music by danny elfman

Mostly horrible film composer clichés

Hans Zimmer: Loud, hella brassy. Fight epic battles to this, and you will be victorious. Once heard, music sticks in your ears and never leave. VI-III-V-II(maj) game is strong (Inception!) 

Alexandre Desplat: PERIOD. DRAMA. Piano theme. Piano theme. Harp. Sweet, innocent melodies. Piano theme again. Drink a cup of earl grey tea and pet your cat as you click on repeat.

Thomas Newman: Silence. Minimalism. Incomplete chords, neither major or minor - celebrating chords as just but a little more than intervals. Music, in the distance - like a whisper….. and not a single Oscar in sight…

Danny Elfman: The strange, the fantastical and the mystical. Take my hand and let us go down the rabbit hole, bathe in chocolate fountains or make acquaintances with Edward Scissorhands while increasingly creepy circusy music escalates in the background

James Horner: Bagpipes and celtic tunes. Flutes. Grandness. Warmness. Adventure across the sea, the Scottish hills or the mystical world of Pandora. (*cough* and a lot of recycled harmonic ideas *cough*)

Ennio Morricone: El maestro italiano = Music of western films for all eternity. And so much more.

John Williams: The Force itself.


Ember Gleams - Down the Rabbit Hole {Sep 13, 2016}

  • Red Dragon - "The darkest, most grim blowjob"
  • Danny Elfman

“[jazzy music in the background] This again was one of my great fun moments in the score, because now we’ve got two…really opposing elements going on at the same time. Uh, we’ve got romance between Dolarhyde and Reba - Reba, of course, is blind - Dolarhyde is watching what we should perceive as very unpleasant footage, because it involves his work, in this case doing bad things to a family that he’s planning to visit in the very near future. At the same time, we have a sex act. [laughs]

So, the delightful thing for me in this cue was that we have horror, and romance, and sex all happening at the same time, and that allowed me to do something which I’ve never really heard before, and although some film music historian can certainly prove me wrong, I believe I scored, with this music…the darkest, most grim blowjob ever received in a movie.

- Danny Elfman, music-only commentary for Red Dragon.


Major congrats to Live From Lincoln Center, winner of two Emmy Awards this past weekend, both for “Danny Elfman’s Music From the Movies of Tim Burton” which aired in October 2015. The series won for Outstanding Music Direction, and for Outstanding Sound Mixing For a Variety Series or Special. Bravo!
Overlook Events on Twitter
“Et notre prochain invité est... #DannyElfman ! Informations sur le concert spécial #Halloween & #TimBurton à venir très, très vite !”

Overlook Events, which has hosted Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton shows before, recently posted a Tweet which roughly translates to:

And our next guest is… #DannyElfman!
Information on the special concert #Halloween& #TimBurton coming very, very soon!

((Music: Danny Elfman - Kidnap the Sandy Claws))

Finally drew my favorite character ^w^ I mean, how often do you see a walking bathtub. ;)

(Done with mechanical pencils and Gimp)
- Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas


Here's a post no one will care about

I was thinking about my favorite composers tonight and I thought I’d make a list of my top 4 (weird number) favorite, because there really are some TALENTED mother fuckers out there.

1. Joe Hisaishi - Composer for almost every Studio Ghibli movie since the 80s. He makes BEAUTIFUL fucking music that cannot be surpassed by anyone. Seriously like tear inducing music. Studio Ghibli films/games wouldn’t have such a large impact on me if not for his music.

2. Howard Shore - Composer best known for “Lord of the Rings/Hobbit”. I just love how he really creates emotion and a theme for every piece he makes. ‘Feast of Starlight" on the Desolation of Smaug soundtrack gives me goosebumps. The shire theme song always makes me cry. What would Middle Earth be without such an amazing man :P

3. Hans Zimmer - I love his work on Pirates of the Caribbean and Sherlock Holmes, but he has SOOOOOO MANY other films he’s worked on. I just love how he also gives a great emotional texture to the films he works on. Sherlock holmes soundtrack is literally perfect for depicting the victorian age.

4. Danny Elfman - How could I make a list of composers without listing Tim Burton’s magical composer. Best known for his work on ALMOST EVERY TIM BURTON FILM EVER, including singing as Jack Skellington on a Nightmare before Christmas. I LOVE his creepy vibe that also somehow sounds beautiful. It’s EXACTLY what words I’d use to describe almost every tim burton movie also, so CLEARLY he did his job well.