray: You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini and croquet. You can't swim, you can't dance and you don't know karate. Face it, you're never gonna make it!
  • Gerard: I don't wanna make it. I just wanna...

“Welcome to micHELLe” | The Music of Harvey Beaks

We play around with many musical themes on Harvey Beaks. It’s a way to sonically expound upon each characters’ personality, their motivations, and how we want the audience to perceive them. I had met with Carl Greenblatt many months ago to discuss Harvey’s little sister and walked away with some very specific ideas about her tone. Before I knew it, we were in Seattle recording with about 60 talented musicians. It took some 40 strings, a bunch of brass (french horns, trombones, trumpets), some delicate flutes, human voices, and some guttural contrabassoons to convey want we wanted to say about Michelle.

Alas, programming decisions came in to play and we ended up only needing about 3 seconds of theme music for the Little Bugaboo episode, but that’s fine because we will have plenty of other opportunities to use this theme and it’s variations.  Here’s a video which would exist if I were to have lost my mind and gone full EGO.  I would have demanded that the episode end with 90 seconds of cold, hard Michelle stare set to my complete omen-inspired theme. At least it will live on here!

PS- An honorable mention should go to our genius orchestrator, Steve Bartek, for bringing this music to life in a way I could never have done on my own. Steve’s experience in orchestrating all of Danny Elfman’s film scores makes itself clear in pieces like this. (I still have to pinch myself when I think about a tremendous talent such as Steve working on our sweet little Harvey Beaks show!)


“I know that as long as I can make kids feel about music the way that I felt, I suppose my job’s done, a little bit. I suppose that makes me sound like I’m being a little more selfless than I am. It is quite a selfist perspective when you think about it, because it’s the idea of me, my thoughts being able to transcend and bleed into humanity.”

I know that as long as I can make kids feel about music the way that I felt, I suppose my job’s done, a little bit. I suppose that makes me sound like I’m being a little more selfless than I am. It is quite a selfish perspective when you think about it, because it’s the idea of me, my thoughts being able to transcend and bleed into humanity.
—  Matty Healy