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Silence lays like lace around my mind, delicate embrace I need sometimes.


This version though…

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When your crush smiles at you:

When someone gives you an attitude for no reason:

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is my happening too deafening
for you?

My Radio Alarm

I recently got a new job at an office that starts early in the morning, I have to be there by 7am Monday-Friday. This was difficult for me because every other job I’ve ever had was all night shifts. This was the first time I ever found myself dependent on an alarm to wake up. I bought a cheap little radio alarm and set it to 5:45am. I never was much of a radio listener, so I didn’t know what station to put it on. I just spun the dial to one that came in clear enough.

On the first morning I woke up to some wacky radio jock with that fake broadcasting voice who seemed to be doing some weird desperate bit before leading into a song. “Gooooood morninggggg, it’s time for the one hour commercial free listeners music choice of the day block! But first I just wanna say, don’t forget to check that gas tank!” I got out of bed and turned it off. I figured what he was saying was some on going joke between the every day listeners and him, but I didn’t care much. I didn’t care much until I got into my car that is. For some reason ‘don’t forget to check that gas tank’ popped into my mind, so I looked over at the gauge. I was almost out of gas and didn’t realize it. There’s no way I would have made it to work with what I had left. I stopped at the gas station. It’s a good thing the radio guy happened to say that or I’d be screwed.

The next day was a little bit weirder. Again I woke up to the same corney radio jock, who again seemed to be doing some stupid bit. “Gooooood morninggggg! Today’s the day your luck is gonna change for the better. Just remember, it’s not trashy to take the money!” By this time I was already up and just about to turn the radio off when something happened. The host stopped talking and only complete silence was coming through. I thought it was weird and found it curious so I listened for a few seconds. I was just about to consider it a digital glitch and turn it off, when I heard something. It was so low and in the back round that I almost missed it. It sounded like someone was whispering my name. “Jeremy…. Jeremy….” I was creeped out by it so I turned it off. After a while I decided it was just early and I must have been imagining it. Later that day at work I tossed a piece of paper into a garbage can when what the jock had said popped into my head. ‘It’s not trashy to take the money’. I thought about it for a minute, it sounded like a riddle. I looked around to make sure no one was watching, then I dug into the trash can. To my surprise I pulled out a hundred dollar bill.

The next morning I decided I was going to set my alarm a little earlier to see if I would hear more things to help me out throughout the day. When It went off, I woke up but just laid there with my eyes closed and listened to the station. At first just music was playing but after about 15 minutes the wacky jock came on. “Goooooood morningggg. Watch out for that raging psychopath out side your bedroom Jeremy!” My eyes snapped open. Then the radio became silent like it had the day before. I could hear the floor creaking just outside my door.

Written by: Sage


BRB, watching 5SOS on a loop all day!

Even bad choices

Was it today
Or two days
Nobodys knows
It was a hazy flow
I dabble with forgetting Time to time
Its some what easer
Cuz i rhyme
With eyerhymes
So move it
Cuz its love it
Or lose it
Drop the pin
And put a possitive record spin
On it
Like a rocket
Its super sonic
When you fell the groove
Youe gonna hate not acting on it
Cuz music runs like water
Controled my a martyr
A big man behind the scenes
Hes hatching schemes
Flick your hair back
He’ll wash your hair and brain with ya
Human conditner

October 16

Day Off

Ally had a baking livestream with us today!

Rewatch everything here:

Normani made a cameo:

Thanks for the baking tips, Ally!

Dinah tweeted about her music choices for the day:

She went to Knotts Scary Farm with family!

Video from her dad:

A video posted by Gee dawgg (@gordonhansen96) on Oct 16, 2015 at 11:14pm PDT

Lauren tweeted about a TV show:

Camila was riled up about this message sent to her by the apartment manager. LOL

Her message of sunshine today:

Latina Magazine

The November issue featuring Fifth Harmony is now out in all newsstands!


Fifth Harmony are confirmed performers at the Neox Fan Awards in Spain on October 28th!

These are the confirmed nominations Fifth Harmony has sent in for the 2016 GRAMMY Awards:

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Pure sex.

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