music bussiness

Hey everyone! So I have a weird request (I guess not that werid but whatever) so I’m taking an English Composition class and for our final project we have to make a PSA (it has to be multimedia) and my topic is the music business and why record labels should pay the artists they sign more money.

 What I’m asking is: If you’ve been in a band that has ever been signed, even to an indie label, or you’re working to get signed, or you’re in the music industry some way (it doesn’t matter, if you work for it, I want to hear your story) how do you feel about record labels and how has music impacted you?

 Please feel free to reblog this, or to pass it on to anyone you know – and please contact me via my ask and we can work out on how you’ll get to me your story, in video format or written. It would mean the world to me if I could hear what you guys think on the topic at hand. Thank you!

  - Vernisha