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Summer Love
Justin Timberlake
Summer Love
30 Day Music Challenge.
Day 3: A song that reminds you of summertime
- Summer Love / Justin Timberlake. 

Cause I can’t wait to fall in love with you / you can’t wait to fall in love with me / this just can’t be summer love / you’ll see, this just can’t be summer love. <3


may 7, 2017 // happy may!!!

i haven’t been journaling in a while bc of all my dance classes and trips. but i finally had free time and im so happy with how my spread is starting out to be like!!

ive been watching movies more often this week bc i needed some happiness back into my life and movies are the perfect remedy;; is it bad that yesterday was only the first time i ever watched the notebook?? haha my friends were so shocked!

ANYWAYS thanks so much for over 2.7k followers @-@ thats amazing! i wanna give advice and just tell u guys to listen to music that makes u feel good and brings back good memories, rewatch some of your favorite feel-good movies and shows and dont forget to rest when u can 💝 its been helping me out so much to do so.

Stan and Music Headcanons:

The radio antennae in the yard always got excellent radio reception.

-Stan would play the radio for noise, keep the house from getting too creepy/empty without it

-Sang along under his breath while he worked

-Every now and then a song from back in the day would come on—he’d get the urge to dance

-Stan dancing, remembering all the old moves

-Occasionally using the broom or attractions or portal pieces as his partner

-Stan hears a song that makes him think too much of Ford

               -Sometimes he turns it up on those (and holds back a few tears)

               -Sometimes he just changes the station and resumes work

-He’ll hum the tune while figuring out portal equations

-music helps him remember better, sometimes


-music brings back memories too

-he hears the 1st song he’d heard after pushing Ford in and he breaks down all over again, apologizing when he sees Stanford

               -(Ford is taken aback and comforts him)

-Stan hears songs from those 30 years of work

               -some bring back the equations he’d memorized to them

               -Ford hears Stan singing complex theorems under his breath around the house (and ship), but when he asks him about it, Stan shrugs and says that’s just what the song reminded him of

-They’re at (either a random pub along the port OR the diner) one day and oldies are playing. One dancing song comes on and Stan jumps to his feet.

               -Ford’s like STAN, WHAT THE HECK

               -Stan pulls Sixer up and tells him to dance with him

               -Ford is uncomfortable at first but after Stan gives him a look he just goes with it

               -Ford’s not particularly graceful (it’s been A LONG TIME since he last danced to Earth music, let alone with a partner) but he catches on—the moves the same ones Stan had in high school

               -Stan laughs and praises Ford’s fancy two left feet

               -The song ends and the brothers laugh, out of breath

               -They get a few hoots and hollers from around the diner/pub before Stan bows theatrically and sits back down

               -Ford asks what brought that on

               -Stan shrugs and grins. “Not sure, but it felt familiar, like I’ve done that a lot—but not with as good a partner as you for a while, Sixer”

               -They both laugh

-Stan starts dry sobbing unexpectedly one day and Ford finds him, slumped to the ground and frantic.

               -Stan can’t even properly explain why he’s freaking out

               -Neither brother notices the radio in the background playing “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits

               -Ford talks Stan through it

               -Stan just suddenly felt overwhelmed with guilt all over again

——Ford gets confused at these episodes—what’s causing this?

-Stan tells Ford later about how sometimes he’d talk to his reflection as if it were Ford

-He also tells him that some songs reminded him so strongly of Ford over the years, he’d play them and pretend it was like a conversation between them

               -Ford finally takes this as a clue to Stan’s “episodes” and what’s setting them off

               -Ford starts keeping track of how the music affects Stan’s moods in the future


Watch Music Bring Back Memories for Alzheimer’s Patients

One day in 2006, New York social worker Dan Cohen realized that with today’s devices, all of his favorite music—he’s a fan of ‘60s rock—is at his fingertips, but he might no longer be able to listen to it if he winds up in a nursing home when he’s older. When he called around to local assisted-living facilities, he found that none of them provided personal music players to their residents.

So, he began giving them iPods. Eventually, his project became Music & Memory, a nonprofit that helps seniors living in nursing homes get access to the songs of their youth.

