music can save you

reblog if internet friends or music or fandoms helped you more then a employed therapist or councillor with a degree .

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I’m doing a project in science about this and i was wondering if you would reblog this to prove my point . In my opinion music helped me way more than a councillor ever will. Thanks in advance if you do reblog and my ask is always open if you wanna send me your stories. Okay, sorry, bye and thanks again.

It appears The Magic School Bus sequel/reboot needs to sit down and take a look at How to Reboot 101 with DuckTales. 

The first thing they should learn is you don’t white-wash Keesha Franklin’s skin.

Lets repeat don’t white-wash Keesha Franklin’s skin.

Twenty things I’ve learned in Twenty Years

1. Life will break you down until you’re crawling on your hands and knees, until you feel like you are Atlas holding the world upon your shoulders, until you feel like the raging inferno inside of your chest is going to combust. These are the moments that will forge you in a fire and make you more unbreakable than diamonds.

2. We are made of stardust, at least that’s what they say. I remember someone told me that every atom in my body once belonged to a star that exploded. At night I stare at my hands and wonder when I will erupt. I know now that I cannot trust anyone else to keep me whole in the darkest hours of the night but my own two star infused arms.

3. You will fall in love, and that is okay. Sometimes we need to fall in love to remember that there is good out there. Fall in love with the boy who opens the door for you, fall in love with your boss who works too hard, fall in love with the woman who hands out roses on that one street corner, fall in love with yourself.

4. They weren’t lying when they said we accept the love we think we deserve. I grew up being told I was a mistake and so I adopted the idea that no one could ever love a mistake. I was wrong (they were wrong) and now it’s up to me to prove them wrong. Don’t believe the things they said, you are so much more than the toxins they tried to poison you with.

5. Close your eyes, count to ten, and open them again. You are not alone. I know it may feel like you are the only one, but believe me when I say that you aren’t. I was where you are, and now I have talked to more people that have been through much worse than I than I would like to admit to. You are never alone, not really.

6. Music can save. Play it as loud as you can with the windows down as you drive (probably a little too fast). Play it while you are at work and while you are in the shower and play it when you want to give up in the middle of the day and when you want to give up in the middle of the night. Just play the music that tugs at your heartstrings, it may save you.

7. Nothing in life is easy, not really. You will catch a few breaks here and there, but the rest of the time you will find yourself fighting tooth and nail to make it back to the top. Don’t give up, I almost did this year and if I had I wouldn’t be able to witness what the sun looks like shining in her eyes.

8. You will have scars, and that’s fine. We all have them but it’s up to you if you want to hide them or show your battle wounds to the world so they know how strong of a warrior you are, so they know not to fuck with you.

9. Watch the sunrise, and watch the sunset. There is something about the sun that screams life; let the light bleed into you and consume you until you shine with it. Sometimes it’s the simple things we are missing in life that we need the most.

10. They will say they love you and then they will turn around and break your heart. You cannot compare your life’s worth to the empty spaces that were once filled around you. People will leave (willing or not) and life will go on. Let life go on.

11. If you are under the impression you are broken, then it is up to you to decide if you are or not. It took me years to admit that I was never quite whole, but when I did it was the most freeing feeling ever. Brokenness does not take away from perfection, and you are the very definition of perfect.

12. It’s okay to let people in, you don’t need to cage yourself away from the rest of the world, don’t forget to live your life while you pursue safeness.

13. Hobbies will save you when all else fails you, find a hobby and stick to it. When the world feels all too loud, a hobby can make you go deaf.

14. The moment you realize Wonder Woman or any other superhero you idolized as a child is not going to swoop down and save you is when your life changes. You have to be your own hero in this world. Stop waiting for someone to save you and go save yourself.

15. They are gone, she took her own life and he died in a car crash and she died from cancer and he left. You cannot live your life counting how many people that held a piece of your heart vanished, I’m not saying to forget about them I’m just saying that it’s okay to say goodbye.  

16. It’s okay to cry; cry in the shower and in bed and in your car, being sad is okay as long as you don’t let it consume you.

17. Smile as much as you can even on the bad days.

18. For God’s sake, don’t let them ruin you. You are so strong, you’ve made it this far and that means you can make it another day. If you can get through today you can get through tomorrow and every day that follows. If you feel like you can’t get through the day then sit down and don’t move until the light is peaking in through your window.

19. Never say never. If you think you can’t do something try anyway, this is your life, you are the main character of your own story, but you are also the author of your story. Write it however you want, but don’t give up halfway through.

20. Just don’t take your life. While this is something I learned this year I’m also writing this as a reminder to myself and to you. Don’t do it, please. There can be more to life than what you are feeling right now, don’t rob yourself of the beauty of this world. Don’t give up, no matter how much it hurts.
—  An open letter to myself, and to you. (Sometimes I write until I run out of words) ALightLitInTheDark
Reasons you should totally buy and play starbound

OK so i just finished the game and !!!!!! Oh my gosh !!!!! It is one of the best games I’ve played in years!!! So now I’m gonna tell all of you why YOU should all totally play the game and support the creators!

