music clef

Musician thoughts during a performance

“Are we starting?”

“Oh we’re starting ok.”

“Ok this isn’t so bad :)”

“Oh my - it’s the one spot”

“Don’t mess this up”

“You practiced this you know how it goes”

“You messed it up, great”

“Omg when is this damn song going to end”

“Do you think the conductor would notice if I just got up and got food right now.”

“omg why are my hands shaking so much”


“I’m dying plz help me”

“If my fingers fall off from playing all these notes I’m not going to even be sad about it”


“ANDDD- done. See that wasn’t so bad, you did fine.”

“Now stand up you moron and bow”

“Why hasn’t the audience stopped clapping yet”

“Please stop clapping you’re making this weird”

“Okay….you guys can sit down now”

“Okay you guys aren’t seeming to stop. I’m just gonna sit down now and just wait till this thing is over.”

benefits of taking ap music theory in high school, music theory in college is all review… so far…

also, it’s starting to rain here in reno! coffee always tastes better when it’s raining for some reason.

Flip Flap Flip Flap (but with mallet percussion)
TO-MAS ft. Chima
Flip Flap Flip Flap (but with mallet percussion)

“stop making mallet covers of the flip flappers music,” you all say.

“no,” i reply, scouring the internet for the epic climax everything-is-cool-and-we’re-getting-our-happy-ending sheet music so i can make a mallet percussion cover of it