Read more.

song asks
  • (༼•̀ɷ•́༽): favorite song?
  • ʕᴥ• ʔ☝: a song you relate to?
  • (○∇○): favorite band/artist?
  • ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ: a song that reminds you of me?
  • ♫.(◕∠◕).♫: a motivational song?
  • (✪㉨✪): a song that describes our relationship?
  • (・∀・): favorite genre of music?
  • ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ☀️: a song that brings back memories?
  • ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ: a song that pumps you up?

After watching multiple YouTube tutorials and finding a patch to download, I finally was able to get the Sims Complete Collection to work on my computer. Apparently older games from the early 2000s and Windows 10 don’t mix very well.

Oh, does this game bring back tons and tons of memories. Especially the music. Out of all the Sims games, the original has the best music by far. I doubt I’ll play it very often, but it is nice being able to load it up when I’m feeling nostalgic and missing things from years long gone. It’s funny how something as silly as an old game can take you back.

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  Hey, could you write a depressed reader with Newt? For the reason that the music the reader is listening to is really emotional and reminds her of a past relationship?


You didn’t like some songs. Especially those romantic melodies, voices that were soft and melancholic in tone, instruments jamming with a certain gentle touch that seemed to crawl on your skin and pool in the pit of your stomach like bad dinner. Your face crumbled and you glanced away, shifting in your seat. There you were again, getting all mopey and not enjoying your night out with a man who had to climb a mountain to face his fear of asking you out. Newt Scamander, the man beside you who was intently listening to the beautiful song, noticed the sudden shift in mood and looked at you. He gulped, heat striking his cheeks when he figured he had done something to upset you – his heart raced and his palms clamped up with sweat. He quickly wiped them away on his trousers.

Newt leaned in, “Is…is everything alright, (Name)?” his voice was quiet and barely reached you through the loud music. You pained on a sweet smile, nodding your head. He did not believe you, “We can leave.” He suggested, “if you want. The last thing I wish is for you to feel uncomfortable.” You bit your lip – the invitation was tempting. As you were thinking he examined the details of your face – even now, as you frowned softly, you still looked absolutely lovely. Granted he would prefer you smile, but having you by his side was enough. For now. He jolted when those somber (color) eyes found his.

“I…I’m sorry. This music just…brings back bad memories…” You murmured, your fingers fiddling with the empty glass of giggle-water. “I don’t want to ruin your night.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about,” Newt tilted his lips into a shy smile, “for any night spent with you is absolutely perfect.”

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Draco Malfoy

-after the war, he found out Luna did tattoos and begged her to help him. She covered his Dark Mark in flowers that grew and changed according to his mood. Ever since, he trusted her and would protect her from anything.
-once he finally managed to produce a patronus, it was a butterfly. He never told anyone, but he thinks it is because butterflies look beautiful and calm outside, but are very fragile, just like him.
-loves muggle music. He is always listening to different muggle songs that his friends bring for him. Wizarding music brings back too many bad memories.
-can’t look at fire without having a flashback to Crabbe’s death in the room of requirement. It caused a huge problem at first, but Harry helped him move into a muggle home and he uses electric cookers now.
-plays several instruments, including piano, violin, flute (taught by Narcissa) and guitar, which he taught himself.
-meets up with Pansy, Blaise, Theo and Millicent at least once a week. They all love it and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The Break Up ~ J-Hope

This is a request! I hope you enjoy!


You want to tell your boyfriend, Hoseok, special news while he is at his dance practice. He’s part of a popular kpop group, BTS, who is part of the company, BigHit. You know his break starts now so you walk into the company building and take the elevator up to the floor with the dance studio.

When you get off the elevator, you hear two voices. One you recognized as Hoseok’s, but you don’t recognize the other one. You’re about to turn the corner when you hear your name come up, so you stop yourself from turning the corner. You peak around the corner to see that the other voice belongs to Hoseok’s manager. You quickly hide back around the wall and quietly listen to their conversation.

“Hoseok, I’m sorry, but this is for the best. You have to break up with (y/n) if you want to stay in this group. You have been distracted and not producing your best work. We need you to be single so your attention is solely focused on your work. Break up with her!”