- it was made by Chucklefish, the same people who brought you Stardew Valley; but the two games could not be more different

- the 6 main species you can play as include super smart monkeys, carnivorous plant people who hate fire, weaboo fish, cowboy star people, birds who lost their wings and are really religious and sad about losing their wings ::::(((((, medieval robots, and. Humans. But who the fuck wants to play as a human amiright?

- the lore is actually really deep and cool!

- Esther, the old lady who helps you throughout the game, looks 100% like an old version of Jade Harley (but I’m on mobile so i can’t add a pic)
UPDATE: i’m on my laptop now, so here’s a photo

- the environment you play is in a procedurally randomly generated universe that you travel through! no two planets are the same!

- you can recruit other people you find throughout the universe to work on your ship with you, and each of them has a different role (engineer, medic, etc) and different dialogue lines!

- there’s tonnes of different biomes and areas to explore!

- even though it’s all done in pixel art the graphics are absolutely breathtaking!

- the music!!!!!! The music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- it’s multi-player, so you can bring your friends along to save the universe with you

- the main enemies in the game are basically space nazis, so have fun punching them

- other fans of the game, feel free to add more reasons

And the final reason you should play

- this gif

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Is it worth it to keep living life

I spoke to a man today. He’d been sleeping rough for many years. He suffered from paranoia and depression, and he’d recently lost his girlfriend. “You keep going,” he said to me, “you just keep going.” 

I wish I could tell his story, because it’s a human story. Because suffering is not a beautiful thing, but it is not unique either. To be human is to suffer. Sometimes, at least. 

The first thing they tell you about not wanting to live is that it doesn’t mean you want to die. You just want to stop suffering for a while. For me, I have always found solace in the small things, in my imagination, in books. For you, it might be music, or sports, or a stamp collection. The smallest things can save you. 

So, in answer to your question, is life worth it? Yes, I think so. Or, at least, yes. It can be. 

13 reasons why I didn’t kill myself

1/ Life isn’t about school. I was bullied for years, it was awful and I will never leave my past behind to be someone remarkably self-confident. School’s a big piece of your lifetime but still, it’s only a piece of it. Most of the time, you will never meet your classmates again after you finished high school.

2/ Don’t give to people who didn’t believe in you a reason to think they were right. Prove them how much they’ve been mistaken about you.

3/ You aren’t stuck in a place forever. If you are sick to stay in the same town then move out. The world is big, you can go anywhere for a short or a long time and you can start again somewhere nobody knows you. It’s not an easy choice but it can be great, promised. There is a lot of ways to travel for nothing. If you can’t move out now, you can at least start to plan something or to dream about it.

4/ My family deserved to know. I was in bad terms with my parents, I nerver told anyone how much I was suffering at school. Maybe I was to proud to tell them, maybe it was the only way I found to convince me I was okay cause I didn’t ask for help. I knew I was strong but I didn’t know how broken I was.

5/ If you want to live in a better world, how would it be? Many times, I met people who fought for rights, like I did in different ways. They inspired me and gave me some hope. Cause even if there are a lot of stuffs not going well, there will always be some of us to stand up against bullshit. I felt useful when I spent time with them to fight. It was also intellectually rewarding.

6/ You maybe know what you will leave but you never know what you will miss. What will happen in next few days, months or years? You can think it’s better this way but based on what? The future is unpredictable.

7/ What are you attached to? I like the rain, the storm, the clouds. Looking at the leaves of trees moving with the wind or to walk outside alone at night looking at the stars. I want to rescue a dog from a shelter when I will have my place. Nobody can stop me from doing these things.

8/ You can build new relationships every day. New or future colleague, bestfriend, girl-/boy-/enby-friend. I’ve found my soulmate when I was 25 yo, every time I think about my past suicidal thoughts, I’m glad I’m still alive.

9/ As a spoonie, I never wanted to give up. I was depressed long before I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My chronic illness is a source of anxiety and ask me a lot of energy to stay “able” but I will always do all I can till I can’t.

10/ Learn something new every day. It was my leitmotiv for a long time, you don’t need to know why you are here, at least, try to find smart ways to spend your time, it will never be lost. Your future self will thank you for.

11/ Music can save your life.
Do not underestimate its power. Escape.

12/ Don’t be too hard with yourself. Don’t listen to what people say about you. Learn who you are and who you want to be. Clean up this mess.

13/ Inhale, hold, exale. Do it again and again.
Close your eyes & just breathe.

I like to think music can save the world because you know it’s fucking saved me
—  Jacoby shaddix
1. Don’t care about other people’s opinions. It doesn’t matter how they look at you. You shouldn’t pay attention to them.
2. There will come a day where you’ll love your life.
3. Everything is temporary including shit weather, sadness, being heart broken and school.
4. Buy the shoes, the coffee and the concert tickets.
5. You will fall in love again and you will be loved back.
6. It will be better than the last time.
7. Go out and make memories. Stop sitting alone in your room 24/7.
8. Music can save you.
9. Stand up for yourself. You are worth it.
10. Keep living. Tomorrow might be the best day of your life.
—  How to be happy / Things I need to remind myself of every day