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Unfortunately, I agree that it is doubtful this latest tmz kerfuffle is a means to an end. Other than Brett, who could have provided his emails to tmz? It seems like these garbage people peddled a garbage story to the garbage press, who ran it. So why do you think he is being allowed to do so? I think he wants more attention and to intimidate fans. But why is he running free?

There were a lot of e-mails flying back and forth between multiple parties as far as I can tell. I’m just saying, I don’t think this is part of any larger endgame plan nor do I think the endgame will be adjusted to accommodate this dust up. What it is, though, is an opportunity for the puppetmasters to portray both the fandom and Brett as idiots. Maybe that was the motivation. Meanwhile the actual masterminds continue to distance themselves from this unholy mess.

It seems a lot of people’s optimism hinges on the fandom theory of Freddie My Boy Lad Baby Son™ being somehow related to Brett because of the resemblance between them getting a mention in the articles. To me, that doesn’t mean much except they’re presenting this to the general public, who will see it and think 1D fans are batshit. They did the same with the doll theory and the faked pregnancy theory. See, you can’t think like a person inside the fandom who knows where all the bodies are buried. When it comes to media narratives, the overwhelming majority of the time they’re designed with casual observers in mind. Therefore, it looks more like they’re setting up the fandom primarily–and to a lesser extent Brett–for public scorn and ridicule rather than setting up babygate endgame.

Not to mention, you’ve gotta keep an eye on the big picture. And 5/5 are still mired down in 1DHQ fuckery. Niall is Modest’s hostage and golf pimp. Harry is still laying extra low, keeping his feared star power in check for the time being. Liam is stuck in Babygate 2.0. Zayn’s being milked like a cash cow (all these music/fashion collabos) while keeping him chained to Gigi. And let’s not forget, Louis was forced to perform on XFactor days after his mom passed and these bastard sons of a mother bitch had the balls to use her death as promo for their failing tv show. So honestly, they could give a fuck about neatly setting up babygate endgame. I’m still thinking it’s possible they have no endgame at all and will leave that mess for the new team once they’re officially out of the picture.

Nothing is moving. There’s one day left in 2016. Clearly, all this drama will spill over into 2017. And it may take a while to undo. So I’m saying, don’t get your hopes up. I’d love to be wrong. But 1DHQ still has1D–5/5–in a death grip and I’m convinced they will not let go until they legally have to. That includes babygate.

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I don't know why but Liam's happy smiley Sony strut means things are chill and we as a fandom should be as well. If things weren't cool and there wasn't an end in sight he'd have on his resting bitch face ( example of said face :Monaco anytime soupia was around)

Yeah, I think he’s probably really happy about how well things are going with Zayn’s music as well as being that much closer to the end of 1DHQ’s reign of terror. But the solo happy Sony ho stroll is a recycled stunt. Perrie did the exact same thing. So he was probably supposed to be looking happy regardless.

They’ve been seeding solo Perrie for a hot minute. And this was also about 6 weeks before Black Magic was released. Sooooo, are we six weeks away from some solo Liam music? The Juicy J collabo? Hmmm…

There’s a point to these pap shots. They’re used to further narratives. There was also Louis’ sad Sony ho stroll, which came at time when the Partyboy!Louis narrative was in full swing.

This was a month before babygate broke. And it was used to support a blind item about Louis being dressed down by his team for being out of control.  So yeah, these Sony strolls are definitely for a reason.

I’m taking it to mean Liam’s got next. Good things are happening. We’re getting there.  

Can you recommend some k-indie music videos, it’s so hard to find HD ones since a lot of them don’t have proper distributors for them sigh



Do you mean where you can find K-Indie MVs?


K-Indie/K Hip Hop Channel List: