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Dear Apparition

“But…what if the silence is broken by the ones you’ve loved? Incredibly present, with heavenly breath to wake you up? With nothing left to poison a portrait of who I’ve become, only elation remains; protecting us from this never ending night. Dear apparition, while my senses last: is absolution far too much to ask? Will you forgive a truly troubled mask?”

Inspired by my friends/favorite band The Dear Hunter’s new album ‘Act V: Hymns With The Devil in Confessional’. Fantastic, beautiful record. Go check it out! It’s on Spotify and stuff. 


Forty Six & 2 (x)

I’ve been crawling on my belly // Clearing out what could’ve been // I’ve been wallowing in my own confused and insecure delusions.

Mad Sounds (x)

Mad sounds in your ears, they make you feel alright // They bring you back to life.

Stressed Out (x)

I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink // But now I’m insecure and I care what people think.

Masterpiece Theatre II (x)

I will softly pull away in this broken beautiful mess I’ve made // And in the dead and quiet I will slowly fade in this masterpiece I made.

White Teeth Teens (x)

The way they are, the way they seem is something else, it’s in the blood // Their molars blinking like the lights, in the underpass where we all sit.

Vindicated (x)

I am Vindicated, I am selfish, I am wrong // I am right, I swear I’m right, I swear I knew it all along // And I am flawed but I am cleaning up so well.

Trouble (x)

But I’ve got my mind, made up this time // Cause there’s a menace in my bed, can you see his silhouette?

This is Gospel (x)

This is gospel for the vagabonds, ne'er-do-wells and insufferable bastards // confessing their apostasies, led away by imperfect impostors.

To The Bridge (x)

All we are is blood and bones // Sometimes a soul.

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  1. Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See
  2. The Fray - Heartbeat
  3. Lifehouse - Halfway Gone
  4. Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure
  5. Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life
  6. Dashboard Confessional - Currents
  7. Good Charlotte - Like It’s Her Birthday
  8. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing
  9. Walk The Moon - Tightrope
  10. You Me At Six - Take Off Your Colours

Taylor Swift initiates an EPIC Dashboard Confessional sing-a-long at her best friend’s birthday and it is the BEST.

AP 182// Sept 2003 // Dashboard Confessional

“New songs, new approaches, same person: Ryan J. Downey talks to Dashboard Confessional mainstay Chris Carrabba about the view from where he’s standing-and, no, he can’t see John Mayer’s house from there.”


Neck Deep Frontman Ben Barlow Covers Dashboard Confessional Song “Again I Go Unnoticed”

I’m starting to fashion an idea in my head
where I would impress you
with every single word I said
Would come out insightful
or brave
or smooth
or charming
and you’d want to call me
And I
would be there every time
you’d need me
I’d be there every time…
But for now
I’ll look
so longingly
For you to want me,
for you to need me,
for you to notice me.
—  Dashboard Confessional, For You To Notice