“I-I guess if it means staying in the group..” you hear Hoseok say.

You could not listen to the conversation anymore. Tears are welling up your eyes as you ride the elevator down to the ground floor and run out of the building. You can not believe that he would even think about breaking up with you. He told you that he loved you! He told you that you would be together forever! How could he do this to you? You run to the dorm you share with Hoseok. You run in and slam the door shut. The tears roll down your cheeks as you slide down against the door and put your face in your hands.

After what feels like a lifetime of crying, you finally pry yourself off the floor and run into the bedroom you share with Hoseok and you pull out a suitcase that you start shoving your things into it. You stop for a moment to put your hand on your stomach and whisper, “I’m sorry I’m leaving your daddy.”

The baby bump is starting to become more noticeable. That’s why you went to visit Hoseok, to tell him he was going to become a father. You leave a note on the counter telling Hoseok not to expect you back for a while and get ready to go.

You pull the suitcase out the door and call a cab. You have it take you to a hotel that is close by that you can stay in until you find a new place to live. Once you’re settled in, you pull out your computer and begin looking for a place to stay. You find a cute apartment just outside of the city of Seoul that you decide would be okay to stay in temporarily.

A few years have passed. You still live in your temporary apartment, but you gave birth to your and Hoseok’s child, Chaeyoung. She is the only thing you love in life. Her only flaw is she has become a huge BTS fan. You have to admit their music is wonderful, but it brings back the terrible memories of having to leave Hoseok, the only man you’ve ever loved.

It was Chaeyoung’s fifth birthday and you decided to give her BTS tickets for her birthday. Seeing her happy is worth having to see Hoseok again. You grab Chaeyoung by the waist and set her on your lap. “Ready to open you gift, Chae?” You ask and she nods eagerly. You hand her a box wrapped in her favorite wrapping paper. She quickly rips into it and takes off the box’s lid. She looks at the tickets, but all she can read is BTS. “BTS!” She screams.

You nod. “We get to go see their concert tonight for your birthday!” A huge smile spreads across her face and she starts screaming and going crazy as she starts running around the room. You giggle as you watch her. “Why don’t we go get ready?” She nods and runs upstairs to her room and pulls all her clothes out of her dresser until she finds her BTS t shirt. She owns the one with Jungkook’s name because she wanted J-Hope’s but you couldn’t let yourself buy it.

You put on her shirt, a pair of jean shorts, black converse, and put her hair into a French braid. You put on a matching outfit, expect just a plain black shirt and carry her out to the car. You buckle her up and drive to the venue, your nerves growing the whole way there. You find a parking spot and carry Chaeyoung inside to your seats, which are in the second row by the edge of the stage. Chaeyoung can not contain her excitement and is jumping up and down on her chair.

All of a sudden, the lights go out and spotlights start spinning. A familiar song starts to play and you see seven boys run on stage and get into position for a dance. After a few songs with dancing, they start running around the stage and doing their own dance moves. You see a familiar face moving across the stage towards you and you gulp. His eyes meet yours and he freezes in his tracks and his mouth falls open. His eyes move to Chaeyoung and he frowns and looks away.

After a break, they come back out and Hoseok has something in his hand. He quickly walks over to you during a song and throws a piece of paper at you. You open it to find the words, “Meet me backstage after the concert. I want to talk to you.” You don’t know what to think about it, but decide to go. You eagerly wait for the end of the concert and when it comes you pick up Chaeyoung and you carry her backstage.

Hoseok runs up to you. “(Y/n)!” He sees Chaeyoung and starts talking to her. “Hey cutie!” He says. Chaeyoung starts giggling.

“J-Hope!” She yells. He smiles and turns back to you.

“Cute kid.” He says and you nod. “I really miss you. I think about you all the time.” You don’t say anything. You just stare down at your shoes. “But I’m guessing you’re with someone.” He says motioning to Chaeyoung.

“No. Actually she’s yours.” You turn around and walk quickly back out to your car, leaving Hoseok standing there stunned.


Part 2? Let me know what you think!

Part 2

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